Upcycling phone/tablet as media target/renderer


New member
Aug 7, 2018
Hi folks,

I have several devices - both mobiles & tablets - that are still perfectly functional, even if they are not top-spec or used every day.

I've set an old Tab 8 as our kitchen device, to serve as digital photo-frame (fotoo), jukebox, etc, but I really would like to set some of these devices up as arbitrary media 'stations':
  • serve as Bluetooth sinks (A2DP)
  • Chromecast, Miracast, DLNA, etc renderers
From what I can tell, there should be no hardware restrictions to do this, but the limitations seem to be software/codec/licencing, etc

AirScreen looks like a (mostly) feasible solution, but the ongoing subscription model does not make it workable.
CastReceiver & ScreenCast Receiver don't seem to good fits either.

Is there another way for me to achieve my desired outcome?