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[UPD] Super-Pack of Google Camera MODs for OnePlus 8 Pro!

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Jan 17, 2013
Sony Xperia Tablet Z
OnePlus 8 Pro
😻 Hello XDA buddies and GCAM lovers 🔥

Here is a new version of my Custom Profile for B.S.G GCam (V8.1) application.

🌟 DOWNLOAD (APK + Custom Profile): https://ufile.io/q0qgs8oj 🌟

It is advised to completely UNINSTALL the previous version, if any, then install this new edition.

💖 NiCkAM8PRO V6.8 Custom Profiles for B.S.G GCam - Changelog & Advice:

✅ Based on Everything from previous V6.7, with the following modifications...
✅ B.S.G Google Camera App has been updated to 'GV1x'.
✅ Reduced some oversharpening on Main back lens, while maintaining some great level of details! Slightly softer result, possibly more pleasant and less aggressive to the eyes.
✅ Slightly modified the White Balance for Main lens, possibly for truer daylight 'yellow' tint.
✅ Modified the 'Color Transform' from 'IMX682' back to 'Fix Saturation Arnova'
✅ Increased 'Exposure Compensation', to please some users who like bright results! However, be aware that this also modifies the color channels, which results in some 'lighter colors'...

⚠️🙏This custom profiles pack is a result of countless hours of work, so please, do not share it anywhere else without permission, and even more importantly, give credit to its creator. Thank you, and have fun with it! 🙏⚠️

PS: Original Post (First Page) has been updated with the latest M.T.S.L & B-S-G releases (and their respective custom profiles).

EDIT: Reverted 'Exposure Compensation' from '+2' (Main Back Lens & UW) back to '0', as it was kinda too much brightness IMO...
Thanks for your work! Working great 😁👍

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    Could you please share a new link for the above GCam? Thanks!

    All gcam camera mods
    Ahoy all, any movement on the ability to do slow motion video on these apps??
    Slow motion is working bro. I just tried it. 🙂
    Slow motion is working bro. I just tried it. 🙂
    Oh nice. Cheers
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    Hello OnePlus Addicts,

    Here is a Custom-Made SUPER-PACK of some of the newest Google Camera Mods available out there, which contains the work of several developers such as Greatness (Rakin), B-S-G, P.Z.D, M.T.S.L and Wichaya.

    Please, keep in mind that I am not an app developer, myself, just an enthousiastic end-user happy to share the good stuff!

    /// https://ufile.io/8is2m16t \\\

    >>> The included XML configuration profiles are made for ONEPLUS 8 PRO ONLY! Using them on another device may result in some serious bugs, crashes, and it will definitely not bring you the same user experience... <<<

    1) Just download the file above, unzip it, then install the apk file of your choice on your device.

    2) Extract the appropriate xml configuration file, as well as its folder, to your phone internal storage.

    3) Then, just start the app, give the necessary privileges, double-click on the lower black area near the 'shutter' button of the app, it should allow you to load custom profiles. Select my xml, press ok, done! :)

    Some of these mods come with Face Detection, Face Retouch (both Front & Back sensors), great color reproduction, low noise, excellent details (especially on the main back sensor), FHD & 4K videos @ 30/60FPS with OIS/EIS stabilization, Night Shots, Astro-Photography, Portrait and more...

    However, there is still no Distortion Correction/Fix on Wide-Angle sensor, on any GCam mod I have tried sor far actually. This might come in the future, but it seems to be quite hard for devs to implement in their respective mods. This can be fixed by some apps in post-editing anyway...


    There are some 'hidden' shortcuts in some of these GCam mods! For example, with Greatness and P.Z.D, you can access the (very useful) Exposure/ISO menu by long-pressing the circle 'gallery' button on the lower-right of the main app screen, which will provide you with a choice of ISO settings, as well as Exposure choices. The lower the ISO, the better the final picture quality, but it will take more time to 'capture' your image. The same goes for Exposure; the longer the time, the better your image (and the lower iso at the same time), but you may have to be steady if you go lower than 1/10s.

    A long-press on the Camera-Switch button (on Greatness Mod), on the lower-left of the main app screen, will directly bring you to the App Settings.

    Double-Press the viewfinder itself will zoom 2x to what you want to shoot, and will display the Zoom Bar at the bottom, so you can finely adjust it!

    There is also a 'Sunset' shortcut on the main screen/viewfinder (Greatness Mod), just above the 3 back sensors, which should theoretically bring better color reproduction and lighting to your sunsets.

    Also, one personal advice when using some, if not all of these mods: You will get BETTER EXPOSURE as well as LIGHTER SHADOWS when selecting your focus zone MANUALLY (within limits of your focus zone of interest, obviously). This goes for Daylight shots, as well as Nightshots, and another advice would be to try to select either a Dark area of your image (when shooting in daylight) OR one of the Brightest zones (for example, some streetlights at night), and then take the shot. The App should then do a better job at adjusting your Exposure, Contrast and Shadows, and this will greatly reduce risks of Under-Exposing or Over-Exposing your shots. When taking snapshots of people, in case the app can't detect their face, make sure you select it manually, you will definitely get brighter, more detailed skin results. It may be one extra-step, but I personally found out that it was usually worth doing it!


    ** NO Need to be ROOT **

    Learn more about GCam and How to Master it: https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/p/f/2021/05/GCam-Handbook.pdf

    Learn more about RamPatcher settings (BSG MGC): https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/dev-bsg/help/2/

    Have Fun!
    In an effort to make it easier for everyone to get all the APKs and custom XML profiles in one same download, here is a SUPER-PACK which contains all 4 Google Camera mods & all their respective custom profiles for OnePlus 8 Pro:

    /// https://ufile.io/ke1459bi \\\

    If you enjoy my work, feel free to say 'Thank you' as well as a 'Thumbs Up', allllwayyys appreciated! ^_^
    🌸🌞 NiCkAM8PRO V6.4 Custom Profiles (for OP8Pro) - B.S.G Google Camera 🌞🌸

    😻 Hello XDA buddies and GCAM lovers 🔥

    A new version of B.S.G Google Camera mod was released ('GV1u'), which fixes some annoying bug with our device (Changelog: Fixed a bug when saving photos on devices whose raw format resolution is not 4/3 or 16/9, like Redmi Note8-9 Pro, OP8Pro and others).

    🌟DOWNLOAD (APK + Custom Profiles): https://ufile.io/2xx4arec 🌟

    It is advised to completely UNINSTALL the previous version (clear cache and data before you proceed), then install this new V8.1 "GV1u" edition.

    Of course, as always, this new App version comes with my own custom 'Profiles', available in 3 different flavors ('Fine', 'HQ' and 'Night'), depending on what mix of Quality / Speed you wish to achieve. They are the result of some very personal choices regarding saturation, contrast, colors, brightness, exposure...), so in case they do not match yours, just take them as a base and adapt them to your needs and preferences.

    💖 NiCkAM8PRO V6.4 Custom Profiles for B.S.G - Changelog & Advice:

    ✅ 3 Custom Profiles based on different Exposure Time ('Speed') and HDR frames (Warning: Be STEADY when using 'Night' profile and for 'HQ' mode -in low light- as well!).
    ✅ Optimized White Balance and Noise Profiles for our OnePlus 8 Pro, for all lenses.
    ✅ RamPatcher areas have been carefully set for natural results, yet slightly enhanced saturation/contrasts/details.
    ✅ Face Retouch (Level-1) and Face Detect set 'ON' for all lenses, Back & Front.
    ✅ Astrophotography works fine, just remember to set a Timer in order to avoid blurry pics!
    ✅ Front camera settings are set for natural colors (i.e: with saturation kept at reasonable levels), still with some details. However, keep in mind that any GCAM app will take pictures at 4MP only (instead of 16MP with stock app) when using the Front Lens of our OP8 Pro (a limitation that cannot be currently overcome).
    ✅Exposure was willingly kept at reasonable levels, which allows for truer, more realistic pictures, closer to what you really see, and maintains more details in the pictures at the same time (less blown-out zones). If that's not your preference, simply adjust Exposure Compensation in the Settings > Modules, or in post-processing.
    ✅ Developer settings are carefully selected, to offer as many functions as possible for our device, with some good stability.
    ✅ AWB is automatically turned ON when using 'Night' profile. If using any other profile in dark / night situation, or under some artificial lights, just remember to set Auto White-Balance 'ON' to avoid unpleasant results.
    ✅ Social Share functions are activated on all profiles, for easy file sharing, as well as being a useful indicator for when your pictures have been fully processed by the app. Let the app finish its processing work before switching to another lens!
    ✅ In some situation (i.e under some harsh lighting conditions), it is advised to manually set your point of focus, as well as your exposure, using the dedicated slider.

    ⚠️🙏This custom profiles pack is a result of countless hours of work, so please, do not share it anywhere else without permission, and even more importantly, give credit to its creator. Thank you, and have fun with it! 🙏⚠️
    A tiny little update for 'B.S.G GCam profiles pack' that might fix some noise artefacts in some low-light scenarios. If you are fine with previous V5.1, then it's fine, if not, you could try this one :)
    Hello buddies,

    Currently in a short trip but I have some good news for you; Greatness developer managed to publish a new version of his Google Camera Mod, oriented toward the OnePlus 7, 8 and 9 series, with AUX support (yes, Wide & Tele work perfectly on it!), Face Retouch as well, low noise, nice picture, OIS stabilization when taking shots, and much more...

    Greatness Modified Google Camera V8.2, with NiCkAM8PRO V1.2 Profile: https://ufile.io/7z7fgpch

    1) MAKE SURE YOU FULLY UNINSTALL any other Google Camera app that you may have on your phone before installing this one. ALSO COPY THE 'CONFIGS8' FOLDER in my zip file inside of your (preexisting or not) GCAM folder of your phone storage.

    2) First time you start the App, grant the needed privileges, then go to the Settings, Advanced, scroll down then select XML Configs, and click the top option with the yellow sign, which should allow the app to 'read/write' custom profile configuration files on your device.

    3) Go back to the main GCam screen, then DOUBLE-PRESS the black area AROUND the SHUTTER button, this will allow you to LOAD my XML configuration file.

    4) Select it, then ENJOY this great mod!

    Took me some time to set this one up, but here it is... Hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do! :)