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(UPDATED) Patched boot for Oneplus 6/t oos11 open beta 2, 3 and Stable latest

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Nov 18, 2011
Achieved in this way...
  1. Boot PBRP on 6t
  2. Flashed 11.1.1 incremental update
  3. flashed PBRP flashable zip (Includes Magisk)
  4. Flashed TWRP A/B Retention zip
  5. reboot to system
  6. reboot to recovery again
  7. flash magisk again
Finally OP6t + PBRP + Magisk = Relief

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    In this patched boot included:
    Magisk latest
    PBRP latest recovery
    PB= Only PBRP Recovery
    PBwithmagisk= Magisk with PBRP Recovery
    Updated: Stable included with magisk and custom recovery

    Im currently using this patched boot and its working fine without any bugs and this patched boot also came from my oneplus 6t. For Oneplus 6 I have only for stable oos11 with magisk patched only
    Yea a proper guide from msmtool and getting to with twrp to flash other roms would be good.

    Also this is my second time asking this, why it says magistk is inside this patche twrp img, is there a button to flash magisk in there or something like that??? Also will normal Magistk flashing on or other android 11 roms brick the device? Stop being so vague devs pls.
    The developers and, other members of very precise. The issue is that you are most likely not reading past threads that can help you out. Start reading threads from android 9 till now being as though you are coming from android 9. Calling developers out on being vague is both not true and, in my opinion rude. These are regular people like you and, I who take time out of their busy lives to contribute to this community. We all should be grateful for their time and, effort that they put in.
    Can someone please explain what PBOb3 is for? For international converted??
    Also what does patched with magisk mean? Means it will automatically install magisk or has it saved in the directory somewhere? So vague...
    Yes. I have Tmobile international converted 6t and, I used the PB03 to install the latest TWRP installer, Magisk and, Android 11. Once you fastboot the PB03 file it will give you a temporary twrp that will allow you to to flash everything you need.
    I'm on stable 11.0.
    I'd like to root and install twrp on it
    Unfortunately but as you can see on this thread tht I only have patched boot for open beta 2 and 3, and i probably wont going to patch a new stable rom tht recently out.. i will give new update if more stable version out
    Sorry for the stupid question, does that enable me to go to TWRP Recovery and then I should install Android 11 zip there? (from the Full OTA at this page for 6T?)
    Correct. I wrote what I did exactly in this thread. Go back some posts and, you will see it.