[Unofficial][VoLTE] LineageOS 16.0 For XZP[Final]

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Jan 19, 2017
Shutdown takes very long time compared to instant stock which is frustrating.
Camera button won't launch camera when screen is off or locked, so only possibility is to use double pressing power button.
Sound still sounds low probably just the max of it is low, overall system is stable.
Phone and Contact app does not match device theme.
Notifications still have white background despite black system theme
SIM gets detected way too late and sometimes not detected at all (G8141, with or without build prop patch).
Bootanimation does not change to LOS' one
Having two launcher is not a good first impression, I suggest you to only use Trebuchet.
Sony Camera does not redirect to Sony Album app (no thumbnail on bottom right is shown in camera app like on stock)
Call Recorder does not work at all (both AAC and AMR-WB fail)
Device overheats (maybe due to overclock)
Gravitybox constantly crashes SystemUI.

You can copy ./system/media/bootanimation.zip to ./oem/media

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Sorry to hear that your phone is bricked, will you fix your phone to continue update this ROM?


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Jun 4, 2017
I am very sorry that your phone is broken. I have an error, there is no sound in the Sony camera shooting video. Can you point me how to fix this error?Thanks.

And the other camera app is sound working?

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Lineage OS snap camera vedio sound working,Sony camera app、miuicamera app and Camera2 app vedio sound not working.

Provide me a log, maybe I can find the reason.


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Jun 4, 2017


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Mar 13, 2012
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Try to flash stock and go back to LOS again. V2.88 works fine for me.
If phone still bootloop. I will cancel the high frame rate and OC in next version, they may not suit for every device.

I'm suspecting some of the reboots I'm having were probably related to overclocking as the phone would bootloop when it becomes hotter than usual.
I'm looking for a way to revert the OC, but it seems there are several commits related to overclocking and I'm not sure if I have to revert all of them.

I've reverted the following commits: 1 2 3 4 5

Are the 5 commits above enough to disable the overclocking (so it can run at stock clock values)? EDIT: Definitely not enough... the resulted kernel couldn't even boot. Guess for now I'll just use Kernel Adiutor to fine tune it so it won't overheat/freeze/reboot for the time being...
By the way, I didn't revert this related commit as it looked like some added CPU clock handling logic (for OC) but it contained lower (perhaps original) clock values by default. Not sure if I also have to revert this one... but I'm not attempting it for the time being.

EDIT 2: Using your trees to build AEX and I found the "VoLTE provisioned" flag is greyed out (along with other VoLTE-related stuffs). Is there a way to verify whether IMS is really functional? I need to confirm whether the problem is with my build or is with my carrier. I can't remember how it was on the LOS build (also with your tree).

EDIT 3: It seems cryptomilk's kernel tree (slightly newer) can be used when building the ROM, however (as with AEX's case), NFC is not usable with his kernel. (VoLTE is greyed out there as well, although it's probably not related to kernel and I cannot determine IMS functionality status from that alone).

EDIT 4: The overheating/rebooting issue keeps on... plus an old minor issue: the color profile is not applied upon system startup. Logcat doesn't give me anything helpful when it reboots, like a kernel panic or something... so it's most likely rebooting just because the device hit certain thermal thresholds (as the phone feels really hot). It seems to happen when there are some good amount of network activities (Wi-Fi or cellular), or when performing a lot of I/O activities on the SD card... not sure, but the place that feels hottest to me was definitely near the SIM/SD slots.
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Dec 17, 2016

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Mar 13, 2012
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Discoveries regarding overheating/rebooting issue.

Not sure if the bug is related to the kernel/device tree, but I discovered something by accident, regarding the overheating/rebooting issue I've been having.

It seems the phone would overheat, freeze and reboot when it doesn't have enough signal and tries to find some. For some reasons, scanning for signal generated a lot of heat.

At one time I was in a place where my carrier's signal couldn't cover (no signal), and my phone got super hot and rebooted itself several times during the period, while I was doing something else.

After leaving that place so the phone can get a signal, the phone stopped rebooting and it no longer overheats.

Originally I thought overclocking might be the culprit, but turned out that was not the real cause of the issue.


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Feb 16, 2013
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im with V2.85 and everything runs smoothly and everything works well ,i have not found new problems until now. i think it is stable rom :)
except that there is no special version for users G1814 yet, and be little delay for read sim card every time you restart the device
but it not big problem
in my opinion your work it is worth 5 stars , thank you Sjll :)

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Oct 27, 2017
Thanks for your feedback.
Could you upload a screenshot of model in About Phone? I need to make sure whether the init works fine.
About double tap. We need add it in kernel. I am too busy with my exam these days. I will try to fix these errors if I am free.


Good ROM, but i don't quite like the auto-unlock on touch, any way to change it to original unlock on press?


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Dec 17, 2019
Bluetooth not working properly

My bluetooth isn't working properly. It will connect to devices but it won't send over any data(ex device will detect headphones but audio isn't send over, games will detect controllers but won't recognize inputs)

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    All the source code for LineageOS is available in the LineageOS Github repo. And if you would like to contribute to LineageOS, please visit out Gerrit Code Review. You can also view the Changelog for a full list of changes & features.

    Stop Update. My phone is bricked.


    @modpunk @derf elot

    Read FAQ at first please, Don't ask again.

    What's working
    RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
    Video Playback
    Audio ( Record and Playback )
    IMS (Partly)
    VoLTE(Voice over LTE) Tested on G8142.
    Dual sim cards

    Know issue
    1. Selinux is permissive.
    2. Forceencrypt is disabled.

    FAQ: Read me please.
    1. I'm G8141, Can I use los?
    For G8141, You can try to delete :
    in build .prop.
    2. Google play service
    Flash Opengapps or MindTheGApps by yourself. Or install MicroG.
    3. Bootloop at Sony Logo
    Try force-reboot.
    If phone still bootloop, format cahce, system partition and flash zip again. DON'T flash gapps or Magisk. If you still bootloop, you may need to format userdata and make a clean installation.
    4. I want Gcam
    Los16 is based on stock blob, we are lack of support of RAW, so we can't support gcam.
    4. I want longer battery time
    We get full performance of CPU and GPU by default, you can try to limit the frequency of CPU.
    4. I meet random reboot
    Try to format userdata partition and make a clean installation. For G8142, you can try to disable Enhanced 4G LTE Mode in Mobile network. This will disable IMS, but more stable.

    V1 based on stock 47.2.A10.62.
    V2-Series based on stock 47.2.A10.80.


    Update Log:
    1. Overclock [email protected] [email protected]
    2. Support double tap to wake.
    3. Full F2FS support of userdata and cache partitions.
    3. Improve stability of sim card.
    4. Optimization for swap.
    5. CustomizationSelector added, it may reboot several times.
    Notice: For dual users, Google FRP may cause crash if you make a clean installation. You need to unplug your sim card, after finishing the setup wizard, then plug in sim card again.
    1. Support Android Go features.
    This is an experiment version.
    1. Color profile (Vivid mode) come back.
    1. Fix the issue that volume of speaker low.
    2. Fix Wifi disconnect (I played MOBA game on wifi for 2hours, No disconnect)
    3. Fix no sound in call on V2.7.
    4. Improve stability.
    5. Color profile has been deleted by mistake, I will add it back in next version.
    If you meet any problem, try to wipe cache and dalvik cache. I format my Data partition for this update.
    1. Sony stock apps framework. added.
    2. Sony Music, Album, Launcher added.
    3. Lineage Music Album deleted.
    1. Vivid mode in Setting-Display-LiveDisplay-Color Profile-Vivid
    2. Fingerprint overlay fix.
    1. 90Hz Screen frame rate.
    2. Fix some overlay.
    1.IMS works partly, we could call over LTE. This may need to flash FTF in your area.
    2. Exfat supported.
    3. Full languages supported.

    Instructions :
    Download the latest build
    Flash Stock ROM
    DON'T boot into stock.
    Flash and boot to twrp.
    Flash the latest build and gapps



    ROM OS Version: 9.0
    ROM Kernel: Linux 4.4

    Version Information
    Status: RC

    Created 2019-06-19
    Last Updated 2019-08-06
    Edit:I encountered a strange problem, I can't change the system language to Chinese, but other apps show me Chinese. If you want to log, I will upload it.Other work is very good.:)
    Because some people sell my ROM in China, I removed Chinese from system language.
    V2.8 Uploaded.
    1. Fix Audio Volume low.
    2. Fix Wifi disconnect.
    See more in ChangeLog.
    @jaspernv @CRNO @LSS4181 @undefine
    So, I'm using this Rom now two days and it is working very flawless?
    Only thing is that after a reboot, the device needs 5 minutes or so to recognise the inserted SIM. I'm using it on the XZP Single SIM also known as G8141.

    Unzip the below build.prop zip, and replace the build.prop in /system with the unzipped one if you have G8141 and reboot.

    Or find the line in the build.prop like the attached screenshot and put a hash in front, exactly like the picture, save and reboot.