Updated 10-06-2019 ( ROM GUIDE ) How to install Android 9.0 through 4.4 on Touchpad.

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Mar 25, 2020
Absolutely godlike 🙌

Running on Android 9.0 DU with all the bells and whistles

During my experimental testing I loaded Evervolv Nougat and it took about 15 additional minutes until I got to the Android Start screen after "boot Evervolv" selected. Mileage may vary.... but soon your HP Touchpad will be in the promised land of Android with swap.

^This. DU took less than 10 mins, but the very first time I tried going from 4.4 to Pie it "apparently" bootlooped in the boot anim (different ROM anyways) so I rolled back to KitKat

I'm doing this several months after for and with all 6 flashable zips so far it's working great! 🤗

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    ----------------------- Thread MODIFICATION LOG -----------------
    Shout out to Nevertells2 and DoubleStuff who both worked hard on this documentation in 2017. ( Some of which still remains )

    Date:03/10/2017 Users: DoubleStuff/Nevertells2
    Modification Description: Initial Release.

    05/25/2019 DoubleStuff
    Major changes in 2019: updated broken ROM/GApps by including HP_TOUCHPAD's master list of ROM/GApps, also fixed the YouTube broken link, made many additions to the documentation as per the changing landscape of the HP Touchpad development, most notably HP_TOUCHPAD's HpTp Universal Optimize Swap Settings and boot.img file.

    07/08/2019 DoubleStuff
    Created a Main Menu, with 2 options 1) Wipe All and 2) HP ToolBox.

    8/3/2019 DoubleStuff
    Implemented HP_TOUCHPAD's ROM_Reducer flash files.

    8/27/2019 DoubleStuff
    On the 2nd Post of this thread I added DoubleStuffs annotated journeys.

    8/27/2019 DoubleStuff
    On the 3rd Post of this thread I added HP_TOUCHPAD's advanced topic of the HP TOUCHPAD Novacom Repair Android Tool.

    ----------------------- Previous Zip Statistics -----------------

    "The Original"
    Obsoleted doubleStuff_v03.zip 3/19/2017 - 5/25/2019 ( RIP )( 797 days )( 7876 downloads )( 53306 views )
    Avg. 9.87 downloads/day

    "Double Stuff II"
    Obsoleted DoubleStuff.2019.zip 5/25/2019 - 7/8/2019 ( RIP )( 045 days )( 372 downloads )( 3140 views )
    Avg. 8.26 downloads/day


    In this "new" ( circa 2019 ) method of "starting from scratch", or called "clean installing", the user will flash various ZIP files depending on the ROM version user wants to install.

    The actual install of Automatic_Wipe_All_and_Create_Android_with_Swap_Partition.zip ( boot.img ) will be done by the the script TPTB_WipeAll_TWRP_v02_win.bat. Wipe_All creates a 500 Mb swap partition, and re-creates the system, cache, media and data partitions with sizes of 2200 Mb, 200 Mb, 500 Mb, and "rest of memory" respectively, also automatically installs version 3.2.1-0 of TWRP which is required for the other ZIPs.

    Boot partition is always 32 Mb, its a fixed size.

    To be clear: this method will erase everything, even WebOS and makes the HP Touchpad 100% Android. It will also create new media, cache, data, system and SWAP partitions, and make the HP Touchpad work as a tablet ( laptop with a touch screen ), not a smartphone in Android.

    Thoughts about the video:
    The Video is now semi-obsolete, because alot has changed since 2017. So you must follow the instructions in this updated thread, but the video helps because if you understand the video you will understand the instructions in this thread. The Video below is Installing Nougat, but you can use this method for ALL VERSIONS of Android since 4.4 just use the proper ZIPs.

    This method assumes you already loaded and have working TP Toolbox v0.42. ( w/Novacom and Java )
    --- if you don't have TP Toolbox installed on your PC please watch the video in RolandDeschain79's link from 0:00 to 2:15 RolandDeschain79Link


    Steps to success for loading any version of Android since 4.4:
    Perform the following steps on a PC to prepare it for load:

    I. Download the NEW DoubleStuff.7.2019.zip:( click link below )
    Download DoubleStuff.7.2019.zip

    DoubleStuff.7.2019.zip contains these two key files:
    1. TPTB_WipeAll_TWRP_v02_win.bat
    2. uImage.WIPE

    Download and extract, and place both files in the same directory as your working tptb_v42_win.bat on your PC.

    II. Select and Download which version of Android ROM, Gapps and other zips you want.
    Locate and download the ZIPs: I will link to HP_TOUCHPAD's Master List of Zips: ( see Master list link below ), but you can also find ZIPs in other XDA HP Touchpad threads too.

    Its best to put your downloaded ZIPs into a storage folder that you have created on your PC, purely for organization.

    #1 ) ROM

    #2) Pick one of these three Settings files for this #2 ZIP install: These files are in the "ALL files for this ROM" zip, then look under a folder of the same name, and then select the frequency zip of your choice.
    -- MAX_Kernel_Ramdisk_build_prop_Settings ( Latest HpTp_MAX_Universal_Optimize_Swap )
    -- Stock_Kernel_Changed_Ramdisk_build_prop_Settings ( HpTp_Universal_Optimize_Swap )
    -- Original_ROM_Settings ( Use the Tablet with phone settings, no swap partition )

    ( The first two are the magic behind the performance and speed, because these settings enables Android to use the swap partition, the third is the original settings for the ROM and you will have better battery performance. )
    All the Universal Optimize Swap Settings files provide the same settings and kernel, the difference is the preset CPU frequency. As per the Boost settings always start with 1674, and after that is working good, you can try to flash a higher frequency for speed like ( 1728, 1782 or 1836 ), and you don't have to re-flash all the ZIPs again, just the UOSS file from TWRP recovery. If it freezes screen, or keeps rebooting just go back and flash lower frequency, Because those symptoms are telling you that your particular HP TOUCHPAD can't handle the higher speed.

    #3) ROM Reducer ( Optional ) These files are in the "ALL files for this ROM" zip, then look under the folder with name "ROM Reducer" then out of the 3 zip files in the selected folder, first go with the ROM_reducer, later if you want to permanently remove the features/apps, or restore the features/apps, you can use the "Remove" and the "Restore" zip files.
    Essentially this HP Touchpad ( circa 2011 ) has around 650 MB of free RAM (Memory), this is relatively low, so the ROM Reducer flash file "removes" some Android Features and System Apps to give the old Touchpad some extra needed RAM. So in theory this will make for a faster experience.

    #4) GApps
    Select platform ARM and the android version that matches ROM and the variant you want, Pico is recommended. The goal is to keep the system "lean and clean", and by doing this you will get the best performance and efficiency.

    #5) SuperSu v2.82 ( Optional )
    ROMs have system Read and Write enabled, download and flash SuperSu v2.82 if you want root access.

    #6 ) Latest TWRP ( Optional, but if you want and/or need a different version of TWRP other than 3.2.1-0, then you need to download one. )

    ==========HP_TOUCHPAD's Master Link: Get ZIP ( #1, #2, #3, #4 here )===========
    Note: Once you click link, you have to press page down 3 times to get to the Master List of Zips.
    Find all Android version: Rom, GAPPS, HpTp MAX Universal Optimize Swap Settings, and more links as per HP_TOUCHPAD here:

    ================Get ZIP ( #5 here )=============================
    ***You can Download and Flash the latest SuperSu zip to ROOT your device***
    Root access with SuperSu v2.82

    ================Get ZIP ( #6 here )=============================
    This "latest and greatest" TWRP for ALL VERSIONS OF ANDROID.
    Download Permanent TWRP Recovery.

    Stick with the package you select, don't mix and match versions, and stay with WIFI version unless you know better.

    Set all ZIPs that you have downloaded into the storage folder on your PC for now, we will need them later.

    III. Touchpad/PC Execution steps:
    Boot into WebOS Recovery ( giant USB symbol ) with cable connected to PC.
    Run the custom script TPTB_WipeAll_TWRP_v02_win.bat:
    It will give you the option of running the TPTB where you can perform some maintenance steps. Most users will select '1' to run WIPEALL from Main Menu.

    III. Touchpad/PC Execution steps: continued
    Most users will START here, after pressing '1' in Main Menu.
    Continue ( press "c" ) with the TPTB_WipeAll_TWRP_v02_win.bat, it will then load the uImage.WIPE, you should see a quick blue flash, and an orange header with some white text. Wait until the orange header disappears, it will then automatically reboot. ( about 2 minutes ).

    At reboot, select Recovery on moboot menu, then press home key.

    Wait, and you will see the automatic load of 3.2.1-0 TWRP recovery.

    Wait, and you will see Touchpad drive mounted on your PC.

    TWRP recovery automatically creates a folder in the /data/media directory called TWRP, on the Internal SD card ( data ).

    IV. TWRP Install steps:
    ( If screen falls asleep, and power and home buttons don't respond, tap screen )
    Once in TWRP Recovery, go to your PC which is still connected via cable to TouchPad:

    Locate the storage folder on your PC where you stored your ZIPs.

    Copy the ZIPs: ( drag and drop )
    1) ROM, 2) Universal Optimize Swap Settings 3) ROM Reducer 4) Gapps, 5) SuperSu and 6) Permanent Recovery zip files into the /Touchpad/InternalStorage/TWRP mounted Touchpad volume.
    ( P.S. actually you can copy the zips anywhere in 'Internal Storage' or 'Micro SDCard' Touchpad mounts, as long as you know where to find them on your Touchpad, I am just giving you the default location for simplicity sake )

    2) Once copy is complete, you can disconnect the USB cable from the PC and Touchpad.

    3) These zips will then show up in the /sdcard/TWRP or /data/media/TWRP directory on your Touchpad.

    4) Select INSTALL from TWRP, drill to /sdcard/TWRP directory, then load in this specific order ( pressing 'add more zips' between loads )
    == ROM,
    == HpTp Universal Optimize Swap Settings,
    == ROM Reducer,
    == Gapps,
    == SuperSu
    == Recovery TWRP
    then swipe to flash.

    It will take awhile for the system to flash these zips ( about 5 mins ) until the reboot option shows up.

    press reboot system button

    At Moboot menu I selected "boot Evervolv" your menu item might be a different name depending on the ROM you installed.

    During my experimental testing I loaded Evervolv Nougat and it took about 15 additional minutes until I got to the Android Start screen after "boot Evervolv" selected. Mileage may vary.... but soon your HP Touchpad will be in the promised land of Android with swap.
    Well wanting to test this Oreo ROM but the link is dead, https://download.dirtyunicorns.com/?device=tenderloin
    is there a another ROM or Dev build you can send?
    been having a ball with JC's 4.4 plus various tweaks, 7.1 just to much bloatware and time consuming to tweak, not that its bad. Just wanting to try the Oreo.. thanks man..

    Hello deafasheck, yea, yea be careful of the "bloatware" LOL, but you and others looking for Oreo links, not sure how long the main Dirty Unicorn 8.1 links will be down, but in the meantime RolandDeschain79 posted these links...

    Oreo ROM: ( 6/18/2018 date )

    Oreo Gapps: ( 8.1 Nano )
    Hey Slacker!!!!! :cyclops:

    I know your just kidding about Nevertells2, I trust both you and Nevertells2 for good information I guess we all look at the water glass differently, some half full, some half empty. Its good to have different viewpoints on these boards.

    Yes I might try Lineage11 with one of my Nougat tablets to see how it works, because as of late the WiFi on my Nougat builds has been in and out, it used to be strong. I think because Elgin has been tweaking the WiFi drivers to fix the lag and looks like there has been some regression in WiFi, but I just installed the 7/15 build, so like Lippy I am always updating and hoping for the best.

    An interesting observation, I have not seen Flintman commenting on any boards the last few months, maybe he is taking a break like JC Sullins.

    Just joking around of course, me and NT have had many conversations about what we thought would be the end of the tablet. Originally the ACMEInstaller had limited the size of the system partition and we struggled to reduce space on the tablet. imark90 came along with a updated version and saved the day. Then the big move to data media builds was a difficult transition saved by Jcsullins TPtoolbox. You're familiar with the current state of things and provided your own excellent work around to solve the TWRP installation issue.:good:

    Sure hope Flintman is not taking a JCsullins break as he has not returned and basically stated that he wouldn't share his work here anymore :( Hopefully Flintman is just not dealing with the tedium of the forum threads, it can get quite tiring trying to deal with each and every user comment. As NT pointed out this slacker :cyclops: hasn't been doing a good job of that either. 90% of the time the problem is user error or failure to read the instructions, I can't even look at the YouTube comments or msgs anymore. :eek:

    All I need to know is written up right here in the Evervolv commits. As you can see both Flintman and the Elginsk8r have been hard at work making development magic happen and I thank them:highfive: We have all the tools we'll need to manage the tablets partitions but talented developers are few and far between. We're just lucky to have a few incredible ones left with us.

    Edit: Lucky post # 777
    Very good job! Thank you for all your hard work and effort. I really enjoy this old HP tablet and thanks to you, it really rocks now.

    Yes thats what I have been hearing too, that the latest Nougat ROM ( ev_tenderloin-7.1.2-nightly-2017.11.03.zip )
    really rocks.

    In fact Lippy actually asked Nevertells2 to give it another try, because he knows Nevertells2 really likes his KitKat4.4.4.

    Actually Android Oreo on the HP Touchpad is in its beta version right now, but maybe in a few months it will be
    rocking like Nougat. You could still use the instructions in the OP to install any version of Android, as long as you have the 3 ZIPs ( ROM, GAPPS and Recovery ) of the "said" Android version.
    Videos don't help much, I'm deaf as heck.. and getting lost in the steps..


    You might try this