[UPDATE][10 Nov 2008] TouchLaunch! Partly rewritten, multilingual(NET2.0&3.5)

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Sep 12, 2007
[UPDATE][10 Nov 2008] TouchLaunch! Partly rewritten, multilingual(NET2.0&3.5)

IMPORTANT! A web admin(s) needed for Touch-Innovation: look this thread

TouchLaunch is finger friendly application launcher, which scans startmenu shortcuts, and list them alphabetically.

-finger friendly scroll function
-quick alphabet shortcuts, either letterbar on screen edge, or abcgrid(similar to iContact )
-you can use todays' background image as this launcher's background
-supports custom icons with alphablending
-you can categorize shortcuts in categories
-finger gestures to move through categories,
left and right sweeps changes category
-multilanguage( English, Finnish, Dutch(partial), more http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=437773&page=1#2 )
-lots of customization options


Change log:
[][10 Nov 2008]
+multilingual( english, finnish, dutch(partial) ), if you make your own language file, make sure it's UTF-8
+new skinning engine, same skinfile for all resolutions
+new settings file format
+faster and takes less memory
+two alpha blending simulation modes
+icons renders correctly on vga devices
+works "out of box" with VGA, QVGA and WQVGA(e.c. Omnia)

Known bugs:
-unfortunately old skins aren't supported anymore
-doesn't work correctly on landscape mode,
may crash
-Category names aren't localizised
-on squarescreen icons may render incorrectly

[][31 Oct 2008]
+support png icons with alphaLayers
+many Context Menu improvements, scroll if all the items can't fit on the screen
+Rearrenged optionDialog with folded/unfolded categories
+a brand new mainmenu
+menu background is darkened version of programs background image
+option whether it needs a tap or doubletap to launch programs
+Help menu, please read them before posting question to TouchLaunch's thread at Xda-Developers

[][29 Oct 2008]
+it's .NET 2.0 binary, so it should work for everybody
+many bugs fixed again
+list scrolling/touching improvements, no more accidental launches
+new about dialog added, has links to this thread, and also donation button
+new contextMenu, better looking and more fingerfriendly
+you can click and hold on listItem, and a contextmenu appear
+VGA skin included

[][27 Oct 2008]
+Icon caching ( program starts in 4-5 secs, depended on amount of your shortcuts, first start takes about 10 secs )
+New Option dialog ( not polished, but fully functionable )
+AlphabetGrid can be modified in Option dialog
+"Start in certain category" in Option dialog

[][22 Oct 2008]
+starting with emptylist bug fixed

[][21 Oct 2008]
+Alphabet Grid ( kind of "similar" as in Icontact ) see screenshots on second post
+option to use only custom folder ( look in the settings.xml! )
+ability to start with certain category ( look in the settings.xml! )

[][20 Oct 2008]
+customfolder bug fixed, custom folder directory doesn't need to exists
+freezin on exit bug fixed
+few graphical glitches repaired
+applications names can be drawed with shadow,
makes text look softer or sharpen

[0.0.4][20 Oct 2008]
+icon support ( iconpacks )
+custom support
+shortcut categories
+replace folderview.exe function ( and also undo function :) )
+lot of bugs fixed
+skin change is much much faster
+customfolder support, for addionatiol shortcuts
+sweep gestures for chancing category

[0.0.3][10 Oct 2008]
+you can use your today's screen background as this program's background
+ability to choose whether minimize or terminate on exit
+automatic closing ( either minimize or exit on closing )
+it's minimizes correctly, so you can leave it on running background
+should work on all different language roms!

[0.0.2][7 Oct 2008]
+Skin changer
+Better skinning support
+You can use bitmaps as list item highlight
+6 premade skins
+closeAfterLaunch feature

[0.0.1][6 Oct 2008]

Known "bugs":
-if you use .net2.0 version from zipfile, rename TouchLaunchNET2.exe to TouchLaunch.exe to get Replace folderview function to work.
-using today's background causes crash sometimes

.NET CF 2.0
wm6 ( might work with wm5 )

Download and install the cab file or download the zip file, extract it to any
folder on your ppc and run the exe file.
Uninstall previous version and then delete program folder it was installed, first.

Making new skins you can look example from premade skins in the skin
folder at installation folder. Adding new just copy your skin xml file
in the skins folder.

Custom icons can be added to iconpacks folder, just make a subfolder
with your favourite icons. Name them similar to shortcuts.
Example: Active Sync.lnk needs Active Sync.png ( or .jpg, .gif etc ) bitmap file.

Categories can be added by creating a empty file in the catogories subdir. And removed by deleting certain category file.

-appToDate support
-bug fixes
-landscape support
-performance tweaking
-optimizing memory usage

Feel free comment, and give me more ideas!
I'm doing this on my free time so:
If like it, you can always donate me few beers to keep me motivated :)

Thanks to gingercat and dosfan for exellent work on KListControl!

Thanks to skinmakers!
Other's skins included in package:
Manila 2D Blue ( by shadowmike )
Diamond ( by Azimuth21 )
DiamondVGA ( by Mr Gee )
and thanks bluemetalaxe for icons!
and thanks groofoo for dutch translation.

Also available: http://www.touch-innovation.com/details-242-3/


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Sep 12, 2007
Extra Skins

Azimuth21's Diamond skin


  • DiamondBlackBG_DiamondWhiteBG.JPG
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  • DiamondSkins0.0.4.9.zip
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Sep 12, 2007
Ram usage depends on theme, the current theme on screenshots takes 597 kb... not hundreds of megs :D


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Dec 30, 2007
Photoshop CS3
okay cool.
im going to be using my background from my today screen so it should be pretty good.

im glad you have an option to replace folderview.
i had to do a hard way(using vjbrisk)


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Jul 20, 2008
nice with low ram :) like diamond and i can change icons.thx all:)
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Aug 6, 2007
Nice update. Takes a few seconds to load up on the HTC touch but other than that works pretty good. The quick keyboard like icontact would be sweet but i guess everything takes time. So far so good.


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Dec 11, 2006
San Jose, CA
I think you're using an old version of the Diamond skin; I posted an updated one here, using a background and some tweaks. Adapted it quickly to 0.0.4; might be some bugs.


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Sep 30, 2008
Nice... I love the UI more and more but I noticed the start-up time is longer. Prolly more processing/resource to load the icons, huh? On the other hand, I encountered an error.

When I close the application using the "CLOSE" button on the lower left with selected "Exit" and not "Minimize", I get an error of:

An unexpected error has occured in TouchLaunch.exe.
Select Quit and then restart the program, or select Details for more information.

Error reading catergory file: Favorites

If I select the X on the upper right, the application closes without any error.

Thanks a lot...


Jun 26, 2008
Slick n Sweet

Nice job - sure love these sweet XDA toys. Love the idea of adding the icons and sub-categories and gestures. Your a genius.

Minor bug though - when installed on my memory card i get the error that ":\Program Files\TouchLaunch\custom" does not exist. The full path for this directory is :\Storage Card\Program Files\TouchLaunch\custom. Last version 0.3 worked fine on memory card.

Works fine when I install program to main memory though.

Also hard to see the icon - do you like this one I made for you??


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Jul 12, 2007
Minor bug though - when installed on my memory card i get the error that ":\Program Files\TouchLaunch\custom" does not exist. The full path for this directory is :\Storage Card\Program Files\TouchLaunch\custom. Last version 0.3 worked fine on memory card.

This bug also occurs with an german rom, because the path is, even if you install it on Main Memory, "\Programme\TouchLauch\custom"... you have to use the following .net-code:

using System.Collections;
string ApplicationPathwithExe = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().CodeBase;

string ApplicationPath = Path.GetDirectoryName(ApplicationPathwithExe);


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Jan 2, 2007
A temporary fix for memory card problem:
Just make a directory "TouchLaunch" in program files and put the "Custom" folder there. It works fine for me and it doesn't take a lot space. I think that similar solution can work and for other language roms(need to make and "Program files" dir too).

I have and another problem:
The "Use today's Background" option leads to an error: File not found exception.