[UNOFFICIAL][ROM][Pixel 3][9.0_r47] Colt OS - Enigma for Blueline [16 August 2019]


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Jul 1, 2007
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[B]Standard Disclaimer [/B]

* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
* Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! 
* YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you blame me in any way for what happens to your device, I will laugh at you.
* BOOM! And Turn to Ashes...!!!

What's ColtOS

ColtOS Project is presented by a team of learners and it is crafted from AOSP Source with all the necessary customizations, without compromising the stability and security of the device.
We have cherry-picked the features from many other roms/projects and we are very thankful to all of them!! We just crossed the Beta Phase for Oreo and are happy to announce the release of Colt-OS Chilly based on Android 8.1.
Although there's no bugs experienced by us or testers, if you find any, please let us know with a logcat.

Team ColtOS

We, The ColtTeam, are a small group of working professionals from entirely different industry and have no relation to Android, Programming or Codes.
As mentioned earlier, we are a young and growing team of learners. We are still learning and helping each other learn as well. Thanks to entire ColtOS team for giving their precious time to this Project.

@Rakesh.Batra : Lead Developer and Founder of ColtOS
@nitin.chobhe (Project Contributor/Device Maintainer)
@SuperDroidBond (Project Contributor)
@Dragononiv (Project Contributor/Device Maintainer)
@Roger.T(Graphics Designer)
@HAKrBOY(Graphics Designer) ColtOS is beautiful just because of these two Guys:)
@meet1811 (The Saviour/Moderator)
@Frozen_Lemon (Motivator/Tester:Made Default Ringtone)
@srvroxstar (Motivator/Tester)
@mukesh22584 (Device Maintainer)

ColtOS V4.5

  • Android 9.0
  • Security Update: 01 Aug 2019, r47

  • Night light
  • Adaptive brightness
  • Font size
  • Ambient display
    * Always on
    * New Notification
    * Show when charging
    * Pick up
    * Hand wave
    * Pocket
  • Tap to wake
  • Fonts Manager
  • Dashboard conditions
  • Dashboard suggestions

>>> Colt-Enigma (Our Decoration Room) Includes <<<

Status bar
  • Statusbar item
  • Clock options
  • Battery icon
  • Carrier label
  • Network Traffic
  • Brightness control
  • Old mobile type signal style
  • 4G/LTE icon toggle
  • VoLTE icon enable/disable
  • ADB notification toggle
  • Double tap statusbar to sleep device
  • Data disabled icon toggle
  • Blutooth battery status icon toggle

Quick settings
  • QS Opacity
  • Show CPU info
  • Brightness slider toggle
  • Brightness slider on bottom toggle
  • Adaptive brightness button toggle
  • Brightness control button
  • Disable quick settings when locked toggle
  • QS Tile style
  • Quick Pull Down
  • Smart Pull Down
  • Vibrate on touch

QS Tiles
  • Sound QS tile
  • Caffeine tile
  • Battery saver tile
  • Heads up tile
  • CPU info tile
  • Sync QS tile
  • NFC QS tile
  • Row & Colums Customization embedded into qs 3dot menu
  • Add/remove tile with one touch

Recents apps
  • Recent Style
  • Clear all button
  • Clear all FAB location
  • Show memory bar
  • Recent styles
  • Immersive recents

Volume Button Settings
  • Navigation bar
    * Allow navigation bar
    * Navigation mode
    * Smartbar settings
    * Pulse
  • Volume rockers
    * Playback controll
    * Volume rocker wake
    * Volume key cursor controll
    * Volume panel on left
    * Audio panel selection
  • Screen off power button torch
  • Automatically turn torch off

  • Heads up
  • Dialer Heads up
  • Battery charging light
  • Blinck flash light on call
  • In-call vibration options
    * Vibrate on connect
    * Vibrate on call waiting
    * Vibrate on disconnect

Lock screen Prefrences
  • Lockscreen charging info
  • Double tap to sleep
  • Disable statusbar
  • Hide botton shortcuts
  • Lockscreen shortcuts
  • Lock screen Weather
  • Lockscreen UI
    * Ambient Display (Battery level on bottom)
    * Locscreen Colors
    * Clock Styles
    * Clock Font options
    * Date fonts Options
    * OwnerInfo font options
    * Clock Widgets
    * Clock Font size
    * Item underneath the clock
    * Date font size
    * OwnerInfo font size
  • Fingerprint authentication vibration
  • Face auto unlock
  • Lockscreen Visualizer
  • Show LS Visualizer on Ambient Display
  • Media cover art

  • Lockscreen visibility
  • Power Menu Optional Toggles

Colt Decorator
  • Colt Themes
    * Compose
    * Default
    * 9 Other prebuilt themes
  • Wakeup on Charge
  • QS Header styles
  • Status bar logo
  • DashBoard icon
  • Edge Gesture
  • AOSP Gesture
  • OP Navigation gesture
  • Three finger swipe to take screenshot
  • Animations
  • Battery bar
  • Rounded corner customizations
  • Toast icon toggle
  • Signature spoofing toggle
  • Alarm blocker
  • Wakelock blocker
  • Suspended actions

- Flash latest factory image (same security patch as the ROM) and copy the ROM zip, TWRP and Magisk zip on the phone

- Boot into latest version of TWRP

- Perform a FULL WIPE as described below if coming from another ROM or a different version of Android. DO NOT WIPE SYSTEM
(A full wipe is when you wipe Data + Cache)

- Flash the latest version of the ROM

- Don't flash gapps are they are included in the ROM

- If you want to have TWRP flashed, flash the TWRP zip and Reboot

- Reboot to TWRP and Flash Magisk if you want root

- Reboot and ENJOY!!

**If you fail to follow these instructions, please don't bother reporting any bugs**
**If you use Xposed, please don't bother reporting any bugs**
**If you use another kernel, please don't bother reporting any bugs**

ROM Source: ColtOS Source Codes

Kernel Source: Kernel

Facebook Page: ColtOS on Facebook

We would like to give thanks to everyone that contributes to the Android community, big or small because every bit counts. Although we can't list each and every contributor within the Android community, we would like to highlight some of the teams and individuals that have made it possible NOT only with just this version of COLT but throughout the years because we don't ever want to forget where we came from nor those that have helped us!

That said, ColtOS team would like to THANK to....

* LineageOS/Cyanogenmodhttps://github.com/LineageOShttps://github.com/LineageOS
* GZOSPhttps://github.com/GZOSP
* OmniROM]https://github.com/omnirom
* Nitrogen OShttps://github.com/nitrogen-project/Nitrogen OShttps://github.com/nitrogen-project/Nitrogen OS
* AICPhttps://github.com/aicphttps://github.com/aicp
* crDroidhttps://github.com/crdroidandroidhttps://github.com/crdroidandroid
* DirtyUnicornshttps://github.com/DirtyUnicornshttps://github.com/DirtyUnicorns
* CypherOShttps://github.com/CypherOShttps://github.com/CypherOS
* Liquid Remixhttps://github.com/LiquidRemix/https://github.com/LiquidRemix/
* Benzo ROMhttps://github.com/BenzoROM/https://github.com/BenzoROM/
* BootLeggers ROMhttps://github.com/bootleggersrom/https://github.com/bootleggersrom/
* AOSP Extended ROMhttps://github.com/AospExtended/https://github.com/AospExtended/

**If we have left someone or some team, we apologize and please PM us. We would be very happy to include your name as well.**

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][Pixel 3][9.0] Colt OS for Blueline, ROM for the Google Pixel 3

nitin.chobhe, Rakesh.Batra
Source Code: https://github.com/Colt-Enigma/

ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Testing

Created 2019-08-07
Last Updated 2019-08-16[/QUOTE]

XDA:DevDB Information
ColtOS, ROM for the Google Pixel 3

legents, Rakesh.Batra, nitin.chobhe
ROM OS Version: 9.x Pie
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Testing
Beta Release Date: 2019-08-07

Created 2019-08-07
Last Updated 2019-08-16


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Jul 1, 2007
Johannesburg, ZA
If you are getting internal system problem on first boot then please download and flash linked vendor image via fastboot (fastboot flash vendor vendor.img --slot=all) or recovery on partitions A & B.
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Oct 17, 2013
Well I got the internal system error on boot and I have July flashed to both slots so maybe this is based on August or something else is going on.


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Oct 17, 2013
Well everything is working good for me so far. That just scared me lol.

---------- Post added at 08:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:03 AM ----------

So you haven't taken the plunge and flashed August vendor I take it then haha.


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Jun 18, 2012
Well everything is working good for me so far. That just scared me lol.

---------- Post added at 08:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 08:03 AM ----------

So you haven't taken the plunge and flashed August vendor I take it then haha.
no because i lost twrp and won't have my PC until tonight. then i think I'll go back to my previous rom because of a AOD problem. let us know if with August vendor the message will disappear tough!


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Jul 1, 2007
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ColtOS Update time ::: Here is the build with August security patch... :good:

Fixes and Change log:
  • Version Bumped to 4.5
  • August Security Patches - r47
  • SUBSTRATUM support added
  • Updated Lawnchair
  • Updated Clang
  • Updated prebuilt apks
  • Cleanup switch styles
  • notch-city: Added 3 mode display cutout handler
  • Reworked QS backgroud (specially for transparent theme) and Brightness slider
  • reworked for battery estimates (added system ui restart by default)
  • Added date styles
  • Reverted our custom dialog of Shutdown to support subs
  • Added toggle for hide lock screen icon
  • Added toggle for hide indicator text
  • Added Pocket Judge, Pocket Lock and Pocket Bridge
  • Make FP detection in pocket mode configurable
  • Added some icons from Q also added Android Q style WiFi icons
  • Added Material Light Theme to default calendar app
  • Added Google calendar
  • Fingerprint: Remove unnecessary spacing in enrol layout
  • Lots of improvement to our ROMs base source
  • Added more devices for official support
  • Added setup UI for minimum delay between an app's notification sounds
  • Added Open app when clicking on icon in App Info
  • AOD flickering issue fixed
  • Bootanimation Fixed
  • SmartPixels added back
  • Stay Tuned for more......
More Fixes to our sources for stability and Lots of improvements here and there

** Clean Flash is highly recommended.
* Don't tweak kernel, Stock setting is good enough.

Download: CLICK HERE

Official Telegram Group: Official Colt Enigma Telegram Group

If you liked our work and wanna donate then here is the link::



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Jan 12, 2005
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I finally feel happy having a Pixel with this ROM. Thank you!

Seem to have the Vendor issue
Flashed latest (August) on both slots with flash-all.bat

Did I fail it somehow?

On latest 16 August 4.5