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Sep 6, 2013
LG V30 just got V21s firmware update - this is the last maintenance update based on Oreo, and the next update is Android Pie.
LG has finished the test for Pie Beta - V29a, for LG V30 South korea
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Nov 9, 2017
They lied to us


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Nov 25, 2011
OnePlus 7T
But they said pie will release in Q2

At least we are still getting it.

Personally though, this will most likely be the last LG phone I get. I thought things were going to change when they announced their new update center and promised better updates to their devices but that hasn't really made any difference. They make nice hardware but their software updates suck.


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Apr 5, 2013
Well at least we'll get the least buggy version of Pie. Every LG phone before us has been suffering and from what I am seeing, LG is incorporating the lessons learned from those and rolling it into the V30. There are probably more people with V30s than V40 and V50 combined so the stakes are high.


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Dec 27, 2013
Well at least we'll get the least buggy version of Pie. Every LG phone before us has been suffering and from what I am seeing, LG is incorporating the lessons learned from those and rolling it into the V30. There are probably more people with V30s than V40 and V50 combined so the stakes are high.
I don't mind waiting if it's bug free. Rather get 1 update then 2 or 3 just to fix stuff.

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    Hey @br0adband
    Let's please return to the original topic of this thread: "Updates for LG Official Pie".
    If you guys want to carry on discussing pixel camera and debate that -> there's a seperate thread for that or simply go on private messages.
    i thought of getting one of these... but idk if i can use the ota zip at all... ?
    aka force an ota update thats "not made" for my phone
    otas are sadly delta updates... so just extracting it wont work

    I have the tools needed to convert a delta update to a full update -- so if someone has a credit card that will work on that site, I will be willing to pay for it.

    My OP7 Pro hasn't arrived, so I am still kicking with my US998 for now ;)

    -- Brian
    For those people that stick to and focus on the delays in the monthly security patches that Google pushes out, think of this for a moment:

    Is your device currently compromised? Do you even know? Would you even know how to discover it's compromised? Are you fully apprised of each and every possible exploit that exists for Android right now this moment? Do you subscribe to the security sites that publish information about such exploits? Is the only thing that matters to you these monthly security patches that Google pushes out to OEMs?

    is your device "infected" by something right now at this exact moment in time that happened or was able to infect your device because it's using a security patch from a few months ago that didn't cover the infection of exploit?


    Then what the hell are you crying about?

    All I ever see are people complaining about the lack of security patch updates and yet nobody is actively complaining "OMFGWTFBBQ, my device is infected... I've been exploited..." or words to that effect and yet our devices work just fine.

    You have to realize that when Google pushes out a security patch it's out of their hands at that point and it's up to device manufacturers to release it past that point, yes, this is a well known fact. But those device manufacturers have to test it on their devices pretty thoroughly before they can allow it to be pushed out as an OTA or downloadable update for any given devices 'cause if they just pass it on immediately to their end users that own their devices and it screws something up for a portion of their customers that just makes things WORSE for not only those customers, but others that are considering applying said patches/updates not to mention the device manufacturer as well.

    Seriously, stop whining, it's old - it's been old for a long long time now and yet it still happens. If you want "on time" security patches and updates, buy a Google device, or go buy a used Essential Phone or something ('cause Andy Rubin's team has very close ties with Google which is the primary reason that device gets it's own updates so quickly), or maybe something from BlackBerry (same principle).

    Geez, man, get over it. I've used LG devices for years, I've used Samsung devices for years, I used to use Motorola devices but to Hell with 'em for screwing over their customers so many times (I'm an original 1st day Atrix and Bionic owner screwed both times for Android major updates, and apparently they just announced last week they're not going to provide the major update for some of their current or recent flagships all over again). I've owned devices from most every major manufacturer and NONE of them have ever suffered any kind of exploit or infection or malware related to a delayed security patch update.

    And I don't know a single person that has either.

    I don't buy Google devices except for the original Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 6 but those were used and at crazy insane prices that I couldn't pass up but were sold quickly afterward for profit But if you absolutely MUST have the latest and greatest and you want those monthly security patches and updates the moment they're available, get a Google device and stop your incessant whining about it for LG, Samsung, etc.

    I mean really, grow up, will ya? :D
    No, what we said was official Pie would at least start with 30a or 30-something.

    If they're already up to H930 30b without general public release, then something was found to be wrong with 30a and it was just late beta.

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    Exactly... basically V30a was a Release Candidate, it was in testing, they found a critical error, thats why V30b was released... thats now in testing again, and if stable (or whatever else the reason was they had to fix stuff) it will release to all european H930s in probably 2 - 4 weeks (depends how long they end up testing, but thats the general timespan between compile date and release date based on history).
    Thank you, if you can share 29a file for H870 :good::good:

    If you are to sell the up file to the ignorant people and slander the innocent person like me, I won't share the link that you want.
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