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    Development and support ceased.
    For further explaination, see this post.

    Q. Why do I need this? I already have one!
    A. It has the correct details in it, so any (well written) recovery flash-able zip can determine if it's the correct device! The recoveries currently on XDA of the H7 are actually for the P8 and MediaPadX2

    A TWRP recovery with correct default.prop details for the PLK

    • ro.board.platform=hi3635
    • ro.product.model=PLK-L01
    • ro.product.device=HWPLK

    I've created it with the Marshmallow zImage (kernel), it works fine on my B140 :eek:

    You know the score:

    Unizp twrp-

    fastboot flash recovery twrp-

    Q. Does it work on the Marshmallow Beta?
    A. If you are willing, please flash it and let us all know :)

    All stock recovery and boot images for PLK-L01 can be found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-7/general/stock-plk-l01-boot-recovery-images-t3290348

    an adb tweaked version ( added 11-Jan-2016

    To fix (when I get a new unlock code...)
    • fstab update
    • system mounted read-only (change in [Mount] section for now..)
    • cache wipe time (maybe switch to rm -rf instead ?)
    • some more tweaks...
    Thanks sminki, work great on B170 :).
    Very good job :good:
    Thanks sminki, work great on B170 :).
    Very good job :good:
    Good news !

    I have tested ; wipe cache/dalvik/backup everyt(hing is ok .
    Ace work again @sminki thanks for this. :)
    ups, i had forgotten this circumstance! Sorry!

    * can't delete cache partition
    * clearing dalvik cache work
    * can't make a compressed full backup (stopped nearly 96% of data)
    * can’t make a backup to ext. sd-card (because 128GB NTFS)
    * backup uncompressed to int. sd-card successful

    My opinion: at this time TWRP is only usable for me to install SuperSU. All other functions seems to be a little unsure. Maybe it looks better in the future.

    I use this TWRP in unrestricted R/W mode and can perform all functions, (except didn't try compressed backup), some are a little slow to complete, also my ext SD card is formatted exfat.