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update moto z play, retin, rooted.... showing error in recovery

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Jan 5, 2014
New Delhi
Hey guys, i have a retin ver of moto z play... Unlocked, rooted via magisk & running nougat on january security patch.... Everyrhing is working great... I recieved an OTA a long time ago but cudnt find the time to install & update my phone... I have recieved an update which fixes notification tone bug...now i want to update via ota... I downloaded the ota and allowed the phone to restart & install d update... However while installing i got error & the ota fails woth error 7.... It says something like cache/recovery..... .... Includes unexpected contents or sumthing like that... What does this mean and how do i fix this... I wanna update my phone... I didnt modify any system file... I just got root explorer, lucky patcher and magisk running... No changes to the system... oh and i have selected "enabe busybox" option in magisk... Has it got to do anything wid this?? I didnt flash the twrp just temporary booted it... oh i forgot to mention... i have installed f2fs fix kernel...Do i need to unroot & delete magisk? Do i need to revert to stock kernel?? Someone help me how do i update?? Thnx
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