[Update 6-07]HTC Hero ROM for Magic by Fatal1ty

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May 19, 2009
Hi guys,
this is a fully working Hero rom for vodafone's Magic (I think that someone has posted a version for the HTC branded).
The porting has been made by me, with a cooperation of nk02...

Here is a trick for those who want performance, and want to come back to other rom, before doing this just try this:

settings-->applications-->manage-->touchflo-->clear defaults
than the first time you press home it ask you wich home you want to chose, check use always this option, and press Home (not touchflow), and there you have, a speedy rom with the good things of Sense (except for the widgets, but you won't get them in other roms anyway :D)

Version 1.4:

!!! Delete your swapinfo.txt from the sdcard before flashing !!!


-Removed some stuff from etc
-Optimized widgets (thanks to Drizzy Drake Rogers )
-Fixed sms bug (thanks to Horrorwolf)
-included Hero look on google Home

Hero taste on Google Home:

For those who requested an hero look on the google home screen here it is :D

push it into data/app_s with following command:
adb push /pathtoFile/Launcher.apk /data/app_s/

I'm doing my best to satisfy all your request :D

Version 1.3



-AudioPara4.csv from rogers rom
-Voice Dialer included
-Deleted Htc sync tool
-Used jerpelea Rosie.apk (thanks for it, it's smaller, and let you save more than 3MB)
-New version of swap application, now it let you set the swappiness,it's the 3rd parameter in swapinfo.txt ( by default it's setted to 20), first time it ask root permission tap always allow, if it says that the application it's not responding just hit wait, and everything will go ok! :D
I found this rom much more usable with touchFlow
I'm going to insert the link, just wait at least 50 min from now to download it, cause I'll live it in upload :D
thanks to Andrea from androidiani.com

I want to remember everyone that swapping on an sdcard can reduce its lifetime, so do it at your own risk :D

Version 1.2:


-mp3 problem fixed
-set speed at 528 MHz ( no more Overclock widget/setCpu needed)
-Audio at normal level
-busybox fully working (solving swapper issue)
-Root "should" be fixed
-not well fixed(Audio fixed (it was loud))
-Clock fixed (thanks for the advice to Crios)
-Music Player Fixed
-KeyMap fixed

Rename it in update.zip
copy to sd
reboot (pressing home+power)
apply update

I don't have much free time, so I'm trying to do changes step by step :p

-let me know for other bugs discovered-
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Dec 12, 2008
the music worked for me once than it cut out thank u sooo much n nk02
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Oct 25, 2007
Thank you lol i jsut saw that right now after hitting submit.
Is it slow and laggy ?
Is it as good as the Rogers Rom