[UPDATED][09/07/2022][ROM][OFFICIAL][12.1][TWELVE]Pixel Experience for K30 Pro / Zoom / POCO F2 Pro [lmi/lmipro]

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Battery life getting worse. Tonight phoneidle consumption drains 10% in 5 hours (Airplane mode).
Yesterday 4 hours SoT and battery drained more than 80%.
What should I do for good battery life? (with aRise X2 kernel)
You can try to find out what is the culprit using one of the battery apps that report also wakelocks (GSam, BBS, etc). If you are not rooted, make sure to give the correct permissions with USB debugging.

For me it was deviceidle_maint which disappeared after 1-2 weeks.


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Feb 18, 2010
I love Pixel Rom and developers thank you so much for making this available for us. Performance is good and my Antutu score is even 10-12k better than on MIUI. Problems i found with this ROM wchic i hope could be maybe fixed in update.

1. My Antutu score was better 10-12k but for some reason geekbanch was lower s 900 m 3300 on MIUI , s 800 m2700 on PE ( performance optimisation ?)
2. I am getting lower quality sound from 3.5mm headphone jack audio
3. When fingerprint unlocking whole screen makes unplesant flash and only region where fingerprint sensor is should be flashing
4.Charging is much slower it was 5700mah and now it is 2700-3000mah (Ampere verified)
5. CPU is much much hotter sometimes its unpleasant to hold the phone how hot it is
6. battery life is shorter (maybe because CPU is working overtime and generating all that heat it has battery drain problem)
7.Google Services draining battery in background

if i find something else i will add.
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Mar 4, 2021
First of all thanks for the work, I love this rom.
I'm using the latest version of PixelExperience Plus [version SP2A.220405.004 PixelExperience_Plus_lmi-12.1-20220414-2138-OFFICIAL]

Here's the problem, I find the "gle.android.gms" (maybe google.android.gms) with VERY high cpu usage.i using this rom lasted two days(may Chinese GFW causes,so i always using VPN),but it doesn't get better.
I try to switch kernel to aRise kernel [https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/kernel-oss-aosp-11-12-miui-arise-kernel-x2-18-01-22.4286239/], but also very hot.
I will try no-PLUS version to tracker issues(only in PLUS version or no-PLUS version)

I want to know how to solve(expect freeze gms)?

I will reply when i flash no-Plus version QwQ.

Here are some screenshots


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Mar 4, 2021
[Plus version] I exit the google account and reboot to system, also hot.
[Plus version to no-PLUS version] Flash no-PLUS rom with dirty flash, also hot.
[no-Plus version] Format /data partition and reboot to no-Plus version(no logon google account). works fine!! [Maybe Plus version Bug?]
[no-Plus version] Google account have been login and restore my Google One backup, HOT!

I thick it is happends on logined google account phone, whatever versions(Plus or no-Plus) of PixelExperience roms


Dec 26, 2021
found a solution to the problem with overheating of the device
1 set cpu frequency governor to powersave i use kernel adiutor
Screenshot_20220708-194637_Kernel Adiutor.png

Screenshot_20220708-194559_Kernel Adiutor.png

2 using the magisk module to limit background work for google services


3 enable traffic savings for all applications (especially Google services) except for the main ones

4 freeze as many apps as possible (camera, calculator, voice recorder, calendar, browser, gallery...)
for quick freezing / defrosting I use airfrozen


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  • Kernel_Adiutor-Donate-v0.9.11.1.apk
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Mar 21, 2013
Hi! I'm looking for a solution for the camera app of the phone. The built in app force close immediatly, and with other apps(like messenger, opencamera) there is no sound when i'm recording. Probably there is a solution for that already i just missed it somehow. Thanks!


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Aug 8, 2022
Hi, just installed PixelExperience_Plus_lmi-12.1-20220709-1023-OFFICIAL.zip and I have few problems, but the biggest one is that autorotate doesn't work. Anyone know how to fix it?

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