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Apr 1, 2020
Of course, I'm an oaf :LOL:
Have you managed to get root access. Asking because you say that TWRP installation has been challenging for you ... I need magisk and currently have it via a batched Huawei file ...
And of course the dreaded Gapps issue too... don't need Gapps for much, just a handful of apps I fear I can't get via fdroid such as DSVideo to watch videos via the NAS


Apr 1, 2020
@spoo333 Yes, just install PHH's Superuser app from fdroid:

I have no clue on how to get TWRP running, therefore not yet played around with Magisk.
But two weeks of vacation ahead, so maybe I will further investigate into this.
Good luck with that. Perhaps there is another way to install Gapps without TWRP?

I usually patch the RECOVERY_RAMDIS.img from the original Huawei 9.1 with the most recent Magisk app and then transfer that patched file via "fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk magisk_patched.img". Not sure this would be the right way with Lineage 18.1 though.
I guess with the PHH's Superuser app suggested by you there is no need for Magisk anymore.
One more question. Before you install Lineage, I imagine your RECOVERY_RAMDIS.img was stock, not modified like mine? Did you just have stock Huawei OS installed, but with an unlocked bootloader?


Of course PHH's Superuser is not a full replacement for Magisk as it only gives you root, nothing more or less.
I have a stock rom on sd card, which is beeing installed automaticly by pressing power + volume up + down, which is (I think) called "dload method"). This also (re)locks the bootloader, so have your unlock code ready. ;) After that I update the stock rom to latest version, unlock bootloader via adb and flash Lineage via bootloader method described here:

Compared to my Oneplus 5T the whole process is a pain in the ass, but as I already have the device, I will use it. :)
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Apr 1, 2020
Thanks for the writeup. Is it necessary to update stock rom to the latest version? I prefer not to do that because I fear I won't be able to unlock the bootloader anymore with Huawei's intrusive updates ...

Yeah, agree, the whole process is a PITA in comparison to other devices. Installing AICP on my Xiaomi is much easier ... oh well ...


Apr 1, 2020
To be honest, I dont know if it is necessary, but I think it is good to have bootloader and firmware updated as well.
My unlock code, which I got via DC unlocker on some old rom version, works fine with latest stock rom.
Ok, cool, good to hear that unlocking still works with the most recent stock rom. Thanks.
If you can, do let me know if you make progress with gapps etc ... good luck!


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Nov 7, 2014
This GSI works in Huawei Mate 9 Kirin960 ?

Install in CMD fastboot ?

Emui 9.1
The Lineage OS is based on phh treble rom and there is a page not updated of the Mate 9. Your devices is similar to ours so it was a type "A" and now it should be "AB", use an app from the google store to check this info.
Visit the main xda thread of lineage GSI for more info or join to the telegram channel.

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    First: I am NOT a dev or contributor of this rom. Please visit before going ahead:
    Second: You do anything at your own risk and should know how to recover a non booting device!

    Just playing around with this rom on my SHT-AL09, tested on version 20210317 so far:

    - Mobile network including 4G (German carrier Telekom)
    - Outgoing & Incoming calls
    - Bluetooth
    - 2,4 & 5g Wifi
    - Front & Back camera
    - Video recording
    - MTP
    - SDcard
    - GPS (seems to be working on Telegram)
    - Fingerprint reader

    Not Working:
    - Mobile network icon shows no signal strength
    - VoLTE
    - VoWIFI

    How to install:
    - Make a backup.
    - Device needs to have bootloader unlocked.
    - Visit the above link again --> sourceforge --> lineage-18.x and download version "...treble_arm64_bv*" + unpack it.
    - Visit: (I have done it via bootloader method.)

    How to update:
    - Dont know yet. :)

    Unfortunately I cant get TWRP to work, so I cant test gapps or root. If you have a clue, please let me know - thx!
    So you tested a GSI Lineage ROM on the your M5, is it rooted? Should be great to see magisk included in any room, i use Phh treble Quack, it's pre-rooted with su.
    Hi Massima,
    Sorry for this noob question - where would I find the M5 entry in the phh's wiki?
    And generally, is it possible to install a treble rom on the M5 with gapps and functioning bluetooth? I've been using Openkirin so far but no luck with bluetooth there.
    Many thanks for any help you can offer.
    This is the link, just search your device mine is the M5 8" wifi (sht-w09). You can flash a vanilla (no gapps), the gapps version (be aware is Read Only). if you need a rewritable System partition download the vndklite version (arm64-AB-gapps-vndklite is 2,9Gb but it will not fit in the standard partition <2,9GB ).
    I haven't ever tested the bluetooth so i can't say if it works.
    @spoo333: i tried to send an image from my M5 to the pc and viceversa with bluetooth, no problem.

    1. i read in the phh' s telegram channel to remove root with the securize option, then clean the cache. I did't test it.
    2. I found this in the phh's gsi channel:
    flash super su phh
    create sbin
    edit init.environ.rc (it's on /)
    add line
    export PATH /sbin:/vendor/bin:/system/bin
    remove su in system/bin
    done flash magisk

    Once again i don't test it, i'm using phh supersu. See/write here.
    Massima, that's encouraging to hear re bluetooth. Hope Bluetooth headphones would work too...
    I haven't a bluetooth headphone so i cannot test it😔
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