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Update stuck at 15% - 2BQG4

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Senior Member
Nov 23, 2009
I started the update to the new FW just released, but it stopped at 15% (copying update to watch step). The watch sat all night with no change.

I've restarted the watch, and killed the Gear app, but when I restart the app it is immediately shows that 15% point and stays there.

Any ideas appreciated.

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Senior Member
Jun 14, 2008

SM-R770 is Gear S3... :eek:

Gear S3 is more here:

According to your Screenshot... and your text...

Maybe not enough space on Gear S3
to tranfer 14 MB + unpack + FOTA routine...

If Handset reboot not help...
Maybe reboot both... handset and Gear S3...

Gear Software seems for me background System Tool... it ever runs with your really start...

If this not help...

If you have rooted handset...
You could try to delete downloaded 14 MB FOTA file and start from downloading...

For me it is easy to connect handset via cable... then I can see where update.zip is stored...

I could look, if you need correct location/folder/path...

Best Regards