[Updated 2/7/2011]Tom XAP Installer v1.2 with multiple xaps install support


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Sep 29, 2006
Hi all !

For all devices unlocked with ChevronWP7 Unlocker , we're can easy install custom ringtones or applications .XAP format via Application Deployment , but everytimes need open start menu --> Application Deployment then browser .xap to tool for install take too much times and almost make some in us crazy :)

That why i decided to write Tom XAP installer , basicly Tom XAP installer and Application Deployment are the same ( Alow install custom .xap to device and emulator windows phone 7 ) But Tom XAP installer a lot convenience , it's alow you install .xap with double click to file or simple just right click --> install xap

How to :

Download exe and put it somewhere in PC, run it , it will automatic add registry path of application and add menu , icon to .XAP files

Then just close it and now double click to custom ringtones , or any .xap format files , the Tom XAP installer will automatic open and give you some details ( App name , Version , Author , Size , Description of XAP ) then select where you will install xap ( device or emulator )

Press Install and wait it finish.

Notices :

1. Tom XAP installer Requires .NET 4.0 Framework and Windows Phone 7 SDK

2. If you install xap to device
- Please make sure your device was unlocked with ChevronWP7 Unlocker ( Here is guide how to unlock )
- Make sure your device was connected with PC and Zune lauched
- Make sure your device not in sleep mode

3. If you move Tom XAP installer.exe to other location in PC , you should run it again one time for registry again location of application

4. If you don't like this software , just run Tom XAP installer.exe and uncheck " Enable Tom XAP installer" it will uninstall all registry of Tom XAP installer in your PC

-Updated v1.2 2/7/2011 :

-Update support multiple xaps install
-Make right admin access

Video :

-Updated v1.1 1/9/2011 :

Fixed problems when install Games , now icons should works correctly !

For fix limit 10 .xap install to device , use new ChervonWP7 without limit xap install :

Cheers !

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Jan 29, 2007
Is there a way for you to release a 2nd version of your utility that ONLY specifies Emulator by default, and points to a network path for the emulator, instead of assuming the hard file path? ie. instead of assuming c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs etc. it would either ask you for the path to XDELauncher.exe and accept network paths, or you could specify the network share path in a config file?

I'm wanting to put a XAPs on an internal site, and use a shared emulator on a network share to launch the app in the emulator when clicked on.

I'll donate if you can do it :)


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Jun 21, 2010
We can't update the tool, sorry 'bout that.
What's wrong with you Chevron guys? Why the hell did you work LIKE HELL on that unlocking stuff, just to shut the whole thing down in less than 2 weeks? You can't tell me you're still figuring out how to persuade Microsoft..


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Feb 18, 2008
Deployment Tool & XAP installer

Hi Tom

Does your installer still require the developer deployment tools to function, or can I remove the deployment and continue using your installer?