[Updated:14-May] Opera Mini 4.2 CAB/OEM for VGA/QVGA

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Feb 25, 2008
Opera Mini CAB for Windows mobile 5/6/6.1

UPDATED 14-May-2009
Updated to Opera Mini4.2 Buid 13918 (20090303)
New JBed 20090216.5.1
two seperate versions for Hi-Resolution and Low-Resolution screens.
Large fonts for VGA devices
Small fonts for QVGA devices

I created this cab to use in my Himalaya & Diamond I keep this in the ExtROM (SD Card) so that I don’t have to re install this every time I hard reset or upgrade my ROM through new builds.

This CAB will install the following software and tweaks:

1. Jbed Java-VM (Latest)
2. Opera mini 4.2
3. Signing Opera mini as trusted(So that annoying confirmation prompt to network
connection and to Saving/uploading files is removed.
4. Direct shortcut for opera mini in Start->Programs->Internet.
Shortcut for Jbed under Start->Programs->Accessories
5. Nice opera icon for the shortcut & to be used in the today launchers.

Traditionally to do this all you had to transfer several files and do several taps and clicks on your PPC & PC, but with this you can do them all by just tapping the CAB.

You can add this cab to your Extended ROM or add the files as an OEM to your ROM in cooking, so after each hard reset your favorite browser is available right there. You can simply synchronize the bookmarks in two taps.

You don’t need to install any other JVM, ‘cos this already installs Jbed, the best full screen JVM that also supports soft keys. Try some Nokia s60-v3 games on it…

NOTE: Make a backup of the folder “APPDB” which may either in your Jbed installation folder. If you wish to remove this application and want to restore the previous apps, simply restore this folder.

Happy Installation….

If you are already using Jbed and hundreds of other JAVA software too, you may prefer the tweaks but not to loose the other softwares. If that’s the case you can follow the steps I have described and apply them and copy the Cab in to your Extended ROM so that it will only take effect after your next reset.

Signing Opera mini As trusted…
One of the only negatives of using Jbed, over Jeodek, used to be that any time an application wanted to access to the Internet, Jbed would ask twice if you want to allow the action. It will also forget this permission next time you ran the application, so you would have to give permission every time you ran a Midlet that tried to access the Internet. Thank GOD, a work around for this annoyance has been found!

1.) Copy the file \windows\appdb\selector.utf to your PC
(make sure backup this file first in case something goes wrong!)
2.) Remove read-only attribute
3.) Extract the file “sign_operamini.exe
from my zip to the same folder and run it.
4.) It will patch the selector.utf and create a backup too.
5.) Now replace the selector.utf file in the pocket PC with the patched.
6.) DONE

Making a direct shortcut to Opera Mini (or any other Java Midlet)

Since Opera Mini is a Java Midlet application, one annoying aspect is that to run Opera Mini, you must first run the Java Midlet, tap on the "Applications" list item, then tap on the "Opera Mini 4 beta" item. Luckily, some users out there have figured out how to create a shortcut that launches Opera Mini (or any other Java app) directly. Assuming you haven't installed any other Java apps, you need to create a shortcut file (e.g., opera.lnk) pointing to

("\windows\jbed.exe -run s0_")

The magic portion is the number after the the letter "s" in the shortcut target. This is the list position of the Java Midlet in the Jbed application list. If you install Jbed as a fresh install and then directly install Opera Mini, just use the number "0" to refer to Opera Mini ("\windows\jbed.exe -run s0_"). If you install another MIDlet (after Opera Mini), its index will become 1, then the next installed Midlet will have an index of 2, and so on. The last installed MIDlet will have the last index.

So go to any text editor and create the link, the replace the extention TXT with LNK.
A pre-made shortcut file can be found here.

28#"\windows\jbed.exe" -run s0_

Making a icon for Opera Mini shortcut

I have created a icon dll file to be used as the shortcut icon. Copy “ Opera_Icon.dll “ to “\windows\appdb\” folder and add the following part to the end of your shortcut link.


So the link should be like this,

28#"\Windows\jbed.exe" -run s0_?\Windows\Appdb\opera_icon.dll,0

I have also attached a .ico file to be used in other launchers.

Opera Mini 4 on Windows Mobile as Default Browser

XDA-Devs forum member shlomki has released the hacks in CAB format so that they’re very easy to install. These CABs are for ARM processors and for Pocket PC only (not smartphones). You can try them too..

• WM5 OperaMiniAsDefaultBrowser - WithoutSelectionDialog.cab
• WM6 OperaMiniAsDefaultBrowser - WithoutSelectionDialog.cab
• WM6 OperaMiniAsDefaultBrowser - WithSelectionDialog.cab

Using the 'WITH SELECTION DIALOG" cab, you get the dialog box to select either IE or Opera Mini as the browser to open the link each time you click on a link in a email, contact or in the messenger.


Opera Mini Large Fonts (VGA).CAB (2.9MB)
Opera Mini Small Fonts (QVGA).CAB (2.9MB)

Looks_Like_OEM.zip (1.42MB)
Opera_Mini_tweaks.ZIP (980kB)

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Is is legal to post a cab installer for Opera mini 4.1 here? I don't wanna get banned....!
The cab will install the following softwares & tweaks...
1.Jbed java VM,
3.Signing OM (so that annoying confirmation prompt to network connection & saving files is removed)
4.Opera mini dirrect shortcut in Start->Programs->internet (so that you dont need to open the midlet manager & then click OPERA.
5.Nice opera icon for the shortcut & to be used in today launchers.

Traditionally to do this all you had to transfer several files and do several taps on screen. Now you can do them all in one tap.
You can add this in the extended_rom or even cook in your rom to make OM4.1 available through hard resets automatically.
You dont need to install other JVMs after your hard resets, 'cos this cab already installs Jbed.

You man have to re install your other java files if you are already using Jbed as your current midlet manager.
But is it Ok to post here???

Stop playing, lol. It's good of you to ask, but of course it's ok to post your 'tweaked' opera mini. I'd love to try it out. Only sheer ignorance and a total disregard gets you banned for xda.


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Apr 21, 2008

Waiting for you to post your tweaked cab files. Appreciate your help:)



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Sep 13, 2007
Since you haven't tried to hack apart the EXE, and since it's free for download, I think it should be fine. Although, just to be sure, I'd host it somewhere other than on this site, so Opera can't try and destry XDA-Devs...


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Sep 13, 2007
Is opera Mini better than Opera Mobile??
That depends :p

Opera Mobile is a stand alone, high memory high bandwidth program that renders web pages as the are. Opera Mini runs within a Java program and renders pages for better display on a small screen. Opera mini also has much smaller bandwidth and memory usage.


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May 28, 2007
Opera Mini also synchs its bookmarks with Opera 9.5 beta on the desktop. For me that's a big plus point.


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Dec 21, 2004
A howto to remove the security message when Opera Mini tries to connect to the Internet would be also fine! ;)


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I have make this from a half year for German Users but now without Esmertec Jbed, because Esmertec have send a mail and say that this is not legal.


Two questions, do these cabs enable you to do simillar things indicated in the first post in this thread? I'm not home to use google translator to interpret what's being said referring those cabs. Also, can you post these cabs here because I did notice that one of those cabs is just over 3MB. I'm assuming that it's a tweaked Opera Mini 4.1.


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Feb 25, 2008
What's the build of the Jbed is? Is it the latest(20080428.2.1)?

It's v2.1 (20070802). I prefer that version, because if I use 3.1 (20080222) the cab will be over double the current size. When the new Jbed is installed in the SD card (which is not possible in the older versions) I got some problems with Opera Mini. As the new Opera mini frequently access the file system but not in a constant manner, it freezes for about 5sec once a while. This is because it cannot access the SD cards as fast as the main memory. This is not there if you use a expensive, good memory card. But most of us Sri Lankans (asians) go for cheape onces more...


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ok, thanks for the post. You posted two cabs, so which one do I have to install if I want Opera Mini as my default browser and it creates an icon in my ppc folder? The opera mini cab or the Opera Mini Tweaks cab. I'm under the impression that I dont have to create any mortscripts, etc, and hoping all I need to do is install a cab. thanks in advance.