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[Update 3] ROM:GRI40 (2.3.3) Stock + De-odexed + Rooted + Busybox + Insecure boot

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Nov 20, 2010
Big thumbs up !

so far, no issues whatsoever. and biggest benefit so far compared to all other roms i have tried in the last 6 months, touchscreen is more responsive and precise than ever.

only thing i miss from cyanogen is trackball wake and moving apps to sd more effeciently.
great work,


Retired Senior Moderator
Jul 13, 2008
It is almost pointless using any ROM without Track Ball Awake on Nexus... I have tried your ROM and it worked fine but without TBA it is not useful for me...


This is a stock ROM and, with 2.3.3, Trackball wake is no longer possible.

The issue has been reported to Google here

If you'd like to wake the phone with something other than the power button, you can still use WidgetLocker (or similar) and use the volume keys, or go download a custom ROM


Senior Member
Mar 9, 2009
TBA for this ota hasnt been worked out yet but im sure it wont be long. some are having luck with patching track all alert go into menu/pach/smali patch/ Android 2.3 k:)

Just use the app called light flow works like a charm and you don't need to patch anything. it uses accessibility future, clever Idea you don't even need root.:D


Senior Member
Apr 2, 2010
Hi craigacgomez...

Thanks for the ROM, it's gr8 but I have some problems with it:
1. I can't find (after update3) the facebook, twitter, amazon apps in the titanium app to remove, I don't know where they are :)

2. I have a localized keyboard in a zip file which I flash, but I can't get it to work, it's a stock keyboard of GB with Hebrew support, have any idea how to do it? or if I'll send it to you could you include it in the next build???
(it worked in your previous build)

Thanks in advance...


Senior Member
Jun 4, 2007
I've been using this ROM with no problems at all, it is fast and responsive, thanks to @craigacgomez!!!

Today I got an update to maps, I was so happy to have maps app reduced to 3 MB, now with the update, it has came back to 9+ MB... is there a chance you could stuff this update into the ROM?

Thanks in advance!

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    Well, this started of as a very basic attempt to de-odex and root the Gingerbread GRI40 ROM... was pulled together in 10 to 15 mins... but I've refined it and cleaned out some kinks... so here are the specifics...

    NOTE: The main idea behind this ROM is "stock". I do not intend to divert from this, and quite frankly, I don't have much time to. You are free to use this as a base to mod it to your liking.

    1. Completely stock, based on the GRI40 (Android 2.3.3) system dump (thanks dsixda, Google)
    2. De-odexed using the latest smali/baksmali 1.2.6 (thanks JF).
    3. Rooted with SU app (thanks chainsdd).
    4. Busybox 1.18.3 (thanks stericson) with symlinks.
    5. Insecure boot with adb remount capabilities (you need to flash the separate GB-GRI40-Stock-Kernel-Insecure-signed.zip)
    6. Signed update zips.
    7. Updated market apps which are part of the dump (Twitter, Google Books, Google Goggles, Superuser, Facebook, AmazonMP3, GMail)
    8. Market 2.3.3
    9. Separate Minimal Build without Market Apps.

    The updated Update2Fix 1 version now includes the insecure boot image by default... (i.e. ro.secure=0)... so now adb remount works.. and adb shell works as root/su.

    The updated Update2Fix 1 version also fixes the issue with the Terminal app FC.

    Update 3 now fixes the Google Service Framework FC and the Network Location issue... GPS & WiFi location now works great...

    And as always, use this at your own risk...

    FYI, the updated version can be flashed over the legacy versions without a wipe.

    1. Flash HBoot 0.35.0017 (http://www.mediafire.com/?q3rcfc6l4r9no8d, link by dsixda)
    fastboot flash hboot hboot.img
    2. Flash Radio (http://www.mediafire.com/?rgarixj28mbmhej, link by dsixda)
    fastboot flash radio radio.img
    3. Flash one of the ROM zips below using Amon RA or Clockwork recovery.

    If you have issues, please try the following steps...
    1. Try rebooting
    2. Try fix_permissions
    3. Try cleaning dalvik-cache
    4. Try cleaning data & .androidsecure
    5. Try factory reset/wipe
    6. If issues persist, post a logcat and I'll do my best to help you.

    Download (Full):

    Filename = NExUS1-GB-GRI40-StockRootedBusyboxInsecure-Full-Update3.zip
    MD5Sum = 6f58e489415de8100501589b909c0b3f

    Download (Minimal/No market apps version):

    Filename = NExUS1-GB-GRI40-StockRootedBusyboxInsecure-Minimal-Update3.zip
    MD5Sum = 71845eb9fbc6680fb2d5b94a240d6a85

    NOTE: App2SD (Ext version) will not work on this ROM. I will create an updated boot image which will support this.
    You beat me to it :p I was having trouble deodexing it. Getting errors like crazy. Oh well nice work.

    Are you using the latest smali/baksmali 1.2.6?? JF updated it for gingerbread...
    By chance can you post some MD5Sum's for the Rom. Just don't want to chance having a corrupted file. Thanks.

    Done... see the original post

    BTW... updated version coming soon...

    Created update zip for insecure boot image... (i.e. ro.secure=0)... so now adb remount works.. and adb shell works as root/su.

    This can be used with any GRI40 ROM with the stock kernel... like dsixda's stock and stock de-odexed ROMs, Geo411m's stock deodexed OTA ROM...

    See first post for links...
    which link did you download ...seems there are three?? can somen please link me to a rooted version of this stock android 2.3.3 please...thanks

    You need to have HBoot and radio updated first.

    Download (Recommended):