[UPDATE] CWM - Stock + Root - US Updated 8/20/2012

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Mar 29, 2006
I'm at work so I don't have my transformer with me, but if someone wanted to post their /system/app/AWS.apk you could put it in your /system/app folder and it'd work.

Alternatively, you can try this:

1. unzip the kwt-cwm- file
2. Using wordpad, notepad++, or something else that understands unix line endings (NOT notepad), edit META-INF/com/google/android/updater-script

Find these lines:
assert(apply_patch_check("/system/app/AWS.apk", "78302e676136c231966c31253d0dc15aafc43019", "aec840b51b54fb99300b4c899db9a8f930f44349"));
assert(apply_patch_check("/system/app/AWS.odex", "87ed3674e8624c4a779c56fac6b780c14774d225", "e271a84a8e772a38a5a1ffc8525db16c07e98546"));

Comment them out by putting a # at the beginning of the line
Same thing further down:
apply_patch("/system/app/AWS.apk", "-",
            78302e676136c231966c31253d0dc15aafc43019, 3598470,
            aec840b51b54fb99300b4c899db9a8f930f44349, package_extract_file("patch/system/app/AWS.apk.p"));
apply_patch("/system/app/AWS.odex", "-",
            87ed3674e8624c4a779c56fac6b780c14774d225, 1783632,
            e271a84a8e772a38a5a1ffc8525db16c07e98546, package_extract_file("patch/system/app/AWS.odex.p"));

Then rezip them up. Make sure that your zip starts at the top level, not above or below it. The top level of the zip should contain blob, META-INF, patch, and system.

You should be able to apply that update yourself.


Sep 12, 2011
That link you posted is no longer good but i will edit the zip file like you said when i get home and that should work for me.
Thanks again


Jan 4, 2009
Hi, i have a problem with polarisoffice.apk

i have try to put new one but don't work, sign problem. Have try to # the line and repack zip. Not run the update.

I'm searching polarisoffice of a backup Someone have this.

Thanks. i can't update anything. And do wan't to put custom rom now.
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Sep 12, 2011
your info helped except I found out I had removed to many things that I was not using and they want to update.
It was even blowing up on Kindle and Zinio because I had removed the OEM apps and installed the new ones from the APP store. I also have a new Kernel loaded so I think that is also a problem.
So I have decided to just restore my stock image and update that. Or I may switch to a new rom all together. I have backed up everything I need so I'm good to go.
Thanks again for your help.


Dec 17, 2007
Market is busted for me after applying this update via CWM.

When I try to run the marketplace, I get "Error while launching activity"

Any ideas to fix?


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Sep 24, 2010
Are you using an icon for the market off your homescreen or some other "shortcut." Try using the market that is listed in the app drawer. I had to delete my home screen icon and re-add the new one before it worked for me.


Dec 31, 2008
upgraded using this zip and everything seems to be fine however my tablet downloaded an ota update from asus. I would assume this would remove my root and recovery. I have a us transformer. Anyone else have this happen?

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    I'm back, baby!

    Sorry for letting you all down insofar as you've relied on me for porting the stock updates to CWM-friendly versions. So to catch up, here's the 3 OTAs US users need to get current. On the off chance Asus updates our transformer tf101 any more, I'll mod those as well.

    It's been a while since my previous update, so I assume that most of you are on the latest stock ROM by now, or have jumped ship to a custom ROM. If you'd like a cwm-friendlified version of a stock ROM for a non-US device, let me know and provide your dlpkgfile.

    These are stock updates repackaged for Clockwork mod.

    This update DOES NOT:
    * Root your device if it's not already rooted
    * Install clockworkmod
    * Install at all if you aren't rooted
    * Install at all if you don't already have clockworkmod.
    * Install at all if you are on a custom ROM.

    This update has:

    * Clockworkmod support (It does not include CWM, but doesn't reflash the recovery partition either)
    * Rooted (includes SuperUser.apk & su 3.1.3)
    * No longer contains Busybox. Use Jrummy's Busybox installer.

    This will not work unless you have:
    1. clockworkmod
    2. STOCK firmware (root is fine)
    3. the US or WW or TW firmware, whichever the file requires.
    4. The appropriate prerequisite firmware (e.g. the latest firmware before this update)

    If this update will not apply, take note of which assert stopped the process. You probably applied some sort of mod to your transformer.

    Your firmware/locale not listed? Send me your dlpkgfile and I'll add it.

    CWM package for ASUS TF101 FOTA US
    Tested by me
    Prerequisite: US

    CWM package for ASUS TF101 FOTA US
    Tested by me
    Prerequisite: US

    CWM package for ASUS TF101 FOTA US
    Tested by me
    Prerequisite: US

    Older / Other packages
    I have gobs of web hosting space, so I don't plan on removing my old releases any time soon. Find them all here.

    Q. Will my non-stock/custom/tweaked ROM work?

    A. Probably not!

    Q. I get an assert error about a file ending in .ko, what's wrong?

    A. You replaced your kernel, didn't you? Put the original kernel and kernel modules back and try again. Put all the .ko files back, it will error out on the other ones too.

    Q. I get an assert error about a file ending in apk or odex, what's wrong?

    A. You replaced a bundled app, didn't you? Netflix is a big culprit here. You need the original apk and odex back.

    Q. After I updated to this firmware, X doesn't work! Help!

    A. Hold on there, friend. If the update works and you see the new version number after reboot, then my involvement is all done. Your problem is either imaginary or with the stock rom. Search for an existing thread with your question. If you don't find one, search again. If you still don't, then post a thread in the appropriate forum.

    Q. Why haven't you been updating?

    A. I don't know! But thanks for all the PMs. It's nice to feel loved.
    For the people who miss it in the clutter:

    Upgrade from STOCK (no custom ROMs) US (root or unrooted) to rooted, CWM flashable:
    http://invalid.ed.ntnu.no/~jostein/ics/files/ics-us- or http://uploading.com/files/ee7513f8/ics-us-

    Full version CWM flashable, which gets you US- rooted, no mather what version / rom / region you came from:
    http://invalid.ed.ntnu.no/~jostein/ics/files/us- or http://uploading.com/files/a5m2mb4f/us-
    You should have made them rooted, the ICS update does not check for nor break root access when installing.

    It's a blob. You can't (easily) put files in there, I'd have to extract the whole system image to place them in them. I have a separate 'root.zip' that flashes busybox, su + superuser.apk (taken them from the .zip files the OP made here).
    You can flash that after the bootloader has done it's thing with the staging.

    And better: The update to ICS can probably be patched to contain root, as the OP did with the TW version.

    I used my TW-hc3.2.1 zip to get me back to stock-unrooted-TW. Rebooted to let it install. After that, flashed the kwt-cwm- file the OP posted and I had rooted ICS TW.

    Waiting on the WW version to make my own CWM-flashable root+ics-upgrade.

    If someone wants to use it, my (untested) root.zip to flash through CWM _after_ a stock rom / staging partition has done its thing
    US is up, check first post. Working on WW now.

    already uploaded to http://bayfiles.com/file/3Lqp/molJtQ/ics-ww-, rooted and tested.
    Hey everyone, I need a favor!

    If we are indeed getting ICS in an OTA tomorrow (or soon, whenever), I need to get the dlpkgfile ASAP.

    As soon as you get the update notification, do this:


    This will delete the dlpkgfile we need. Also you will lose root. Also puppies will cry.

    2. log in via adb shell or a terminal emulator and do this:
    $ su
    # cat /cache/dlpkgfile > /sdcard/dlpkgfile.zip

    3. Get that file onto mediafire, megaupload, or whatever all the cool kids are using these days. Or just contact me for upload instructions.

    4. Send me a PM, letting me know where the file is (or asking for upload instructions), and what your region is (e.g. US, WW, etc.)

    5. Congratulations, you win!
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