Update BLN-L22C675 from EMUI 5.X.X to EMUI 8.0 (with VOLTE)- Noob Friendly

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Jul 23, 2014
Hi people

I have a Honor 6x Bln-l24 and I debrand to bln-l22C675B510. I don't get LTE (Band 7 - 2600) and neither recogneize SIM Chip. For a while the SIM Chip is recognize and I can do a phone call or access HSPA+ network, and after a little time, the sinal is missing. Like I said, I nerver get LTE. I liked Oreo so much and I don't want go back to Nougat.

What's wrong?

Can anyone help me?



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Feb 6, 2021
hello I am having issues on sim card as well I debranded may bll-l22 to bln as a requirement to update to oreo. now i roll back to 4.1 to check if this will fix the issue but it still persist can someone guide me to fix this thanks


Feb 22, 2021
Hello, I was wondering if we can use dload method rather than using the HwOTA ?
And do someone try the B520 version instead of B510 ?


Feb 22, 2021
May be someone who tried the dload can confirm but I did not. It was the only method that was tried then
Finnaly, I use the HwOTA, it's work very good, amazing tools. ANd I try the B520 too, works fine, just a bit slower for Honor 6x and it tooks a more longer time to reboot to the Android Oreo.
Just the issue is that it seems that we can't access to data partition and other with Twrp on this EMUI version, I don't know if we can install OpenKirin Lineage OS without bugs for example

Faris Bin Saif

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May 30, 2021
Honor 6X
Xiaomi Mi A2
Finnaly, I use the HwOTA, it's work very good, amazing tools. ANd I try the B520 too, works fine, just a bit slower for Honor 6x and it tooks a more longer time to reboot to the Android Oreo.
Just the issue is that it seems that we can't access to data partition and other with Twrp on this EMUI version, I don't know if we can install OpenKirin Lineage OS without bugs for example
I flashed OEM of B675, and twrp says me to flash update.zip of B340 but I am flashing B369 from HiSuite, is that any issue?


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Apr 18, 2015
Guys please provide mirror links for the update files as official file links don't work anymore. 🙏
I am stuck in bootloop!


Sep 29, 2015
Just went through this entire process and now have an EU Honor 6X running as BLN-L22 on Android 8.0.

I still have one massive problem though: SafetyNet is failing, "CTS Mismatch".
Is there any way around this? My bootloader is already locked again.


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Dec 29, 2015
Is there a way to flash this via DLOAD instead?
I feel like I need to fix my build number. However, I do not have the full firmware. HW servers are killed.


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May 26, 2015

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    Hi Guys,

    Note- if you are on BLN-L22C675 Nougat you can do this easily but if you are on other variants, you need to debrand first as per this guide- https://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-6x/how-to/guide-debranding-to-india-variant-bln-t3679402

    Some background-
    So what I heard earlier that post China Oreo beta, other regions may not get it (via various unofficial channels and on XDA) its finally here, even though via firmware finder but it gives us a glimpse that beta or stable would be coming soon.

    I had given my Honor 6X to my brother 6 months back and was using V10 since then but he came yesterday and I tried to enable VOLTE on that phone but was not working. Even though I debranded my Honor 6X from AL10 to BLN-L22 Indian version very easily (guide in my signature) but somehow I was not able to get VOLTE working. Yesterday I tried all the known methods till 2.30 AM My time but VOLTE was not working and I gave up but today morning again I tried and updated my phone to EMUI 8.0 (already kept one phone for my brother so that if something goes wrong, I will give a new one to him so that he can use atleast as he is leaving today)

    As VOLTE was not working and I decided to update to Android 8.0 Indian version, I saw a screenshot in my Honor 6X Oreo update discussion thread and downloaded and flashed via HuRUpdater but failed last night and I recovered back to B340 and then updated to B365.

    In this guide, I will provide detailed instruction on how to update your Nougat BLN-L22C675 Indian version of Honor 6X to Oreo. Process is simple and you just need patience while updating and post updating I verified, Jio, Vodafone VOLTE working (seems iDEA would work but no 4G in Delhi/NCR).


    If you have not unlocked your your bootloader, please do so. You can refer this guide if not aware of the method-
    Unlocking the bootloader-
    • Backup all your data as unlocking the bootloader will reset the device and all your data will be erased.
    • On windows machine, go to folder C:\adb or wherever you installed the adb drivers.
    • Press shift+right click together and select Open command prompt here (it will be open PowerShell here on Windows 8 and Windows 10 machine)
    • Run - adb reboot bootloader (this command may prompt for acceptance of RSA key if not already accepted)
    • This will boot the phone into bootloader mode.
    • Run - fastboot oem unlock <16 digit unlock code- Put your actual code you obtained from Huawei site > (This step will unlock the bootloader and will erase all your data)
    • Phone will restart automatically.

    Installing TWRP
    • Once on the system, open the PowerShell or command prompt again in ADB folder (can use the previous instance as well)
    • Run -
      adb reboot bootloader
    • Once in bootloader, Run
      fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.1-0-berlin.img
      (This will install the TWRP recovery for EMUI 5.0 on your phone)
    • Once done with the flashing the TWRP, Run
      fastboot reboot

    Actual Oreo update procedure
    • Once you have unlocked the bootloader, and installed TWRP recovery via command
    • Download the Oreo firmware given above in download link.
    • Download the HWOTA_BLN_Eng.zip from the link given above.
    • Unzip the HWOTA_BLN_Eng.zip file and move the extracted content (HWOTA_BLN_Eng folder) to adb folder of your PC.
    • Copy the downloaded Oreo firmware to C:\adb\HWOTA_BLN_Eng\HWOTA8_BLN\update\ folder.
    • Rename update_data_full_public.zip file to update_data_public.zip and update_full_BLN-L22_channel_in.zip to update_all_hw.zip, do not rename the update.zip.
    • Boot to bootloader or fastboot mode. Keep your phone connected with PC.
    • Go to C:\adb\HWOTA_BLN_Eng\HWOTA8_BLN folder and run the update_eng.bat file and follow the on screen instructions.


    • The update_eng.bat will install the TWRP recovery and boot to TWRP (if not, you can remove USB and press power and volume up key and it will boot to TWRP, connect the USB again)
    • You will get prompt for update via SD card or script, select via script
    • You will get prompt for change region or change firmware, select change firmware.
    • It will automatically copy the content of C:\adb\HWOTA_BLN_Eng\HWOTA8_BLN\update, mainly those 3 zips and it will flash automatically.
    • You may see the update.zip file flashed as successful with no error but may see Error result [] for other 2 zips, dont worry that is expected.
    • Once flashed, it will automatically boot to Oreo without any issue and also it will ask if you want to relock your bootloader or keep this unlocked, this is your wish, I kept it unlocked and will be locked in future updates.
    • Your Nougat data may remain the same as it was in my case but I would advise to go with Hisuite backup and TWRP backup.
    • If phone unable to boot, flash the stock recovery and make factory reset and boot normally, it should boot fine. (haven't encountered this issue though)
    • I did factory reset after booting and verifying to system. Everything was working fine but still I did just to avoid any issue or lag (even though no lags were seen)

    About Phone info and VOLTE for Jio and Vodafone. iDEA VOLTE would work as well but there is no 4G in NCR.
    Enjoy Oreo.

    Update- anyone having issues with call recorder, turn off Google voice typing and recording will work fine.
    Stock Boot file for BLN-L22C675 OREO.
    Dload the data file buddy. It will fix this.
    Edit- just checked, this firmware is not yet approved so dload may not work. Use the method given by Ramesh above by if you can't then may need to wait for next update or this to be approved

    I flashed data via twrp it fixed build number but themes not working still but np not a big deal thx for help a lot buddy
    We are getting VOLTE soon on custom roms.
    Askuccio find a fix for VOLTE and he is gonna release LOS with VOLTE support.

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    Anyone who has successfully rooted with magisk ....any issue

    no issues with magisk but using it only for root without any modules.
    Works fine, but 4g LTE don't work, only H+.
    I live in Argentina, with BLL-L23 and Android 7 4g works.