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    This is my first thread of this kind, so bear with me if I'm not formatting it quite right.

    I've run a test build of TWRP 3 for the Galaxy Tab S7 Wifi (T870) against a customized version of the kernel that shipped with the T870OXM2BUC6 firmware. At this point, this is completely untested, as I do not currently have my tablet in a state where I can test it (I'm working on this).

    Here is a link to the recovery image on my Google Drive:

    I will post it to somewhere better once it has been verified as working.

    My work was based on what Ian Macdonald did here:

    My source code is available here:

    TWRP Source
    Kernel source
    Device tree

    I'm finishing a write-up of what I did to create this image now. I'll post a link to that on this thread later today.
    Appreciate the effort, we do need devs here. But whats the actual point of twrp, when we have ZERO roms to flash.
    I did this partially as a learning exercise, to familiarize myself with the Android build process. I'm still obviously fairly new to the Android scene, but the biggest piece of TWRP that I hoped to utilize was the backup/restore functionality.

    Eventually I'm planning to try and install openSuSE on my tablet natively, and I wanted to be sure that I have solid backups, for when I eventually screw up and trash my device. I've learned through talking with jhill a bit that I'll probably get by just fine with just the stock firmware available to re-flash, but I wasn't entirely positive about that when I started working on this, and I figured I'd already burned the time building the kernel, so I might as well finish the job :p
    Here is my write-up on how I did this.

    I tried to make it as complete as possible, but quite a bit of work went into this, so I'm sure I've left out some details. If you attempt this yourself, please let me know if/where you run into issues and I'll update the document accordingly.
    Note that, once I have confirmation that my build process is sound, I'll be happy to try and perform builds for other devices in this family as well, as long as kernel sources are available.

    I've submitted a request to Samsung for the sources for the latest kernel for my device (T870XXU2BUF5). I'm not expecting a response until after the weekend, but I _think_ that they're obligated to provide the sources upon request.
    There have been many people testing ianmacds build and trying to build twrp for the tab s7 but everybody had this blue screen issue which made the twrp screen unusable but you can use twrp from usb.
    Ianmacd and other users tried it with a slightly modified kernel from samsungs source
    Thanks for the explanation. From what I understood, nobody had really attempted a build for the T870 yet. I was unaware that it has been tried, but nobody has gotten it working. Judging from the fact that the TWRP source has been shown to be functional on the S7+, I'd assume that this is still a kernel issue, but knowing that certainly doesn't help anybody find what the actual issue is, haha.
    Welcome to the tab s7/+ dev community, I'm searching for more devs and custom stuff for our devices but sadly we aren't many, I've started trying to make Lineageos for the tab s7+ a while ago (my first from the ground up tree but I maintain ResurrectionRemix official for the OnePlus 6T since january) and I got further in small steps but since I'm stuck at this kernel issue since a month (I don't have much time atm but I'll try harder soon), the kernel doesn't want to load the fstab, I tried los17 and 18, asked many devs about this issue (jimbok77 mentioned a los18 init issue for the galaxy 20 series), this is my first device with dynamic partitions and my last samsung device was a samsung galaxy s5 mini exynos G800F, you can find more about my progress here Interest thread s7+ Lineage os and in the tab s7/+ development telegram chat, and you can find testers at telegram chat by ianmacd.

    My plans are to make a working lineageos and then postmarket os, ubuntu touch and jing os.
    The "custom ROMs" side of things is something I don't really have any knowledge about. To be honest, I don't have a ton of interest in going down that road, at least at the moment, as I don't really understand what benefits I would get from a custom ROM. From my point of view, I'm much more interested in getting "plain old Linux" running on the device, as that makes it far more powerful and useful, IMO.

    A big part of what I want to do with my device is to run gaming console emulators, and the whole added layer of complexity of needing to write a Java wrapper around an already-functional C program just to get it to run doesn't really appeal to me. Again, this could all be ignorance of the real possibilities on my part, but I'm just trying to give you an idea of where I'm coming from.

    Thanks again for the explanation of the current state of TWRP, and the introduction to some of the rest of what's going on out there!