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[UPDATE 1/30/16 | THEME l MOD ] Transparent Widget Skins

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Oct 12, 2010
Yahoo! Sports v5.2.8

Yahoo! Sports updated to version 5.2.8 with transparent widgets, APK attached


  • YahooSports_v5.2.8-trans_wdgt.apk
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Mar 23, 2011
Hi, it might be a stupid request, but would it be possible to get this exact version of this app's widget transparent?


I know its already transparent, but I've noticed that the apps that get altered, the app doesn't request to update on the google play store, and since its always asking, altering it would fix that... The new version took away things I liked about this particular version. If no one is willing to do it, can someone at least explain how to do it myself? Can this even be done? Thanks.

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Oct 12, 2010


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Thebear j koss

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Oct 24, 2012


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Oct 12, 2010
Yahoo! Sports v5.3.5

Yahoo! Sports updated to version 5.3.5 with transparent widgets, APK attached. Expecting a lot of updates in the near future with March Madness now and MLB coming up :/


  • YahooSports_v5.3.5-trans_wdgt.apk
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  • Screenshot-YSports.jpg
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Oct 12, 2010
MLB At Bat v4.1.0

I don't know when it happened, but it looks like 4.1 is the latest, when you have the time! [emoji106]

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Thanks, yea I had seen the update a few days ago, but I couldn't get the APK to re-sign correctly then I forgot about it. Trying again now from my work PC, hopefully it'll work this time.

EDIT: Dammit, they changed something and now there's a blue background that looks like it's in the XML. Digging around now.
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    [UPDATE 06/27/2017 | THEME l MOD ] Transparent Widget Skins

    What this thread is about.
    You attach the .apk that needs the widget transparent. Someone that knows how to make it transparent will take time out of their day to help. You can show your appreciation by pushing "Thanks." This thread is only for widgets and not the whole app.

    If you have a request please post the .APK (no spaces in the file name) of the program along with a screen shot of the widget if possible to help the modders know what to change without installing it, thanks! To find the .apk to attach go here. Another way look here. To make your own transparent widgets look here.

    All credit goes to the people making these widgets transparent.

    Below are the recent ones.
    11/10/17 [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=70658160&postcount=5971"]Yahoo! Sports (Install First)[/URL] 
    [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=74473296&postcount=6018"]THIS ONE[/URL]
    More instructions for [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=68311476&postcount=5950"]Yahoo! Sports[/URL]
    06/27/17 [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=72829635&postcount=6004"]theScore[/URL]
    03/15/17 [URL="https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=71441493&postcount=5974"]Tunein Player[/URL]
    Thanks to those still viewing this thread!!

    In the 2nd post there is a "pending requests" section.


    I have a paid app. Can I still post it?
    Please do not post any paid apps. You may have gotten it free during a promotion but it still costs money. If you do post it and a mod finds out you may receive an infraction.

    How do I install this?
    Uninstall the app on your phone using titanium backup (free in the market) and then install the .apk file you downloaded from here using a file manager.

    How do I post an app that I want transparent here?
    To find the .apk to attach look here

    I installed it but the widget isn't transparent.
    Try changing the theme on your phone as some themes like to override the app so you will always see a background. One other reason is that the widget was only changed for HDPI devices. You may request a MDPI transparent widget.

    I want it in a different text color.
    For text color requests please keep it to black and/or white.

    Why do requests take so long?
    There is no team working on these everyday. The people doing these are just like you and me and take time out of their day to help. Some take minutes to do and some take hours to do. In the end some may be impossible to do. Give us time and eventually someone may get to yours. Thanks for your patience.

    I posted and my post was ignored.
    I read every post and will put requests with the .apk file attached in the 2nd post. If you just post a name or a link to the market I may not put that request in the 2nd post. If I did the requests would be 50+ and never ending as not everyone uses the same apps as you and they don't want to download it. Also, sometimes everyone reading will not know the answer and won't reply. Thanks for understanding.

    I want to help you make widgets transparent.
    Look in the second post. Thanks!

    How To Make Transparent Widgets

    ilangoadigal talks about skinning apps

    tnpapadakos talks about skinning apps

    To learn how to change the text color click

    A guide on how to patch .apk files like Facebook

    When editing XML files use NOTEPAD++

    How to make widget transparent when it is in a .xml file
    Pending requests.
    9/20/17 Habit Bull
    9/24/16 My Prayer
    9/24/16 Eleven


    How To Make Transparent Widgets

    ilangoadigal talks about skinning apps

    tnpapadakos talks about skinning apps

    To learn how to change the text color click

    A guide on how to patch .apk files like Facebook

    Make a widget transparent when it is in the .xml

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    Video Walkthrough

    Video Demonstration/Tutorial
    How to make transparent widgets

    * no sound

    The steps of this tutorial are not new. I am writing them out again mostly in my own words as a companion to the video walkthrough above, so hopefully this can serve as a comprehensive look at the process for anyone looking to learn. The video moves very quickly at times, which is why I've provided timestamps along with the steps below; just pause and rewind if you miss something. I will do a few steps in a little more drawn-out fashion than necessary to illustrate all that is going on. Are there shortcuts, other workarounds? Yes, probably. But this should work for pretty much any widget that is not XML-based (meaning the widget itself is composed of easily editable images rather than hard-coded). Text colors and some other parts of certain widgets are in the XML files and require more complicated steps to edit.

    I chose ESPN ScoreCenter (version 2.3.0) as the example apk because it has two widgets: a scoreboard widget that uses a regular .png as the background, and a video widget that uses a .9.png file as the background. So I'll demonstrate both ways you might interact with these image files, and the end result -- an installable ScoreCenter apk with transparent widgets -- will be attached at the bottom of this post, along with the original unedited apk for the sake of comparison... before/after screenshots also.

    • You have installed 7-zip.
    • You have installed image editing software. Some free alternatives to Photoshop are GIMP and Paint.NET.
    • You have installed the Android SDK. This is where we get the draw9patch tool needed for working with .9.png's.
    • You have installed the APK Multi-tool. Go through the set-up process to create the necessary folders: place-apk-here-for-modding, place-apk-here-for-signing, place-apk-here-to-batch-optimize, place-ogg-here, and projects.

    Step 1 - Extracting the apk (Timestamp - start)
    • Transfer the apk from your phone to your computer. It is most likely located in the data/app folder.

    Step 2 - Extracting the all-important res folder (Timestamp - 0:07)
    • Open the apk with 7-zip. Do not extract the entire contents.
    • You will see a folder called res. Drag that folder onto your desktop.

    Step 3 - Locating the necessary widget image files (Timestamp - 0:20)
    • Inside the res folder, there may be several drawable folders for various display types. In some cases, the base drawable folder will contain the widget background; in others, you might find it in drawable-hdpi or whatever display type your device is.
    • Locate the widget background image, it hopefully will be named something like "widget_bg.png". Look closely at the file type (if it has a .9 extension), as the next step depends on what type of image you are editing.

    Step 4A - Editing a regular .png file (Timestamp - 0:30)
    • Open the image with your image editor. Edit it as needed; for full transparency, simply select all and delete.
    • Save the file in the same format and do not change the file name.

    Step 4B - Editing a .9.png file (Timestamp - 0:59)
    • Delete the .9 from the file name (ie. change "video_widget_bg.9.png" to "video_widget_bg.png").
    • Open the image with your image editor. Edit it as needed; for full transparency, simply select all and delete.
    • Save the file in the same format (now a regular .png file) and do not change the file name.
    • Open "draw9patch.bat" in the Android SDK (located in ... android-sdk/tools). Drag and drop the image onto the workspace. No editing is required with transparent backgrounds. Simply select File --> Save 9-patch, and maintain the original file name, the tool will add the .9.png extension to the file name. Make sure to delete the original file you renamed.

    NOTE: There may also be other parts of the widget (logos, arrows, dividers, frames, landscape-view images, etc) that you might need to edit at this point in the process. You can follow the same steps with these images, whether changing the colors or making them transparent as well. In the final apk below, the arrows and logos have been edited here (not shown in video).

    Step 5 - Merging your edited images into the apk (Timestamp - 2:15)
    • Drag the res folder containing your modified images into the apk while open in 7-zip. Select "Yes" when prompted about overwriting the existing files.

    Step 6 - Using the APK Multi-tool (Timestamp - 2:26)
    • Move the modified apk file into the place-apk-here-for-modding folder in the APK Multi-tool.
    • Run "Script.bat".
    • Choose Option 24 - Set current project, and select your apk from the list. (This option might be #23 or 25 depending on the version of APK Multi-tool you are using.)
    • Choose Option 1 - Extract apk
    • Choose Option 3 - Zip apk
    • Choose Sub-Option 2 - Zip as regular apk ... IF you are editing a system app, choose Sub-Option 1.
    • Choose Option 4 - Sign apk ... IF you are editing a system app, skip this step.

    You should now have a signed version of the apk in the place-apk-here-for-modding folder. Transfer it to your phone and install, or install using the APK Multi-tool if you have ADB enabled. Enjoy your new app with a slick looking transparent widget! :highfive:

    Once you've installed, please share your apk here in the thread so others can enjoy your work! I assume that HDPI is currently the dominant display type, and that MDPI is decreasing as XHDPI increases. Regardless of that, you can do a service to your fellow XDA members when posting your apps by doing the transparency process for the common MDPI, HDPI, and XHDPI displays (where relevant, certain apps pull the images from the same "drawable" folder and require no further digging into the different display types). Not required, but definitely appreciated.

    • rushco for creating this thread and maintaining it so diligently
    • ilangoadigal for this tutorial which helped me and many others
    • tnpapadakos for this tutorial which helped me and many others
    • Daneshm90, brut.all, JF, farmatito, Raziel23x,and everyone else involved with the APK Manager/Multi-Tool projects
    • My fellow XDA members from whom I learned a great deal, whether through their helpful posts or from poking around in apk's they created to see what was going on

    Related Links for the more ambitious folks
    • This video tutorial by SuperViper75 is a very good (and a bit long) explanation of how to work with .9.png's.
    • This .9.png walk-through by damnitpud is a very good companion to the video above.
    • An explanation of draw9patch from the Android Dev Guide
    K-Z Transparent Apps

    Old outdated Transparent Widgets moved to here http://pastebin.com/X40vftVM
    Google Play Music v4.3.606

    Google Play Music just had an update. Can anyone make a quick mod on the widget? Thanks

    via xda app

    yep, here's an updated version of Google Play Music, version 4.3.606.

    it is unsigned, so it needs to be moved to system/app, replacing the original apk. rename to "Music.apk", set the permissions to rw- r-- r--, and reboot. enjoy.