[Updated 05-Oct-2008] CRCs Release 14.1 Development Thread - Build 20755

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Oct 29, 2007
NOTE: Development and release chains have changed. Please read Post #3 in this thread for a run down of the changed.

This is the DEVELOPMENT release of my ROM, if you want the stable version, use this thread

Release 14.1 of this ROM includes:
* Windows Mobile 6.1 (CS OS 5.2.20755 (Build 20755.1.0.0))
* Telstra NextG support (Australia only)
* .Net framework 3.5
* 3G dialpad

Addons include:
* 1-Calc Lite
* 10 button HTC Touch comm manager
* ArcSoft MMS v5.0.31.11
* Camera 4.0 Build 28276
* HTC Network Wizard v1.0.31261.1
* HTC X-Button v2.1.33556.2

The following apps are installed from the Extended ROM or Device Update - meaning you can uninstall and not lose storage space:
* Office mobile 2007 (v6.1)
* Windows Live (
* Cyberon Voice Commander (v2.0 Build 711091)

Tweaks included:
* 802.11g enabled
* Cleartype enabled in both normal and landscape mode
* SD Card power management fix
* Camera delay fix.
* HSDPA Icon enabled (Displays H when HSDPA is active instead of 3G)


Current development Version Downloads:
Release 14.1:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Previous development versions:
Release 14.0:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Released Stable version 13.0.
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Oct 29, 2007
Known Issues:
* Modaco NoData may crash if you have not set your network settings via Network Wizard. Run Network Wizard (Start -> Settings -> Connections) and try again.

Release 14.2 (Work in Progress)
* Rebase on build 20924
* Port build 20924 XIP
* Add Virgin Mobile (AU) to HTC Connection Wizard
* Clean build environment slightly

Release 14.1 (05 Oct 2008)
* Fixed missing WMP skin
* Fixed sounds & notifications stopping responding
* Fixed misbehaving bluetooth stack with BT COM ports.
* Fixed missed translation in Battery Notification
* Fixed Ringtone and Black Keyboard showing in Device Update on the Normal version

Release 14.0 (01 Oct 2008):
* Initial public release
* Rebased on build 20755.
* Improved some icons.
* Fixed icon issues.

Release 12.11 (24 Aug 2008):
* Removed all but default theme. Install more via Device Update
* Fixed blgloss theme issues (thanks to augrunt)
* Few minor graphical tweaks
* Get ready for final evaluation before going stable.
* Updated Device Update to v1.6 (Only show Available Updates group if we have updates, Allow the select key to select apps, Hopefully fix issues of people not being able to install apps via DU).

Release 12.10 (22 Aug 2008):
* Tweaked file cache, glyph cache etc for hopefully a bit more performance.
* Fixed Device Update showing cooked in addons in the list of downloads on normal build.
* Updated Device Update to v1.4 (more error trapping etc)

Release 12.9 (07 Aug 2008):
* Fixed issue of DeviceUpdate forgetting all your installations if you removed/re-installed it.
* Minor bugfixes to Device Update to aid with excluding mutually exclusive CABs (ie ArcSoft MMS v4 & V5 which should never be installed at the same time).
* Fixed issue with non-advanced mode in ActiveSync

Release 12.8 (05 Aug 2008):
* Added new Device Update application
* NEW: Naked build now available.
* NEW: Naked Big Storage build now available.
* Cooked in .Net Framework 3.5 into all builds
* May have some issues with UC - don't install any CABs via UC at this stage - Run Device Update first.
* May have some issues with normal ROM and Device Update for things cooked in. on my ToDo list ;)

Release 12.7 (01 Aug 2008):
* Fixed start menu problems (thanks abusalza)

Release 12.6 (31 Jul 2008):
* Added default WMP skin back in
* Rejigged build kitchen for things to come.
* Fixed multi-selection of messages in tmail.exe (Email Application)

Release 12.5 (24 Jul 2008):
* Fixed the disappearing act with the taskbar and HTC X Button

Release 12.4 (21 Jul 2008):
* Ported Windows Mobile 6.1 build 20270
* Ported XIP build 20270 from Kaiser
* Removed SQM
* Added IrDA stack
* Added Diamond theme for those who like that kinda thing

Release 12.3 (18 Jul 2008):
* Ported Windows Mobile v6.1 build 19960 from HTC Raphael
* Ported XIP build 19960 from HTC Raphael
* Converted OS from 192dpi to 96dpi
* Removed SQM
* Added IrDA stack
* Added .Net 3.5 framework

Release 12.2 (16 Jul 2008):
* Found errror in coredll.dll that stopped Windows Live Search from working correctly.
* Re-ported XIP from Kaiser to correct corruption in coredll.dll and possibly others
* WLS tested ok.

Release 12.1 (10 Jul 2008):
* Removed useless Zip Viewer from Office CAB
* Updated Modaco NoData
* Defaulted OBEX transfers to ON (previously this was OFF)
* Removed Bluetooth FTP Client (Who really uses this? :))

Release 12.0 (04 Jul 2008):
* Repack Office 2007 to hopefully fix some issues.
* Reduce X-Button auto-close threshold to 2Mb free RAM (Thanks hardcore)
* Revert to older Bluetooth stack for testing.

Released v11.0 Stable build.

Release 10.8 (19 Jun 2008):
* Changed top taskbar battery meter to read in 1% increments.

Release 10.7 (17 Jun 2008):
* Readded missing IRDA stack. (Whoops!)

Release 10.6 (16 Jun 2008):
* Fixed issue with camera.

Release 10.5 (15 Jun 2008):
* Update to CE 5.2.19588 (Build 19212).
* Obtained Build 19212 via a direct port from Kaiser WM6.1 release.
* Update Connection Wizard to v1.5.34057.2
* Removed SQM (Thanks no2chem!)
* Fixed IPSec VPN connections
* Fixed domain enrollment
* Cleaned up Office 2007 install to remove some junk

Release 10.4 (20 May 2008):
* Update to WM Build 19900
* Update to XIP Build 19900

Release 10.3 (16 May 2008):
* Rebased to WM Build 19213
* Updated battery DLL to show battery usage in 1% increments (Thanks cmonex!)
* Updated to Windows Live Messenger
* Freed up an extra 600Kb over release 10.2.
* Removed unneeded help files for applications not installed.

Release 10.2 (12 May 2008):
* Fix IrDA Support broken in Release 10.1
* Update to HTC Network Wizard to 1.0.31261.1
* We now start Network Wizard in auto mode on boot.
* Removed duplicate Network Wizard icon in Programs. It's where it should be under Settings -> Connections.
* Update to X-Button v2.1.33556.2

Release 10.1 (26 Apr 2008):
* Swapped out WMPcore.dll to fix video playing issue
* Updated ROM XIP
* Updated SDAutorun to v2.

Release 10.0 (17 Apr 2008):
* Rebase on WM6.1 build 19209
* Update ArcSoft MMS to
* Update HTC X-Button to 2.0.31261.1
* Free space: 68.28Mb total, ~58Mb free after customisation.
* Program Memory: 48.68Mb RAM
* Much faster operation and boot times.

See the stable thread for Release 9.
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Oct 29, 2007
Changes to release schedules

Due to the fact that a lot of people are having issues with newer, less tested Windows Mobile builds, I have decided to split the development of my ROM into two chains. These chains are the Development chain, and the Stable chain.

These chains will be defined by release numbers. Odd release numbers will be stable builds. Even release numbers will be development builds. From this point forward, Release 9 will be the first stable build under this method. The next update to the stable build will be 9.1, 9.2 etc. The first development version will be Release 10.

When the development release becomes of a stable quality by the majority of people testing the ROM, the ROM will be frozen and development will stop. At that point, the final development release will become the next stable release. For example, when Release 10 becomes stable, it will be called Release 11. Release 12 will then become the next development release.

To make things easier to understand, the PHKv12 will be removed, and all ROMs will be referred to by Release number.

So what does this mean for you? If you require your device to be stable, or have issues with the Development release, use the stable build. If you would like to test a more bleeding edge build, then try the development build. If you run in to troubles with the development build, please post in the development thread so the issues can be looked at.

NOTE: If you cannot have your device crash or do weird things, only flash the Stable build - DO NOT use the development build if you rely 100% on your phone.
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Aug 9, 2007
mirror @ sendspace.com: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xue0n4

flashed now :)

first impressions...
  • seems to be quite fast...
  • altough there are no games, Games folder is in startmenu
  • program NoData causes an exception
  • file explorer is - as most of the users said already - really fast :)
  • usb to pc - moved from system-connections-tab to system-tab
  • new: domain enrollment for joining the ppc in a windows-domain :)

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Jul 10, 2006
Graz /Austria
Looks great

The new ROM so far looks really great. I have just installed it and still testing.
One thing I found out is that I am not able to do any changes in Sounds & Notifications. I am able to choose a different ringtone for example, but I am not able to click the ok button after doing changes. When hitting ok, nothing happens.
Well, maybe I am just doing something wrong.

Thanks for the new ROM!!


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Oct 29, 2007
The new ROM so far looks really great. I have just installed it and still testing.
One thing I found out is that I am not able to do any changes in Sounds & Notifications. I am able to choose a different ringtone for example, but I am not able to click the ok button after doing changes. When hitting ok, nothing happens.
Well, maybe I am just doing something wrong.

Thanks for the new ROM!!

This is a known issue (See post #2). I'm working on a fix for this now. Should be fixed within 48 hours.


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Oct 29, 2007
Quick observations for Release 2:
  • Application locked. Use signed registry editor to unlock.

  • Hrrrm - Which application showed you this? I haven't had anything come up telling me I need to unlock as yet.

    [*]Default keyboard, Hermes? Change typical registry setting for 8525.
That's it so far. Seems speedy enough.

Yeah - the default keyboard is the tytn variety.


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Feb 10, 2006
Hrrmm - I don't have any A2DP devices so I'm not able to test this for myself. Can anyone duplicate this issue?

it's easy to fix a2dp and all the bluetooth ..

copy bth_a2dp and bth_hid from your previous official rom that working into this SYS 6.1 rom ..

by the way, i haven't try to do my own 6.1 rom yet hehe .. just come to see ..

becoz u invited me to see and test on your rom .. probably, i will use your rom soon but ..

i wonder if u keep .rgu in there .. bepe kitchen seem doesn't work on my device ..

if it is using tadzio method .. i need to do work around becoz my benq p51 doesn't support nand chip .. it is disc on chip .. can't do big storage ..


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Dec 15, 2005
Great Job CRC :)
Im trying slowly several applications.
What is working:
- Newest Java by Schaps
- Mini Opera
- eWallet
- SPB InSight
- HButton
- SPB Diary
- HTC Home by Schen
- WinXplore
- AutoMapa ( Polish Navigation )
- RC Mod
- Oxio Hibernate
- MobileGadu ( Polish communicator )

What is Not working:
- HTCustom 1.8 geeting error, but registry changes are getting applied

I will report more soon :)
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Oct 31, 2007
Release 2 has now been uploaded to the mirrors which should fix most problems people were seeing. It also includes some updates, new features, and more free space :)

Congrats!!...where'd you get the base rom???...I've got TNT.133 tweaked so well, that I am loath to change anything(altho I've got a nice backup of everything. So Here's the question....

WHY upgrade from 6 to 6.1?​

Is there a head to head, feature by feature comparison anywhere?

Thanks, and good luck to you "early adopters"...I think I'll take a wait and see attitude until there is compelling evidence here and other Xda threads, to upgrade.

Thanks for your work and input guys!!