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UPDATE! [ROM|WWE|2011-03-13] DLW ROM Series 002 - PointUI [Build 29007.5.3.0]

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Jul 28, 2009
Few things I'd like to point out. This rom is quite buggy and the battery consumption is huge.

After the first boot
-Most (if not all) menu text turns unreadable due to the text dropshadows disappearing, forcing me to swap to the black background.
-The operator display gets broken and shows nothing.
-Appointments show nothing.
-Alarms show nothing.
Basically nothing in the homescreen clock widget area is functional, except the digital clock itself.
-The SystemIntervalsV2 doesn't show battery % and some text.

Battery usage: I unplugged my phone from charger around 13:00 with 100% full battery. Current time is 00:05 and the battery charge has dropped down to 15%. I've only sent one text message during the day. Other than that, I have not touched the phone and no apps have been running. So that makes it 85% battery used in idle in just 11 hours.

The things forementioned make this rom quite unusable, which is a shame since it's damn fast and goodlooking. I'm hoping to see smoothened out version some day, ready for daily use.
Great job with the rom so far, keep it going.


Senior Member
Dec 9, 2009
Thats a bit strange. As I never heard such complaints, we should investigate further.

WiFi and/or GPS is off, I guess?
What Radio ROM are you using? Mine is


Any chance in fixing the ringtones? i can set ringtone to all alarms but i dont see any ringtone for Incoming call, how do i do that? i just downloaded today your updated rom and flashed two times + task29 + hardreset.



Senior Member
Mar 2, 2006
dude, how embarrassing. Looks like I don't a local copy of this rom available... Only the one I made before and afterwards. man, thats bad.

Unfortunately I can't help out on this one. Anyone esle having a copy of this ROM flying around? since when is multiupoad down btw?

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