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[UNOFFICIAL] [RECOVERY] [OnePlus 7 Pro] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.1]

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    [Locked upon OP's request]
    OP, you need to actually modify and compile the recovery for different devices. "Porting" it does not entail just editing the model in the device detection script

    I agree, OP should clearly write what this recovery is ported. Also we not recommend using ported recoveries at all! OrangeFox Recovery have tons of device specific vars which inbuilt in recovery blob (like A\B scheme and even screen resolution), so it will work incorrectly. Flashing at one's own risk.

    P.S. OP, if you want build OrangeFox Recovery you are welcom to https://t.me/OrangeFoxBuilding ;)
    Well I was able to fix that by adding OnePlus7Pro to alt Target device in the update binary. But now when I try to flash in twrp it tells me that my recovery partition is to small news flash we don't have recovery partition on a/b devices. And I noticed in the update binary it has a target partition that it is told to install too which is I'm sure everyone can guess.... The recovery partition that doesn't exist on any a/b device. This sounded really good too. One of those to good to be true things....

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    So it's not being detected as a/b device clearly. Your update binary needs some work.....