[UNOFFICIAL][ROM][Pixel 3 XL][9.0_r47] Colt OS - Enigma for Crosshatch [12 Aug 2019]

Old Man Dave

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Mar 4, 2013
My issue was my screen would go blank and stay that way. It would also randomly restart. and give me an error every time I restart. I even flashed vender on both A and B :( I like the rom Other wise.

Similar problem but it was just that the screen was black today, had to hold down power and volume up button until reboot.

Much smaller coincidence to yours but I was copying files to an sd card in MiXplorer while docked. The huge file didn't copy. In MiXplorer, the screen stays on until process is complete.

On the other issue was the battery icon won't change to text when selected. The battery icon text is hidden when the icon is hidden.

Thanks for the heads up @nitin.chobhe with the squeeze/active help found in Colt Enigma.

No reboots or anything out of the ordinary. Works great.
I've had the frozen screen too. Not very often (maybe every 2-3 days it'll happen) and I haven't seen a pattern of anything leading up to it.

Other than that, the Rom is great! Lots of customization, doesn't get my phone hot when watching videos, overall, just a great Rom.
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