Unsupported/Unknown image format when patching via Magisk pls help

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Jun 26, 2022

I have very awkward problem, when trying to root my xperia xz. I was trying almost everything to fix it, but nothing helped. I used different Magisk version, downloading different stock roms from Xperifirm that fits mine fw, extracting kernel.sin, dumping with flashtool to kernel.elf, and renaming to boot.img, but still the problem occured. I was also trying to root via twrp, but still the same problem. I read tons of guides, but found nothing useful, searched in google and nothing. It seems like the problem is quite rare. I also noticed, that every boot.img, which Magisk can patch, has size below 20MB, for example, boot.img from ROMs downloaded by Xperifirm, have around 35MB, and boot.img transferred from my phone has 65MB. And second thing, when i was trying to modify boot.img via rootkernel, only kernels that rootkernel could modify, were the kernels patchable by Magisk. Rootkernel was getting stuck with kernels from Xperifirm and from my phone. When flashed kernel, that Magisk could patch, bootloop occurred. My stock rom is oreo 8.0.0 41.3.A.2.192-R2E, bootloader is unlocked. Maybe my phone is just unrootable? Or kernels from stock roms are encrypted somehow, and i just don't know how to decrypt them? Every help is really appreciated, thanks.


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