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Upcoming Android Device News on the Portal

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Senior Member
Mar 10, 2011
I understand that this is a developer site and that the portal page is meant to display news for developers or about accomplishments made by developers (developer related news) but why so few updates on upcoming devices? Seems to me that XDA could easily be covering most of the stuff that engadget reports. Just that this is the only thing stopping XDA from being a one stop shop for anything Android related for me. Thoughts?


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XDA App Taskforce
Lets remember we are not an Android only forum.
News Writers team is focused to bring the best of development inside XDA, but we include some information regarding new devices as well.

In General section you´ll find the hottest info on the latest out there.

Thanks for your suggestion tough, if you read a nice story while surfing XDA please PM us.

This is and always will be a site for developers, pure and simple. Without them we are nothing, without them there would be no reason for XDA Developers to exist; we should never ever forget that. Without them this place would not be called XDA-Developers but something else, e.g Mobile Phone User Support Services For Ungrateful Nerds.

XDA is about developing and is for developers. Any user that recognises that will gain the most benefit from this site.
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Mar 10, 2011
I understand that. While I would be looking for Android device news I'd also expect there to be Windows mobile and iPhone news as well. It just seems that these news pieces are sometimes as vital to developers as any other news that is published and as you said most of it can already be found somewhere on the forums so it just seems intuitive to publish more of it on the Portal to allow easier access to the information. I certainly see your point, I was just curious.


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Nov 27, 2009
Developers want to see code. I close the portal tab if i see noobish stuff like "omg omg the new htc xyz is out. Many other devs do the same.

Had it been a dump of firmware for it, that's interesting :)

But the announcement of yet another sub standard handset is barely newsworthy... I mean, the new WP7 phones are not even dual core :p