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[UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS R Mod //LiR

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May 16, 2017
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite


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Jun 19, 2009
Google Pixel 3 XL
I know this a little out of subject but do you know a google speech to text Alternative ?
Alexa and Google Assistant are it, Cortana was shutdown on Android and iOS because it couldn't compete with them.

If you just mean a regular speech to text IME then there's probably a bunch but nothing as good as Google or Amazon provides because they have fancy speech recognition tech.
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    "lir-v312-210813-arm64-bgZ" indicates to me as per screenshot...?
    Note that Camera2 (com.android.camera2) ≠ Snap (org.lineageos.snap). Snap requires some device-specific configuration.
    I have try it yet, and doesnt work. It´s still on Magisk red state. I am trying using patches on Magisk, but doesnt work. The error is in CTSProfile (basicintegrity appears OK) :confused:
    i don't care about magisk cts
    those options can help passing SafetyNet without magisk and even with weird vendors
    do clean install v313 without magisk(remove magisk totally) and enable in Phh settings > Misc > Safetynet first and then Pixel 5 spoofing and reboot
    i can confirm that safetynet works without magisk, enabling safetynet and pixel 5 spoofing and rebooting, on my device. Very smooth GSI.
    • Andy's GSI: The wifi runs on WPA+WPA2 and WPA2+WPA3
    • Eremitein'S bgz version: The wifi runs just on WPA+WPA2. If I switsch the router to WPA2+WPA3 the wifi comes off, if I switch the router back to WPA+WPA2 it comes on again.
    Thanks. I can confirm that with v313 (changes: disabled WPA2 to WPA3 auto-upgrade) I can set up my router back to WPA2 + WPA3 and the wifi on the phone stays on...
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    L i R

    < Your warranty is now void! >
    We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you

    LiR is a project which based on LineageOS 18.1 with @AndyYan's and @phhusson's Treble GSI patches. Built with some Andy's patches & recommendations, also even without "ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true" flag. System can run with SELinux enforced state, as original Phh AOSP GSI. Fully compatible with PHH-Treble patches. Has dynamic root which can be activated/deactivated without reboot - 'su' binary and SuperUser app (can works on all devices even with system read-only). Also has dynamic SafetyNet helper (but it compatible not with all devices), users have four ways to pass SafetyNet: a. just enable SafetyNet option (recommended) b. disable SafetyNet and enable "Spoof Pixel 5" then reboot c. enable both options and reboot d. mount system as RW and create empty file /system/phh/secure (legacy method), and in the Recovery do Wipe Data

    latest build:
    treble patches: v313
    SPL: 5 Sep 2021

    see Project page changelog

    vanilla, gapps, go-gapps: all possible architectures

    Some information you should know about knowing what type of gsi it is


    can either be arm, a64 (arm32_binder64) or arm64
    can either be a or b
    can either be v, o, g or f
    can be N, S or Z

    a = a-only

    g = gapps
    o = gapps-go
    v = vanilla (no gapps included)
    f = floss (free & open source apps instead gapps)

    N = no superuser
    S = superuser included
    Z = dynamic superuser included

    -lite = for VNDK Lite vendors (also can help with broken camera even on normal VNDK vendors)

    so in most common example "arm64_avZ" is ARM64 A-only vanilla with dynamic superuser

    > telegram group
    > project page

    excluding fixes, the same as on LineageOS GSI by Andy Yan (in some cases doesn't work: broadcasting on TV, calls via BT; offline charging does not work normally etc)
    NOTE: always test ROM first without Magisk (with clean boot ramdisk). and don't send me bug reports if you have:
    a) Magisk installed
    b) modified/custom vendor or kernel
    c) dirty flashing rom without wiping data
    d) modified props values (another device fingerprint and so on)

    @phhusson, @AndyYan
    projects: TrebleGSI • LineageOS • BlissROMs • crDroid • PixelExperience • ION • neon-OS • Havoc-OS • Evolution-X • LiquidRemix • ExtendedUI • ABC Rom • GrapheneOS • SyberiaOS
    LiR v302 2021.03.18 (beta2)
    download /// changelog