[Update 06/11/17] [UNOFFICIAL] List of modules which work with Nougat Xposed

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Jul 15, 2015
Texas ?
working good for me on RR 3.8.3

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WORKING so far on my HTC 10 - RR 5.8.3
1. Call Blacklist Pro is working.
2. Installeropt working for ok. Cannot set backup apps to exsd is only problem i found
3. Amplify seems to be working so far. Can see wakelocks, alarms and services and have been able to block wakelocks. Have not tried to block any alarms yet.
4. AppOpsXposed working
5. PowerNap working fine

Not WORKING or seen in the thread
PerApp Fonts is not working for me
MaxLock is not working for me
Lightning Wall crashing the systemui

Cannot get anything working without continuous FC's on my Xperia Z2-Tablet.

Update. After a day with Power Nap installed and enabled i found it is the reason for random FC's with other non-Xposed apps. I disabled for the time being till i have time to test further...:crying:


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Jul 12, 2013

I re-signed the app and tested its installation and it succeeded
here's the app so you can try
btw you need to uninstall the old one in order to it maybe install
I have my zip verification disabled so I don't know if it'll work


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    Please report here your tested modules, which work or not with Xposed for Nougat. Do not report any module, which you have not tested yourself, as this can cause problems for other users.

    A note from the moderation team to everyone:
    The mod team had to clean this thread too many times due to the mentioning of warez apps. Be aware that breaching the forum rules may lead to restrictions on your xda account.

    Link to discussion threads:

    Standalone version: http://dl-xda.xposed.info/framework/
    Discussion Thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/discussion-xposed-nougat-t3685687

    Xposed is in really early stages for Nougat, bugs are to be expected and will be there for sure.
    Make a backup, even if this list says it is working!!!

    I will try to keep this list updated as frequently as possible and my apologies if I miss your module(s). Also please use the search function before asking, "Does (module) work?". If a module is not listed, please make a backup, try out the module and report back.


    • 3C Toolbox Pro
    • Amplify 4.0.1 +
    • Adblocker Reborn
    • AFWall+
    • All my...
    • AppContext
    • App locale
    • APP2VR
    • App settings
    • AppOpsXposed beta look at thread
    • Awesome pop-up video
    • AutoInstall
    • Better Battery Saver
    • Blurred SystemUI (LP)
    • Boot Manager
    • Call Blacklist Pro
    • Cool Tool
    • Chromepie
    • CrappaLinks
    • Custom Battery Metter
    • CustomShare
    • Device ID changer
    • Disable Flag Secure
    • Disable battery warning
    • Enhanced Toasts
    • Exi for Swiftkey
    • Fake Gapps
    • Fake Wifi Connection
    • Fingerprint enabler
    • Flat style bar indicator
    • ForceDoze
    • Force Touch Detector
    • Force Immersive Mode
    • GNL App Hider
    • Google Search Bar Destroyer
    • GravityBox
    • Greenify
    • HaveOwnOrientation
    • Hide Carrier
    • HowGiveLolli
    • IFontDonate
    • Instant Fase Unlock
    • InstallerOpt
    • Lataclysm 1.32
    • Lightning Wall
    • Lockscreen tweakbox
    • MinMinGuard
    • MaxLock
    • MyAndroidToolsXposed
    • My Day Off Messenger Xposed
    • Native clipboard
    • Network Speed Indicator
    • No Device Check
    • No Lock Home for 5.x/6.0
    • No Lockscreen Wallpaper
    • NSFW GBoard
    • One-Hand Mode Xposed Mod
    • Obb on SD
    • Pixel Settings (Update for Nougat is released)
    • PerfectColorBar
    • Play store changelog
    • PowerNap
    • Prevent Running
    • QuoteLock
    • Qs X tiles per row
    • Receiver Stop
    • Re-Enable Screenshot
    • RootCloak
    • Screen off animation
    • Smart Network 1.7.1
    • Status bar cleanup
    • Statusbar Download Progress
    • Screenshot Delay Remover - Mod
    • Suggestions Toggle
    • Text Aide
    • TwitterAdFree
    • Tumblr AdAway
    • Unique controls
    • Unrestrictedgettasks
    • WhatsApp extension
    • WiFi Password module
    • XInsta
    • XinternalSd works
    • X Messenger Privacy Premium
    • Xperia Home X (N) - v1.0.0
    • Xposed edge
    • Xposed one tap for Facebook
    • Xposed one tap for YouTube
    • Xposed StatusBar Text
    • XNotifications
    • Xtended Navbar
    • YouTube Adaway
    • YouTube background playback
    • YouTube SwipeToSeek

    Partially Working:

    • Flat style bar indicators: works with signal, wifi, clock, battery being themed
    • Lollistat: module works with some apps
    • Obb on Sd: works perfectly on SD650/SD820; Works partially on SD835).
    • Physical Button Music Control: Some Users reported its working, for some not
    • Snapprefs : SC randomly crash , most of the features don't work BUT saving is okay (via 'Autosave' , not 'save Button')
    • Use USB for marshmallow
    • XGlyph2: runs with the default config - otherwise crash
    • Xui mods

    Not Working:

    • Android o-ify
    • Chrome Selection Patch
    • Coolify
    • Downloads2SD
    • Download redirection
    • Flat Style Colored Bars
    • Flipster
    • Gesture lockscreen
    • Gesture Navigation-Multitouch Gestures
    • Galaxy S8 Navbar
    • Hideable Nav Bar
    • Knockcode lockscreen
    • Lockscreen Album Art Remover
    • Marshmallow SD fix
    • Media notification seek bar
    • Music to Walkman
    • Niwatori - One Handed Mode
    • NotifyClean
    • No volume warning
    • PerAppFonts
    • PMP
    • Scoop
    • Smart network
    • Snapprefs
    • Statusbar Headset Icon
    • Sudohide
    • Xglyph2
    • Xfirewall
    • Xposed Additions
    • Xposed App Settings
    • Xposed one touch video download
    • Xposed torch
    • XPrivacy
    • XLED
    • XInstaller
    • Yourtube+
    Greenify xposed working in latest beta version.. 3.7.1
    (Official xposed) [emoji7]

    List has been updated thank you guys for contribution many many people benefit from this list!!!
    @shrazy please, add this one to the working list.
    I'm finishing the official Blurred System UI (N), and I hope finish and release it till next weekend! Stay tuned!!
    Thanks in advance!
    Gravitybox for nougat
    removed the "gravitybox framework not responding" error on api 24 and 25
    also re-branded the app as gravitybox for nougat

    tested working:
    battery (kind of, don't remove the old one, but systemui tuner does)
    center clock
    you tell me...

    sources for helpers below
    download links for sdk 24 and 25 is the same

    uninstall the old one, otherwise it'll give "Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_DUPLICATE_PERMISSION: Package com.ceco.nougat.gravitybox attempting to redeclare permission gravitybox.permission.UNLOCK already owned by com.ceco.marshmallow.gravitybox]" error


    try now friends

    edit: btw Anyone can try it, maybe your favorite functions still works (mine does)
    edit2: thread to make easier for users to track https://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/porting-gravitybox-nougat-unofficial-t3650550
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