[UPDATED 7/26 - v1.4] Pimped out recovery image with new features

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Oct 24, 2007
Washington, DC
One thing I'd like to see is maybe a way to flash more than just update.zip - even if it's just being able to flash update.zip, update2.zip, etc.. idealy, Alt-S would scan your SD card for any files that start with "update"For instance, I'm stuck like chuck on the hero theme right now, so whenever I update my ROM, I have to restart and then reflash the theme. couldjust name them update-romname.zip and update-themename.zip


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Mar 28, 2008
hey, minor issue, when i ran the ext fsck it told me it failed and run in console, i clicked on go to console and tried alt+x and the menu disappeared and the text at the bottom moved up a line but i did not get to the terminal in recovery, this makes me sad :( i tried rebooting several times into recovery and i can't access the terminal


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Sep 30, 2006
Jacksonville, FL
Couple of questions... please:

-In recovery... I hit "Alt-X" and I do not get a "prompt". All I get is "Build: CyanogenMod v1.0 + JF"

-If I choose the "Alt +M" option (AppsToSD)... is it applying this fix...
7. How do I convert to Ext3?
Reboot into recovery (home + power), drop to a console (Alt+x), and enter: "mount /system", then "upgrade_fs". Reboot and you will be at ext3.


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    This recovery hasn't been maintained in almost a year.

    Use Clockwork or Amon_RA.

    Mods please close :)
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