Updated 3-3-09 - JFv1.43 for UK RC9 firmware! also ADP 1.5 post 2

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Oct 23, 2008
Official APD1.5 image in Post 2
Here's the new JFv1.43 RC9 for all you UK users. Enjoy!

--- announcement for JFv1.43 Holiday
New! JFv1.43 is a bugfix release for the Holiday (ADP1.1h) version. This release fixes the issues most people were having with Latitude hanging after clicking "I agree". More info on my blog.

The links below have been updated with the new versions.

--- announcement for JFv1.42
The ADP1.1h version of JFv1.42 is out! This is based on the new ADP1.1 OTA that was put out this morning. I've also released a JFv1.42 version of RC33, that fixes the issue with adb not being enabled in recovery mode. You can find more details here

The links below have been updated with the new versions.

--- announcement for RC33
The RC33 version of JFv1.41 is here! Links are below. It is essentially the same as the RC30 version, as far as my changes are concerned. You of course get all the goodies included in RC33.

Note: RC33 contains a radio update. I chose not to include this in the RC33 update itself, because I personally don't want it re-flashing the radio every time I apply this update. Here (md5: cf8714d273fb0274574d9e3831e11fdd) is a separate update that *just* flashes the radio. You only need to install this update once (unless you happen to flash an nbh at some point in the future, in which case you should re-flash the radio afterwards).

To check if you have the new radio, go into the about phone screen in settings and check the baseband info. It should end with

note: I have no clue what the differences are in the new radio. I just assume they are good, and that it's better to use the new radio than the one from RC30. ;)

note: (yes, I love Notes :p). You shouldn't need to do a wipe if you're going from RC29 or RC30 to RC33. I've even had reports that you don't need to do a wipe going from ADP1.1 to RC33. Give it a shot if you want, and let us know if you had to wipe. Don't forget to do a nandroid backup first :D

note: (couldn't resist). The first/initial boot after upgrading to RC33 make take a minute or two. Just give it some time before concluding that you need to do a wipe.

(original release annoucement for JFv1.41)

This version contains... *drumroll* multi-touch support! Thanks to lukehutch, zinx and ryebrye, this build allows android applications to receive multi-touch events. The built-in browser now supports multi-touch zooming! It also includes an "Auto-Rotate" setting that you can enable, to allow it to change screen orientation, based on the orientation of the phone. You can turn on auto-rotate in the browser settings (it's off by default).

See lukehutch's blog post for more information about the new multi-touch support, as well as a few other demo multi-touch apps he created that you can try out after installing JFv1.4. He also mentions a few issues that are present in browser, that you might run into while playing with zoom.

Other changes of note for JFv1.41 include:
  • a console in recovery mode. You can press alt+x to exit out of the recovery program and go directly to a console.
  • the ADP1 build is now based on the ADP1.1 firmware. See this thread for information about the changes in ADP1.1
  • the ADP1 build now includes .odex files for all of the system apks and jars. This means that you will have more space available in /data for all of your apps and caches, although less space available in /system
  • busybox's vi should now save files correctly, instead of saving them as blank files

One thing that I would like to point out about the ADP1.1 build is that it allows you to skip the initial google registration. This will make registering over wifi painless. You just click the "skip registration" button in the registration app, enable wifi in settings, then open the registration app again by trying to access one of the google apps (gmail, market, etc.), and then you can register over wifi.


ADP1.1: (md5: 076ba12c3e733805ba1c865ab48d370c)

RC33: (md5: 6ecf0ea8175e1aece8a770253447b6a8)

RC9: (md5: 5a722ad92c9dd1081987b2ad9814111f)

In the console in recovery mode, there are a number of "special keys" that you should be aware of:
ctrl			search
caps lock		menu (on the keyboard)
arrow keys		call + w,a,s,d
change virtual console	call + 1,2,3...0
scroll console		home + w,s
page up			menu (above the trackball) + w
page down		menu (above the trackball) + s
home			menu (above the trackball) + a
end			menu (above the trackball) + d
escape			back
reboot			menu (above the trackball) + search + backspace

Also, you can type "reboot" to reboot, and type "recovery" to go back into the recovery program.

JFv1.41 can be installed in the usual way. Save the zip file to your sdcard named update.zip, boot into recovery mode (home + power), and then press alt+s. If you are switch between versions, e.g. from RC30 to ADP1, you must also do a wipe in recovery mode (alt+w). This will clear all your data/settings/apps, and you will have to re-register once it boots back up. If you are staying on the same build, i.e. from JFv1.31 RC30 to JFv1.41 RC30, then you shouldn't have to do a wipe.

NOTE: If you are on the stock ADP1 image, you will need to upgrade to JFv1.31, then boot normally at least once, before upgrading to JFv1.41, to keep from having to perform a wipe. If you try to go from stock ADP1 -> JFv1.41 directly, you will have to do a wipe.

NOTE: If you end up with 2 Superuser whitelist apps in the app menu, you can uninstall one of them in Settings->Applications->Manage Applications. There will only be 1 that is uninstallable, so don't worry about uninstalling the wrong one.

Note: To install these updates, you need to have a recovery image that uses test keys. If any of the following are true, you most likely have a recovery image that uses test keys
  • you have installed my modified recovery image in the past
  • you have an ADP1
  • you currently have one of my modified firmwares installed

If this is your first time installing one of my firmwares, you may be interested in the other changes that have been made in previous versions, which are included in this version. Some of the notable features include:
  • Many more commands are available to use on the terminal. busybox is included, to provide standard commands like cp, grep, less, more, vi, sed, cp.. etc.
  • A secure way to get root access, through Koush's superuser application. To get root, open up terminal emulator and type su. A new window will open asking if you want to allow root access. Click "Yes" or "Always", and it will go back to the terminal emulator, and you'll have root access
  • A number of useful kernel modules that you can use. For example, ext2, cifs, and a host of others
  • A full phone backup utility. Boot into recovery mode with home+power, and then press alt+b to perform a backup. It stores the backup as .img files in a subfolder of the nandroid folder of your sdcard. To restore the backup, you have to have the engineering spl or hardspl installed, and then flash the images with the fastboot utility
  • ota updates are disabled. This is to prevent t-mobile from automatically updating your phone with a new update that removes your root access.
  • some applications that are missing on RC8 (the uk version) have been added. For example, the voice dialer and the amazon mp3 store.
  • when you connect to the phone using adb, you have root access

I've attached a full changelog vs the official builds for each version.

Here are the updated Build Environments for JFv1.41. These can be used to create an update identical to JFv1.41, or to create one modified to suit your tastes/preferences. You can find more info about the build environments over at my v1.31 post

ADP1.1: (md5: ce591333f2252d805c5eaccae332f5e7)

RC33: (md5: b3b0bc89c4b417b6ce6728fd9cc2c7fc)

RC9: (md5: 0d0845f85382e5689f015a2904f928a0)


  • ChangeLog-ADP1.txt
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  • ChangeLog-RC8.txt
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  • ChangeLog-RC30.txt
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Oct 23, 2008
Official ADP1.5 image

JesusFreke’s AndBlog

The official 1.5 firmware is here finally!
When is your 1.5 coming out?
May 1, 2009

The answer is… wait for it.. wait for it..


If only i had a nickel for every time someone asked me that over the last week or two :p

This build is based on the official HTC ADP1.5 image. You should install the 1.5 radio from that HTC page before using this build.

Some of the important changes/features

* I’m now including a much better Superuser app, courtesy of zinx
* I’ve rebuilt the kernel and enabled netfilter support, to allow tethering.
* You can see/download both paid and protected apps in the market
* Luke’s multitouch kernel patch and browser patch have been ported to the .27 kernel and 1.5 browser.
* Support for the “apps to sdcard” hack. There’s not a separate “apps to sdcard” build. You can use the same build whether you are doing apps to sdcard or not. Thanks to haykuro for explaining how he’s done this in his images, so I can make my builds compatible. See here for a tutorial on setting this up.
* I’m not including a recovery image in this build. I ran into some snags getting all of the recovery features to work with the 1.5 recovery image, so I’ll forgo that for now. If you don’t have a spiffy recovery image yet, I’ve packaged up the most recent recovery image from JFv1.43 as a separate update.

If you are already running a “rooted” build (ADP/mine/haykuros/the dudes/whatever), it is available for download via the jf updater app (available on the market). If you don’t see it, open up the app settings, and choose either ADP1 or “All the updates” for the “System Mod Version” setting.

Or you can always download the update.zip file below and install it yourself. If you have a G1 and this is your first time installing a community firmware, you’ll need to follow any of the multitudes of tutorials out there for rooting your phone.

You can try to upgrade without a wipe, but if you run into any problems (for example, su/Superuser doesn’t work), you’ll need to perform a wipe. If you don’t want to wipe, take a nandroid backup before upgrading, so you can revert back to the backup.

JFv1.50 ADP1.5

JFv1.50 ADP1.5 Build Environment


JFv1.43 Recovery Only
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Nov 10, 2008
Nothin but the best from the best! Works great man!

Thanks to you and everyone else that helped make this possible.



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Oct 9, 2008
will give it a go in a few hours

u've got to be the top supporter of the android community.

keep it up!!


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Oct 28, 2007
Couldn't wait for a new update. You delivered like a champ!
Thanks peeps!

EDIT: Just a question, do I need to format my SD again like the other post says?
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Nov 16, 2007
hey JF
for each of your releases you have said "If you are staying on the same build, i.e. from JFv1.31 RC30 to JFv1.4 RC30, then you shouldn't have to do a wipe" but every time i install one of your builds i get stuck with an infinite boot loop and have to perform a wipe. Any ideas? btw ive only used your adp builds on an adp


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Jan 16, 2009
Installing now, i'll post in a sec when it works :D

Edit: of course, it works great!! multitouch is something I would have never expected :D

Edit2: just installed rc33 and the radio update, everything works great :D. Posting from it now!
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Mar 30, 2008
do the jf rc30 1.3 themes work with the new update or we going to need to update the themes


awesome job everyone! installed and loving it. thanks for all your hard work


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Oct 23, 2008
do the jf rc30 1.3 themes work with the new update or we going to need to update the themes

The themes for RC30 and RC8 should work. The only thing you have to watch out for is if the theme overwrites Browser.apk, you'll lose the multi-touch browser.

The themes for ADP1 will most likely need to be updated to work with ADP1.1 unfortunately.


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Jun 14, 2007
ok so i need to resign my browser.apk before doing the template or not? thank the best release yet
The themes for RC30 and RC8 should work. The only thing you have to watch out for is if the theme overwrites Browser.apk, you'll lose the multi-touch browser.

The themes for ADP1 will most likely need to be updated to work with ADP1.1 unfortunately.