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Aug 22, 2005
I will add more to this as we get further, thanks go to the Unrevoked devteam!

While this method is now public, we are working on other methods still, but this will be useful to folks in the meantime. While we still do not understand the first adbd race entirely, we do know that there are some key differences in system timing seemingly from sdcard (mmc1), wifi (uses mmc0), and emmc (uses mmc2). If frustrated you may try doing things to change your setup.

Instructions here:


Advanced instructions:
<6>[    5.326202] mmc1: Slot status change detected (0 -> 1)
...Bluetooth and wifi begin to load...
<6>[    5.481384] mmc1: new high speed SD card at address ff0e
<6>[    5.490112] warning: `adbd' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
<6>[    5.491027] mmcblk1: mmc1:ff0e SD02G 1.83 GiB
That is what a good dmesg will look like. please do a dmesg in android (not recovery) and see where you find those similar strings in yours. notice the numbers, 5.49 seconds is when adbd started roughly, a sd read was toggled at about the same time as you see, this means you win! Please look at yours and calculate how long a delay your sd card needs... then reseat it and try to hit that window...

NOTE: SD card choice seems to be a important factor in whether you get adb in recovery, in general the slower and crummier the card, the better.

The key is getting adb working in recovery. There is as of yet no easy way. reboot recovery, or reboot bootloader and go into recovery. try try try again...

To explain the method a little, there are 2 races here. It would be wise not to update any further if you get this, as they will most certain plug both our holes here. But in general the first race is in recoveries starting. It starts adbd, but also stops it. If for whatever reason the start takes longer than the stop, we win. The second race should be obvious looking at the instructions, but in short it verifies the real OTA update, while we swap it with a special one...

Pic: http://i.imgur.com/aWqBM.jpg
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Feb 25, 2009
I've set the IRC channel to mute since were being flooded and progress is still being made. You can watch for now but all discussions on the subject will have to be limited to ##droidincredible for now.


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Dec 10, 2007
The method isnt near perfected. its a random boot in recovery...they are ironing everything out...start flasing back to the before ota people...you know...just in case..


May 19, 2010
GJ guys. Way to go. Congrats. Can't wait for a packaged version. Tried it myself, but kept getting error no matter how many times i tried.
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Aug 24, 2009
Re: 1 root, don't get excited

Oh thank goodness lol :) sorry you guys scared me. I read the chat room too! Good stuff!

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Jun 5, 2010
I'm excited about the possibility of the root happening. The Incredible is my first android phone and I thought I was going to keep it at stock but after learning more about root I can't wait for it to happen and get stable.
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    The new unrevoked.com reflash tool is out, one click root and recovery. no sd method's required. Mod's please close this thread ending with this post if you can...