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[UPDATE - 17/5/15]Smartwatch 2 host app hack[V 0.5.3]

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Feb 8, 2015
About the Tasker

Tasker - Smart Notifier is very useful but... it is not exactly what I want.
I'll try to explain. We need just a widget or watchface that shows us any information from Tasker without any(vibration of the watch) something like canvas for pebblewatch.
I can send any information to watch.
we need a widget that will show any information from tasker
var DFG = "Hello XDA" and this var I want to send to my watch's widget without any vibration. just for example)
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Nov 18, 2013

I have question

Is there anyway to make compass work again on sony smartwatch 2? Maybe hacking? Because this is app (compass for smartwatch 2) seems to work but sony remove magnetic sensor support

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Jan 4, 2012
Guys, i cant install smart connect mod and smart watch 2 host mod,
my phone is XZ2, n i had rooted.
Smart Connect is my system app,
even i use TB to uninstall it, i still cant install the mod.
Anyone know how ?


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Dec 8, 2021
All you guys are renewing and updating their cell phones and watches. unfortunately I broke mine so Ive downgraded to samsung j5 Pro Android 9.
Ive installed the newest update which I downloaded here. But still it's asking for an update and there's nothing I can do about it. Some of the main apps cannot be installed. I take a screenshot and also the results from Google Play.
Please help me and tell me what I can do.
Thank you


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    Hi all xda members :)
    This is a my personal hack of the sony sw2 host at the moment this app do this things:

    1. Ability of placing overdarwed widget.
    2. Chnage watch face trought tasker or other program like it.
    3. Navigating from watchfaces directly from your current watch face(only if you install and configure sw2 multi watchface extension) Idea by @AlexOB1.

    I hope that with time the features increase :)


    How to update:

    -Uninstall Smartwatch 2 host app
    -Download "sw2-host-app.apk" attached below.
    -Install the apk
    -Go to setting -> bluettoth -> smartwatch 2 -> unpair
    -From the smartwatch go to settings -> bluetooth -> Make visible for pairing
    -Repair your smartwatch 2
    -Open smart connect
    -Have fun :D

    How to install:

    -Uninstall Smartwatch 2 host app + Smart connect (becouse smart connect check the certificate of smartwatch 2 app)
    -Download "smart_connect_mod.apk" + "sw2-host-app.apk" attached below.
    -Install the two apks
    -Go to setting -> bluettoth -> smartwatch 2 -> unpair
    -From the smartwatch go to settings -> bluetooth -> Make visible for pairing
    -Repair your smartwatch 2
    -Open smart connect
    -Have fun :D

    How to return to original :

    -Uninstall Smartwatch 2 host app + Smart connect
    -Reinstall from play store
    -Go to setting -> bluettoth -> smartwatch 2 -> unpair
    -From the smartwatch go to settings -> bluetooth -> Make visible for pairing
    -Repair your smartwatch 2
    -Open smart connect

    Tasker Configuration Tutorial.

    1)Open tasker and go into "TASKS" tab.
    2)Click on the "+" button(placed at bottom right of the screen) and insert a label for your task.
    3)Now whill open a new windows,now hit on the plus placed on bottom of the screen.
    4)Select "System".
    5)Select "Send Intent".
    6)Now on "Action" write "com.smartwatch2.manu.ACTION"(Whitout semicolons).
    7)On extra you can write:
    • "CLEAR_WATCHFACES:1" for remove alle the watchface from the watch
    • "SET_WATCHFACE:watchface_name" for add a new watchface to the watch.
    • "RM_WATCHFACE:watchface_name" for remove the watchface from the watch
    8)Scrol down and on Target select Broadcast Receiver.
    8)Save it and test :).


    V 0.1
    1. -Added the ability to overdraw the widget.

    V 0.2
    1. -Added the posibility of changing watchface over broadcast intet.
      code example:
      Intent i = new Intent("com.zeus.sw2.hack.FILTER");
      i.putExtra("name","watch face name");

    V 0.3
    1. Now the watchface editor is 17x5(this new layout for me provide a better widget positioning, but if you dislike report to me and i will return to stock layout).
    2. Added Multi Watchface extension support.

    V 0.4 [Same apk of post #216]
    1. -Fixed the multifatchwace issues (i hope..)
    2. -Added the posibility of toggle debugmode whit a broadcast intent (do this only if you want study the sw2 core).
      code example:
      Intent i = new Intent("com.zeus.sw2.hack.FILTER");
      Intent i = new Intent("com.zeus.sw2.hack.FILTER");

    V 0.5 [BETA]
    • Rebase on vesrion 1.6.22
    • Removed all the tweaks introduced after version 0.1(Please be patient an update will come shortly).

    V 0.5b
    • Rebase on vesrion 1.6.23

    V 0.5.1
    • Add a new voice in the main menu (Sw2 tweeks)
    • Now the watchface grid is user customizable from 5x5 to 10x10
      [*]N.B If you change the grid layout of watchface and then you change a watchface already created in the past it will not have the new layout.

    V 0.5.2
    • Added the ability to configure 3 watchfaces that will be set when the jack is pluged.
    • Readded the tasker support. Check the tasker tutorial for all the details

    V 0.5.3
    • Rebase on last playstore vesrion (1.6.31)
    • New preference activity

    Any suggestions for improve this mod are welcome :D

    If you like my work you can donete through this :)

    For people using Xposed framework on their phones, I packaged manu0466's patch as a Xposed module.
    No need to install any patched versions of Sony's apps, it works with the standard apps from Google Play.

    Install the provided APK, activate the module in the Xposed installer and reboot your phone.

    It's working perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the 2 last versions of the watch software.

    Hi guys sorry for my absence but in the last 3 months i have abandoned this project, today i have saw the update for the smartwatch and for this night i will try to release a version with at least the possibility to overdraw the watchface widget
    New Update released

    Plese!! hack the new update.
    Here it is!!
    Download from here and see the instruction below:

    For clean install see : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=52291556&postcount=1&nocache=1&z=2602135545248568

    For just update see : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=52534591&postcount=99&nocache=1&z=4461223538400695

    if you want offer me a bear

    Sorry for the wait but at this time I am very busy.
    Attached below there is the mod of the lastest sartwatch host app.
    How to update :
    Uninstall smartwatch 2 host app.
    Unpair smartwatch 2 & make the watch visible for pairing.
    Install the upadate.
    Pair the watch.