[UPDATED][ROM][6.0.1][Galaxy J5 2016/FN]Light Stock Rom V3

How many of you own any of the following models?

  • SM-J510FN

    Votes: 327 69.0%
  • SM-J510F

    Votes: 65 13.7%
  • SM-J510G

    Votes: 30 6.3%
  • SM-J510M

    Votes: 52 11.0%

  • Total voters
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    [B]I will not be held responsible for you getting fired because
    the alarm app failed or any happy ending that occurs
    with your device. You are choosing to do these modifications
    and if you point your finger at me, i will laugh at you[/B] :P


    Debloated (Some bloatware removed)
    Added init.d support
    S7 nougat Browser
    S7 Music Player
    S7 File manager
    S7 Quick connect
    3G tweaks
    Wireless tweaks
    Netspeed tweaks
    Google DNS tweaks
    Note 7 System sounds
    Note 7 ringtones and notifications
    Su.d support
    Insecure boot
    Battery tweaks
    Performance tweaks
    VoLTE (Must work)
    and lots of other stuffs as well.


    1) You need to be on stock marshmallow firmware. If you are not then please flash the official firmware through Odin first!
    2) The ROM is set on Autoformat. That is it will wipe all your apps, settings, call logs etc. So first do a backup. I will always recommend a NANDROID BACKUP before flashing any ROM. However its will not wipe your internal storage :p
    3) TWRP recovery for flashing.
    Download from here


    1) Boot into TWRP recovery using Volume UP button + Home button + Power button simultaneously for upto 10 seconds.
    2) Wipe your Data, Cache and Dalvik cache first before proceeding.. It may cause a bootloop if you don't.
    3) Click on install from main menu and locate the downloaded ROM.
    4) Select the ROM, flash and reboot.:good:
    5) First boot time may vary from 5-20 mins to load. So please be patient.
    6) If the keyboard doesnt show any word suggestions then please use another keyboard like the latest sony xperia keyboard from
    here. Its good looking as well as better than sammy's keyboard:)

    I have made an attempt to make WiFi work on any firmware baseband. In case WiFi fails then i will recommend you to first flash the official firmware through odin before flashing TWRP and the ROM. Baseband versions are provided below.

    Your thanks will encourage me to get you more cool stuffs :p

    Download V3 for J510FN
    Old Versions

    Download ODIN from here

    UPDATE V1.1​

    DOWNLOAD UPDATE V2:highfive: (Has some issues)

    Baseband version details:
    For SM-J510FN : J510FNXXU2APK6

    Refer post #2 for changelog

    @Me ofcourse :p
    @wowanbelousov For TWRP Recovery
    @ashyx For Adaptable storage
    @Vipul Jha For Tweaks

    ROM OS Version: Built from stock 6.0.x Marshmallow
    ROM Kernel: Stock kernel
    ROM Firmware Required: Stock Marshmallow Android 6.0.1
    Stable Release Date: 07/01/2017
    [B]Changelog v1:[/B]
    Initial support for SM-J510FN
    [B]Changelog v1.1: [/B]
    Fixed some bugs and issues
    Built from latest firmware available for each model
    Added support for F/G/GN/MN models
    [B]Changelog v2.0: (Will be fixed in next update with some extra features too) [/B]
    Added support for MN model
    SE policy patch for ViperFx to work
    Added init.d support
    Adaptable storage (Use your External SD as internal storage)
    Some more tweaks as well
    [B]Changelog v3.0: (Coming Soon) [/B]
    Good news guys :D...here are the screenshots of ur next upcoming rom...a Note 7 rom! ...Confirmed working by one user for FN model ...need ONE more tester for this initial release... Once confirmed, the final rom will come soon:good:
    Can't keep to say thank!!!

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    by away, when will we get CM on this device? :D
    Well after I have added support to the other variants perhaps 2 more in the upcoming days, I may start working on CM 13 or CM12.1 for u guys :)
    Sorry guys. I can't take this anymore. I got some replies via PM and social networking that rom is causing bootloop. I need the phone to see the issue. I can't solve it this way. It won't work at all. I am not giving excuses but this is the truth. You might have expected many things from me guys, but I am helpless. Nothing can be done properly with the phone. Version V1.1 was successful because I had J5 2016 at that time. Even my other projects were a success. Why? Because I have the phone in my hands and if there is an issue I can solve it on my own. So I constantly hope that some other developer takes up 2016 development. Thanks for all your support and no hard feelings. Wishing you guys all the luck.