[Update 24/5/2022][Official][Full One Ui 4.1 From Latest A51] LegendaryPixieOS 4.1 For Galaxy M21

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Mar 24, 2023
Hmm, it's giving me "Failed to mount /vendor, /product and /odm (Invalid argument)" errors.
I had to format system because it wouldn't mount with the error "failed to mount /system_root", and now I have no clue whether to continue or not.
I got into a bootloop after flashing a GSI, so I'm guessing I have to flash back stock A12 ROM?


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Apr 13, 2023
Link isn't working please fix 😓
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Mar 8, 2013
I have added you to the conversation
You can find the link for the rom there
I have also given the installation steps but in case if anything goes wrong please feel free to ask about the problem.
I would try to provide a solution reply as fast as possible.
Hope this helps @xhicae
Can you send me the link please?
Thank you very much =)


New member
May 6, 2023
install several times according to instruction, in twrp written (all done), but when i reboot phone, it have bootloop. Is it just me?
Mar 27, 2023
Samsung Galaxy M21
i have added you to the convo
you can download the file from there
installation instructions are also given
but still if you face any kind of problem please feel free to tag me and write it in the conversation itself
i would be there help.
Will Legendarypixieos get update !?
And what android security patch is available in LPOS reborn v2.
Had you tried tukirom v1.2
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May 23, 2022
Will Legendarypixieos get update !?
And what android security patch is available in LPOS reborn v2.
Had you tried tukirom v1.2
LPOS has already recieved its last update and is currently extremly stable
i saw the telegram channel for tuki rom and it has bugs
i wont try it unless the common daily driver features like camera ,calling and battery life along with proccesor thermals is fixed
soo as per my experience lpos reborn is currently more stable and performance expectable
tuki rom can indeed surpass lpos as it is android 13 with latest patch
but its gonna take a lot of development for that
the thermal throtling
the battery
the feature stability
and calling quality the camera quality(lpos seemed way better in camera quality as compared to stock)
as per my experience from installing tons of different roms including aosp based and one ui based
i wont turn over to tuki rom unless and until its imp and main features are stabilized and patched
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    Update 1:
    1 January 2022 Security Patch Update
    Better Picture And HDR Processing
    100% Camera Quality Instead Of 95%
    Faster Performance Without Special Kernel
    All Goodlock Modules Included (Located In /system_root/system/GoodlockModules Or /system/GoodlockModules
    More Build.prop Tweaks
    Add Bixby Vision
    Add More Features

    Update 2:
    Add Fun Mode
    Faster Performance
    Add Google Fonty
    Add S21 Fingerprint Animations (Thanks @soulr344 )
    Add Android Auto
    Update Samsung Free Apps

    Update 3:
    Improve Performance
    Radio Crash,Fix Soon
    Add New Call Background Preloaded
    Single Take Can Be Detect More Objects
    Knox Remove So Secret Mode In Samsung Internet Works

    Update 4:
    1.Voice Recorder Preloaded For Who Need It But It Not Impact Performance
    2.Voice Recorder And Radio Fix In M21
    3.(M31s,F41,M31 Only)
    Full Features Pro Video
    4.Your Phone Apps Remove, Install Your Phone Companion App From Play Store To use Link To Windows
    5.Better Performance From More Debloated
    6.Improved Stablity
    7.GoodLock App Pre-install (Not Impact Performance)
    8.Initial Galaxy F41 Builds

    Update 5:
    1.Better Performance And Networking
    2.Add New Camera Features (Quick Reviews)
    3.Network And Graphics Throttling Fix
    4.GameOptimizingServices Remove
    5.Faster Google Discover Open
    6.Battery Is Little Bit More Drain But Fix After Turn Power Saving On (For Performance)
    7.Dialer Crash And Blocking Messages/Call Are Fix

    Update 6:
    1.Full Features Link To Windows (Open App On PC,Call On PC)
    2.Fix Camera Failed When Apply Video Filters
    3.Improved Wifi Scan
    4.Fix Camera In M21
    5.Use 3.6 As Base Again To Prevent Bug And More Smooth

    Update 7:
    One UI 4.1 Update

    Update 8:
    Fix Pro Mode On M21
    Fix Face Scan Animation
    Add Voice Recorder Features

    Update 9:
    Added Extra Dim
    Added Additional Fonts
    Improved App Opening Performance
    Improved Battery Life


    Bixby Voice

    Bixby Routines

    Samsung Free And Google Discover

    All Goodlock Modules Working!

    Full Features Link To Windows

    Link Sharing

    Full Features Screen Recorder And Screen Capture

    Full Soundalive

    Music Share

    Quick Share

    Call And Text On Other Devices

    Continue App On Other Devices

    Wifi Calling (Yeah it exist in stock also)

    Fun Mode On Camera

    More Single Take Detection Features

    Quick Review

    Switch Lens While Recording Video

    S21 Fingerprint Animations

    Super Fast Charging Animations When Phone Power Off And Plug in Charger


    Select Processing Speed in Panel

    Debloated But Keep Main Features

    Low Memory/Ram Usage! (For Me It Use 2.5gb of 6gb)

    How To Install:

    Download zip

    Flash zip in recovery

    Flash Magisk (Required)

    Go to wipe > advanced wipe > data then wipe to keep file in internal storage or format data if you dont want to keep





    @BlassGO For Installer

    @neel0210 For Kernel i use

    For Build.prop tweaks

    Kernel Sources


    *I Wont Accept Any Donations Since I'm Kids And Making Rom Is My Hobby
    Thats whats great about Flylarb dev, he doesnt accept donations but he still building ROMs n stuff..Great job (y)
    My Hobby Tho
    Device: M215F
    ROM Version: 3.3

    Using this rom from last one week, so far the experience is good. The rom is very smooth and no crashes at all, the rom is full of lot of flagship features which are not part of M21's stock rom. WIFI Calling, Link to Windows, Dual Messenger, AppLock access and other stuff are working perfectly and top of that It comes with the latest security patch which is a great thing. WIFI, and Bluetooth audio is working flawlessly. The UI is smooth and fast as much as stock experience.

    Comparing battery backup of this rom with stock is not justice. However, one full recharge gives you upto 24 to 42 hours of good backup, where WIFI was active all the time and use WhatsApp, EMail, Telegram and other texting applications. :)

    The Only thing I was missing in this rom was the Samsung's built-in "Manage App Data" feature but I believe it has been removed by Samsung itself in Android 11. Still, one should definitely give it a try to experience the joy of a good custom rom.
    Dear @Flylarb you did a great job!! (y)
    Hmm, looks yummy (love the : Faster Performance Without Special Kernel, part !) many thx for your hard work sir, i've flashed a custom rom / kernel, albite boosting performance, the kernel changed my device name to m21 shark.. something, which is inconvenient, cuz i cant re-install some native apps like smarthing..

    Do i need to re-flash vanilla rom before i proceed with your rom, or do i just follow your instructions ?

    Also, a big yesssss to future updates, i dont mind bying you some beers, for them.
    some debloated version, would be definitely appreciated. i have the 4gb ram version.
    No Need To Flash Vanilla Rom Before
    Just flash it in recovery (follow instructions)
    It have less ram usage a little bit but i will improve performance without debloat too much
    Do I need to use reparation.zip before installing this rom @Flylarb