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[UNOFFICIAL][OMS][ROM] LineageOS 14.1 for Grand Prime [SM-S920L|G530MU/FZ/P/T/T1/W]

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New member
Apr 24, 2019
in the g530mu is always loading when the cell phone is starting and never get start

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its only loading and this never get started, what im doing wrong?


Mar 9, 2015
Pre rooted?

Is this pre rooted? I cannot pass safetynet tests, get cts profile mismatch even with magisk hide enabled. My bank app wont work, says its rooted. Is it really? How can I check for this?


New member
Oct 10, 2020
Refresh the links please...

Hi friends. I want to instal this custom firmware to sm-g530w in order to have more languages, especially romanian or russian but the links are dead or maybe i don't have 10 posts... I don't know, refresh the links please or something like that... Thanks.

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    ** Disclaimer
    I am not responsible if flashing this ROM bricks your
       phone or causes thermonuclear war  and ends the
        world as we know it. You have been warned.

    ROM Information

    Device Names

    Verify your device codename before downloading any firmwares or recovery images!
    [B]SM-S920L[/B] - [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]gprimeltetfnvzw[/B][/COLOR]
    [B]SM-G530MU[/B] - [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]gprimeltezt[/B][/COLOR]
    [B]SM-G530FZ[/B] - [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]gprimeltexx[/B][/COLOR]
    [B]SM-G530T/T1/W[/B] - [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]gprimelte[/B][/COLOR]
    [B]SM-G530P[/B] - [COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][B]gprimeltespr[/B][/COLOR]



    If you are completely new to flashing custom ROMs and have no idea how to begin, start by downloading a TWRP image for your device from the links above and flash it using the ODIN tool (see below).

    You cannot flash a custom ROM over stock recovery, so downloading a custom recovery is the first thing you will need to do.

    Installation via recovery (TWRP/LineageOS Recovery)
    * Download a recent .zip file from the links above for your device.

    * Reboot into recovery mode [Press Power+Volume Up+Home].

    * Wipe your data and cache partition (equivalent to doing a Factory Reset)
    if you are coming from a stock ROM.

    * Either: Plug in your phone into your computer, copy the zip file to a location on your Internal or External Storage on a device, click Install on TWRP on your phone and locate the zip file in the phone, or:

    * Plug in your phone into your computer, and open Advanced->ADB Sideload on TWRP on your phone and swipe the slider to enter sideload mode.
    Then open a command prompt/terminal on your computer in the folder you put the file by Shift-Clicking (Shift+Right Click) and selecting "Open Command Prompt/Terminal Here" (you will need to have adb installed) and type:

    adb sideload name_of_zip.zip

    to sideload the file. Replace name_of_zip.zip with the name of the file. If you are running Linux you may need to type adb kill-server and use sudo adb sideload if you get an `Insufficient Permissions` error.

    * Download and flash GApps in the same way.

    How to provide logcats

    Under Windows:

    [B]* Install samsung device drivers and then
     the adb utils from here:[/B]
    [b]* Then enable developer mode, connect your phone to usb,
     and from [B]cmd[/B] paste this command:[/b]
    [I]adb logcat > %userprofile%/Desktop/logcat.txt[/I]
    [b]then try to reproduce the bug.[/b]
    [b]* The logcat file will be on your desktop.[/b]

    Under Linux:

    [b]* Install the adb utils from your distribution's
     package manager and execute the command:[/b]
    [I]adb logcat > ~/logcat.txt[/I]
    [b]then try to reproduce the bug.[/b]
    [b]* The logcat file will be on your home directory.[/b]

    * Create a bug report at https://bugs.msm8916.com/ and paste the logcat there.

    * If you cant connect the device through adb on windows because the drivers, connect the device over wifi, enable adb over network on the quick setting tiles, and type:

    adb connect [ip address here]

    And then the adb logcat command for windows.


    For more detailed changelog information, see the changelog on the download or jenkins servers for each specific build.

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Shifted to using a kernel driver for disabling touch devices
      when the screen is off instead of a user service for that. [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Updated kernel to the latest upstream AOSP and
      CAF tags. There should be a noticeable performance boost. [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Shifted to using OSS GPS code instead of prebuilt libs.
       Location applications should be getting and reporting
       satellite fix information properly. [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Disabled cpusets support, which was slowing
      down the system performance. [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] The auto time zone feature should now be working
      proper, (that is, without resetting the time zone
      to 0000 UTC).[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Data should be working fully on all devices. [/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] SM-G530MU and SM-S920L builds now boot [/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Video recording should now be working [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] The "message not sent" bug in text messaging
      app(s) should be gone. [/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Updated kernel and prima (wifi)
       driver to the latest caf branch LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.18[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] The reboots caused by errors in the
      prima kernel driver should be gone.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] F2FS should work completely now.
       Updated F2FS code from upstream kernel sources and enabled
       security extended attribute support (for SElinux) to fix
       android support.[/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Wifi driver is now built-into the kernel again.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B][B] The sleep issue should be fixed in the latest build.
      This was due to the failure to set a critical kernel
      variable at boot because the kernel init system was
      not interpreting a boot command line variable correctly.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FEATURE[/COLOR]][/B][B] OMS/Substratum support is now built into the
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] F2FS is enabled in-kernel, so F2FS filesystem
      mounting and formatting should be working fully.[/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Wifi driver is being built as a module for now,
      transitioning to a new kernel somehow broke the ability to build
      it into the kernel binary.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Transitioned to a new kernel based on T560NU and
      J500H MM kernel sources (J500HXXU2BPJ9 and T560NUUES1BPL1). [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] In-call audio should now work fully without having to
      toggle the loudspeaker. [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Updated kernel and wifi driver to LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.16[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Vibration should be working for SM-G530MU. The kernel
      config now specifies the correct vibration driver. [/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Wifi driver is now built into the kernel. Should
    (slightly) improve speed of enabling/disabling wifi. [/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Updated kernel and wifi driver to LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.14[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B][B] Updated RIL in-call audio fix, microphone should now
    work proper after the regression from last build.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Builds now use sdcardfs from Google. This should
     result in faster file operations on the sdcard overall
     compared to using FUSE as an overlay.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] There have been several other changes as well,
    mostly to the underlying structure of the kernel and device trees.[/B]

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] LineageOS updater can reboot to recovery properly.[/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B][B]Data and SMS should be functional on all devices.
    You may need to set APN settings again and reboot for data to work.[/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B]Added SM-G530MU.[/B]
    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B][B]Data and in-call audio should be functional
    on all devices.[/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B]SM-G530FZ builds *should* be functional.[/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Added SM-G530FZ.[/B]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIXED[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Rear camera view in Snap camera was distorted. Now fixed. [/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Unified the T/T1/W into one image. They are essentially the same device. 
    This should simplify development on my part and make it easier for everyone to 
    get the updates. And I can also be absolutely sure about bugs 
    since we'll be using the same image. [/B]
    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Decreased minimal scaling freq. to 200Mhz.  
    The previous scaling frequency minimum of 800Mhz was pretty high,
     and could quickly cook your phone and kill power on mobile devices.
     Lowering to 200Mhz should significantly extend batery life
     on the stock scheduler. [/B]

    There are a lot more minor tweaks and fixes. I don't have the time to constantly be updating this; I expect you'll read the
    changelogs anyways since I take my time to write the commit messages in detail.

    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]FIX[/COLOR]][/B] [B] Bluetooth is now working across all builds. [/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] First images built. [/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Finished merging Qualcomm (CAF) LA.BR.1.2.9_rb1.11 kernel into device kernel. [/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Refactored the project repositories. [/B]
    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Migrated repositories to new GitHub page. [/B]

    *[B][[COLOR="Blue"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B][B] Made some substantial changes to our build infrastructure,
       which should make my life substantially easier and
     using Jenkins and all a more pleasant experience. [/B]

    Known Issues

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]All devices[/B][/COLOR]
    * [B][[COLOR="Red"]NOTE[/COLOR]][/B] [B] None[/B]


    * OMS/Substratum theming support.
    * The usual LineageOS features.
    * All builds support over-the-air updates.


    Q: Are you taking device requests?
    A: If and only if the device is using an msm8916 chip, and you're willing to buy me/donate the device for testing, sure.

    Q: But I don't have that kind of money! What else?
    A: Alternatively, if you're skilled with Linux and adb, and have an unsupported device, if you're willing to work with me as a tester, that works as well.

    Q: Are you accepting feature requests?
    A: Unless you're willing to implement it yourself, no.

    Q: Can you make XXX ROM as well as LOS?
    A: Unless more people donate, no. I simply don't have the time to maintain more than LOS nor money to hold that many ROMs on my already (tiny) struggling server.

    Q: Can I throw money at you?
    A: Most certainly. Donations are always welcome.

    You want to help?

    • We need hardware power to get the builds done.
      If you want to help us go faster, send a PM to @kentone or
      @vince2678. Your computer will act as a client for our jenkins server.

    • In a perfect world, that would be all, but unfortunately no. We need money to keep the server running and keep bringing these ROMs.
    • As always, logcat any problem you find.

    PLEASE, don't PM @vince2678, as he's busy right now, and your questions can be not answered. PM @kentone instead, write here on the post, or on the telegram group, your questions will be responded as soon as we can ;) Understand that we have family, studies and jobs aside of this project. Thanks for your understanding :)

    XDA:DevDB Information
    [UNOFFICIAL][OMS][ROM] LineageOS 14.1 for Grand Prime [SM-S920L|G530MU/FZ/P/T/T1/W], ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

    kentone, vince2678
    Source Code: https://github.com/Galaxy-MSM8916

    ROM OS Version: 7.x Nougat
    ROM Kernel: Linux 3.10.x
    ROM Firmware Required: >= 4.4 (KitKat)
    Based On: LineageOS

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Stable Release Date: 2017-06-08

    Created 2017-01-11
    Last Updated 2018-08-10
    Call audio does not work can u fix plzzzz:(

    It's a known issue as the OP says you're going to have to wait til he, the developer, can fix it in a later build.

    Heyyy please tell me cellular data is work in new build #40 in LOS 14.1 BCOZ i use sim.

    Yes, but you have to wait like the rezzzzzt! ;) Understand that fix this bugs involves a lot of time and investigation!

    That's right. Please don't ask me to fix this, I don't need a reminder. I have a life to live, work to do, a degree to finish, etc. I already know what's wrong with the ROM, and as @kentone said, investigation is incredibly difficult and it will take me a lot of time to figure out the mobile data / RIL issues. If and when there is a fix, you will get notified, or I will update the OP as necessary.
    This is a notice in advance of upcoming OTAs:

    The former jenkins domain (grandprime.ddns.net) is now defunct, and the new domain for Jenkins builds will be http://jenkins.msm8916.com

    As such there will be NO OTAs for all images from before, and to update your device you WILL need to manually download an update at either http://download.msm8916.com or http://jenkins.msm8916.com
    Hey @kentone, are you guys working on a fix with these bugs for the gprimeltespr:
    - FM chip not detected by OS
    I seriously doubt any of the US/Canada Grand Primes have FM Radio capability. Even if they did, adding FM to the builds at this point would still result in broken FM Radio support (the prebuilt audio HAL is problematic).

    - OS periodically clears out every item in Recent Apps

    There's really nothing I can do about that, that's probably an AOSP feature (or bug) (possibly to do with hitting memory limits).

    - Even with Battery saving mode on, OS drains battery a bit quicker than original ROM

    Not really any of my concern, or much I can do about that.. Battery drain is mostly subjective and varies from device to device based on many factors (ambient temperature, battery age, CPU use, etc).

    From my own testing the battery usage is good. It's really unreasonable to expect a modern smartphone, no matter how big the battery capacity, to last more than a day on a full charge.

    - OS does not recognize camera in any Google Camera version other than 2.7.010

    That's not my concern (bother Google with that). If the app is broken after a version upgrade, then just stick to an older version.

    I have 4 new requests with that:
    - Add an option in Settings to update the carrier profile and PRL

    I don't know what that is, and I doubt I could change that. I don't write any aspect of AOSP, I just compile it.

    - Give option to show the Pixel navbar with custom features, like input and media arrows, button switch around, and single, double, and long press actions. Also give custom button actions to hardware navigation keys as well.

    Again, I don't write AOSP. I can't write something to change button mappings. You can easily do this yourself anyways if you really want to, by modifying the android keymap files.

    As for the soft navbar, it' not necessary. There are alrady hardware keys on the phone. Again, if you searched on XDA, you could have easily found a way of doing this yourself without having to bother me.

    - Option to add task manager in notification bar
    - Add option to show icon corresponding with a toast message

    See above.

    In future, please don't spam my, or any other person's email addresses by harvesting emails from commit messages. It's clearly stated in the OP where and how bug reports should be made.

    PS: - I don't take feature requests, as stated in the OP. If you ask for such again, I will ignore you.

    ---------- Post added at 10:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:40 PM ----------

    Another commit to Vincent, but you may wanna look into this error on your building process.
    "21:55:04 make: Leaving directory '/home/vincent/android/lineage-15.0/kernel/samsung/msm8916'
    21:55:04 ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
    21:55:04 01:55:04 ninja failed with: exit status 1"
    It seems the one of your programs is failing, you might wanna check into that.

    Like I've said, LOS-15.0 isn't a priority for me right now. At the list of things I care about in life, it ranks at the bottom. I'll get to it whenever I have the time. And the presence of the builds on Jenkins isn't any guarantee of LOS-15.0 at all, don't read into it too much.