[UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMOD 14.1 for falcon

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Feb 25, 2016
São Paulo


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Jan 15, 2015
After downgrade to CM13 or other ROM, you just flash xt1033 modem again, and dual sim will work...

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can you plz just give me a link of xt1033 asia modem file? I downloaded and flashed the file "XT1033_Retail_Asia_1032.3116.98.00R" from pin post. But no luck. still sim 2 nit working aand sim 1 messaging not working. another process is to go pure stock! which seems difficult...


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Pls share the link to flash the modem..

I use fsg.mbn and NON-HLOS.bin from stock, asiaretail_xt1033_5.0.2_lxb22.46-28_cid7_cfc.xml.zip firmware. Unfortunately, I can't share that two files, because, for now i'm on low signal coverage area:( (too slow internet like hell)

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Jul 23, 2013
Today I test revert back to CM13 from my nandroid backup, rebooted, and yes my sim not detected. So, i have to flash xt1033 modem again, and dual sim working back perfectly...;)

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Can you send the link of xt1033 moden ??
Thanks in advance

Upload us whenever you got coverage,
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Jul 23, 2013
I'm Unable to add my google account , End up with an error " Sorry, there seems to be a problem, Please try again."

Using gapps N pico


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Jul 23, 2013
Com.android.phone has stopped error ,

any solution for this ?, network is working but when I open mobile network option in settings , I end up with this error :(

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    CyanogenMOD 14.1 for falcon​


    1. Don't report bugs/battery usage/performance: they will be fixed in new CM builds.
    2. For the broken things wait for Luk1337, luca020400 and Gabriel M to fix them.
    3. I am noob so don't ask me things like include apps or fix something.
    4. It's an early build
    5. If you have questions you post in this thread
    6. I will make new builds if there is a new fix or stuff like that.
    7. Enjoy !

    Install instructions:

    1. Flash the .zip file using TWRP.
    2. Flash open gapps :)
    3. Enjoy !





    - Display
    - GPU
    - CPU
    - RIL (Mobile Data & SMS)
    - Sound & Vibration
    - GPS & compass
    - Installing apps using Play Store
    - short: everything is working (I think)

    HUGE THANKS TO: luca020400, Luk1337, Gabriele M, Matthias Y, Cyanogen, Google, men_in_black007 (On IRC), DevUt (On IRC) and other people that I can't remember that helped me to build this :)


    We have Google câmera ;) ;)

    Fixed !


    - Android 7.1 / CM 14.1
    - Video recording fixed ! Now you can use the Snap Camera for video recording
    - Some features are missing as usual SO don't report them.
    - Seems smooth so it's good
    - Enjoy
    - All the credits goes to Luk1337, luca020400 and Gabriele M !!!


    No more builds beacuse CM 14.1 nightlies will start soon (max 1-2 weeks I think) and Moto G will be on the list most probably :)

    So, you can call this ROM unsupported/outdated now :D
    Touch problems will be fixed with Android 7.1. As soon as Google will release the code and CM will import it I will make a build :D

    These below are the new features/fixes in Android 7.1:

    Night Light
    Touch/display performance improvements
    Daydream VR mode
    Developer features:
    App shortcuts / shortcut manager APIs
    Circular app icons support
    Keyboard image insertion
    Manual storage manager Intent for apps
    Improved VR thread scheduling
    Enhanced wallpaper metadata
    Multi-endpoint call support
    Support for various MNO requirements
    PCDMA voice privacy property
    Source type support for Visual Voicemail
    Carrier config options for managing video telephony
    Manual storage manager - identifies apps and files and apps using storage
    I will release a new build when that home button bug is fixed. I am making 4-5 builds daily to fix HTC M8 camera so I will know when it's fixed :D

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