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[Unofficial] [Discussion] [Samsung Galaxy S7, S8] [Xposed]

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Aakash Kaushal

Senior Member
Apr 29, 2015
You might have a slight performance hit, but that depends on your modules. But I don't feel like my phone suddenly gets laggy. On the other hand I haven't really used my phone without xposed so I can't really tell.
Yeah I found out the root cause of the problem, actually adblocker reborn module was slwing my phone down, I uninstalled it and now everything works absolutely awsm.


New member
Aug 18, 2019
I am late to the party. Is there a version of Xposed that works on a Galaxy S7 (G930V)? I rooted with this method:


My firmware version is:
USA (Verizon) 2018-12-18
Android 8.0.0

I've tried and failed to get the following versions working:

xposed-v87.1-sdk23-arm64-custom-build-by-wanam-20161125 (Fails to install - obviously, since it's targeting a much older version of Android)
xposed-v90-sdk26-arm64-beta3 (I get "Verification failed" error after booting - resolved by removing the Xposed install)

What are my options here? Is it possible to install Xposed on this phone at all? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: As best as I can tell, the answer is no. All the Xposed framework install methods I found require an unlocked bootloader, which the Verizon Galaxy S7 (G930V) cannot acquire.
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    Im creating a new thread for samsung users. All the discussion regarding xposed for S7, S8 or note 8 can be discussed here.

    Im an S7 edge user( batman rom) and official xposed works fine here.

    Note - this is the unofficial thread so there should not be any kind of confusion.
    Issue : Bootloop (Offical Xposed)
    Device : Galaxy S8 (G950F)
    ROM : Renovate ICE v5.1 (Touchwiz)
    Kernel : Notorious v209
    Root : Magisk v14.2
    Flashed via TWRP.
    Issue : Bootloop (Offical Xposed)
    Device : Galaxy S8 (G950F)
    ROM : Renovate ICE v5.1 (Touchwiz)
    Kernel : Notorious v209
    Root : Magisk v14.2
    Flashed via TWRP.
    Too. Same with unofficial. I already wrote in wanams xposed for touchwiz thread about that problem and send him logs.
    I got it to work with the unofficial (magisk module of topjohnwu).
    I am using it since September 9th.
    Try it.
    Breaks magisk for me and after a second reboot it bootloops.