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    hi guys,

    so finally the update for european devices is available.
    normally the update runs automatically but my fold is rooted and due to that it will not update.

    how is the procedure to update and keep my root and my personal data?

    thanks in advance
    What about new updates after rooting? Will they be installed automatically or just downloaded the same why, or do we have to go fishing?
    As you are rooted, you will NOT receive OTA updates. You will need to Download the firmware, patch the AP file on phone with Magisk and flash the entire firmware in ODIN (using the Patched AP file)...
    This has been stated multiple times...
    If you did get n OTA update it would cause problems as it would most definitely unroot your phone...

    nobody out there with rooted device and the intention to update???
    Grab your latest firmware , get the AP file and patch it with your magisk app
    Then Odin flash the full firmware , using the AP magisk patchfile @ AP Tab
    Use CSC_HOME file @ CSC Tab ( to keep all your data and actual setup )
    Done > Updated with root + data + setup
    hi. thank you for your quick reply.

    so i only need to flash the patched AP and the csc file?

    from where i get the home csc file?
    You need to flash the full firmware via Odin ( 4 files ) , as I wrote in my previous post
    So, Have you ever used Odin before ?
    it worked. thank you so much