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Update available h81110n

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    Hey MicroMod so should we restore everything to stock take the update then use your one click twrp again or is there a way to keep twrp on and update it? Thanks I'm kind of confused how to take the update
    I'll make a flashable update.

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    My wife begs to differ, but that's another issue entirely....
    So. I've had a complete day with my h811/10n.

    Here's the list of changes I've noticed so far other than the obvious ones like slo-mo relocation.

    1) My screen is a bit more warm than it was before. And I actually like it more now.

    2) Phone is not overheating at all.

    3) Touchscreen is as responsive as any other flagship now. I've tested it every way I could've and I can 100% confirm that I've had no swipes registered as taps, no missed touches, not a single one. I've also tested the display with my phone lying on a soft tissue box and it works and registers every touch, it didn't used to before. So here's the official gold news. Lg g4 has a great and 100% perfect Touchscreen panel.

    4) Battery life seems to have taken no change at all in my experience although I'm still on my second charge after the update.

    5) Every thing seems a tad bit smoother but still, the app drawer is not as smooth as I would like it to be. The home lau cher is still a bit choppy though, but using nova after update is better than nova before the update, the swipes were smooth but a little bit delayed which is gone now.

    6)But lg keyboard seems to be working better. I use Google keyboard anyway.

    So, I'm really happy with the update. The most important thing for me was if the Touchscreen is better as I was afraid deep down that this might be a hardware issue and with other people reporting it as sorted, I still had my doubts it'd be placebos. So so happy to have a perfect Touchscreen now. Congratulations all the tmo g4 owners.
    Sweet. Downloading now.

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    Sir, I gotta Thank-you for the work that you have done for this phone.
    Thank-you for being the only Dev too and I hope you will continue to
    Maintain for a while or as long as you can. Your work hasn't gone unnoticed.
    Pre rooted system image of 10N


    I made it myself. Works well. This is for this who can't successfully run the "One Click Flash TWRP."

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