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UPDATED ◉ Small EUI by aurel ◉ V18.2 ◉ EUI 5.9 ◉ LeMax2 ◉ AROMA INSTALLER ◉ May 1 ◉

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Aug 16, 2010
How do I disable the aggressive app and power management in EUI? I use an aftermarket alarm clock and it didn't trigger this morning. Oops. Also, other apps don't work when the screen is off. For example, I use ring video doorbell. The app alerts me when someone comes to the door. I am not getting any notifications.

I battery unoptimized these apps in settings and that didn't seem to work.


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Aug 16, 2010
I was on Small EUI 7.1. Tried flashing the 7.2P patch and now the phone gets stuck on the LeEco Share the Eco World start screen. Any ideas whats up?

Edit: Powered down and restarted. Seems to be fine.
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Apr 28, 2008
Xiaomi Mi 11
How do I disable the aggressive app and power management in EUI? I use an aftermarket alarm clock and it didn't trigger this morning. Oops. Also, other apps don't work when the screen is off. For example, I use ring video doorbell. The app alerts me when someone comes to the door. I am not getting any notifications.

I battery unoptimized these apps in settings and that didn't seem to work.
In the first post you can find information about how to disable background control.

Desde algún lugar con mi X829


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Jan 30, 2015
OnePlus 7 Pro
Normal i had 4,5-5 hours of SOT with 100% use of battery. Now almost 3 hours already with only 35% use.
The comparrison is with the same apps on the same phone with the same user. Only the Little change from 7.1 to 7.2P makes the difference. I find it verry good. Maybe sombody else has different experiences?
Oh thank you so much for the info. I couldn't notice you say 35% I was getting nearly 3.5 sot WiFi is fully on and sometimes mobile network..

Does someone know anything about the issue on Google Duo which is in attachment?


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Oct 17, 2015

Can you port the EUI5.9.23 Beta for LE2 X526 the same as this so that we can use it without any blotware and optimized for battery or performance whichever is necessary?

Would really appreciate that.
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May 7, 2011
Just using the V7. 2 P. Great work!! Really smooth and stable.
But I get some problems getting VPN to work. No way to connect. Is there a patch as for V6 if I remember right?
Thanks for your great job!!!


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Jun 7, 2015
Hello guys. Yesterday I installed the 7.2P, and I have some problem with the 4G signal... And this drain my battery a lot. So anyone else with this problem?

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Aug 25, 2007
I use this soft with patch 7.2B for several days. Everything works great except for one thing. I do not react to a finger reader at all.
Do you have idea what could be the cause?
I do not know if this could be a phone or software fault?
Leeco le max 2 x820 4/64

B.R. Fred

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    Another devs! Please do not steal my work! Request permission from me!

    Please guys do not write Private Message for me, bacause i have 230+ messages and i can't answer to all.
    If you have problem, please use this therad "Reply" section and if i can, answer it. ( Do Not Quote the whole OP! )
    Maybe if i can't, the community have good answer for you. Thank you! :)

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    Does not need to flash gapps, or anything else. Just one zip file!
    The google play store is preinstalled, and convertible to System app. (See Tip6 below)
    All your notification is work like never before on EUI. (Gmail, Messenger, Line, Viber, and all other...)
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    * X829 4/32GB, 4/64GB, 6/64GB, 6/128GB. Gray/Silver/Gold/RoseGold
    * Based on EUI 5.9 Stable and fast, ready to Daily use
    * 5 different chooseable Soft Button brightness
    * Optional Magisk, Xposed
    * Lastest Google keyboard with number row (updatable to Gboard!)
    * Chooseable Camera API 2 with Google Camera
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    * Multicolor LED Notification Light (R.G.B.)
    * Build.prop tweaks (chooseable)
    * iOS emojis (chooseable)
    * Eye Protection mode with switch in Quick Toggles
    * The rom passes the SafatyNet. (Need to chooese Magisk from AROMA!)
    * Leeco Launcher without chinese stuff and without middle button + swipe up for google
    * Google like launcher (optional)
    * Adblock hosts file (optional)
    * More animation scale settings in developer options.
    * Added Dolby Atmos shortcut to Settings
    * New UI, notifications, and ringtone sounds[/B]
    * Enabled LeTouch Shutter ( fingerprint camera launch )
    * Better RAM management and faster response
    * Better Doze, no battery drain in deep sleep
    * Google Face Unlock ( smart lock -> trusted face ) ( Like an iPhone X lol )
    * Bigger Caller Photo ( chooseable )

    Note: Every (chooseable) and (optional) features based on Aroma Installer!
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    Download V3.1 -> Mega! Only 1,16 GB
    Download V4 -> Mega! Only 1,02 GB
    Download V4.2 Patch-> Mega! Only 87,4 MB
    Download V5 -> Mega! Only 1,16 GB
    Download V6.3 -> Mega! Only 1,05 GB
    Download V7.1 -> Mega! or Drive Only 1,06 GB
    Download V8 -> Mega! or Drive. Only 1,13 GB
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    * Changelog Post #2236 *
    Thanks the Mega! mirror link (V15.1) to WaPeR32 and @sat182 :D
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    Changelog XDA Post #2423
    Download V17-> Download From Android File Host
    Download V18-> Download From Android File Host
    Changelist in the #3006 post.
    Download V18.1-> From Google Drive (1,6GB) Mirror

    Download V18.2-> From Google Drive (1,6GB) Mirror

    Thanks for the hungarian translate files to @Keeperv85 and @tibcsi0407!

    Useful tips and tricks:
    Tip1: Use USA region and you can't see more chinese character and "3dot in a circle notify"

    Tip2: If you have issue with notifications:
    a: Type this in dialer app: *#*#46360000#*#*
    and disable the "Enable background resource control " option.
    b: Go to Settings -> App Management -> "right up gear icon" -> Battery optimization -> Now disable the optimization of the problematic app. GIF tutorial

    Tip3: If you want to use default launcher/browser/dialer/cam... instead of Stock.
    Go to Settings -> App management -> Default apps ( down ) -> Select and set your favorite.

    Tip4: Do not use Alarm Clock "weekdays " function, because its based on China and maybe its skip the alarm. Use the "Customize " and set all weekdays instead :)

    Tip5: If you have problems with charging, replace the Type-C cable and charger with a new one. The Stock charger and cables are *@#&* ..

    Tip6: If you want to make Google Play as System app: First log in the google, download some app, and let the play store update itself.
    Now restart to recovery, and flash the "MakeGooglePlayStoreSystemApp.zip " file.
    You can find this file on your /sdcard. :) Wohoo, magic! (If not, download it!)

    Tip7: Change the region to Mainland China, and you can update your System apps. ( Gallery, Browser, etc. )

    Tip8: The installer script calibrate your battery. Please do not cry for me, because you battery its seems lower, than before. Its normaly.
    You need 3 full discharge and 3 full charge to calibrate the battery graph. If you do that, you can see the difference! :)

    Tip9: If you have Google Play Services Force Close: Download this app, and follow the instructions. :)

    Tip10: If you have 65-70% screen "draining" and you think, this is an issue, please read this post to a clearer view. :D

    Tip11: If you have issues with mobile data/call:

    1. Download the adb, fastboot drivers
    2. Install it on your PC.
    3. Restart the phone in fastboot mode (power + vol down)
    4. Type this commands in the terminal:
    fastboot erase modemst1
    fastboot erase modemst2
    fastboot reboot
    5. Done.
    5+1: If you still dont have Network, you need to change your APN!

    Install instructions:
    -1.: If you are a newbie please follow this tutorial first! :D vagy ezt! :)
    0.: Backup your current ROM [with TWRP]
    1.:a. Download the "Small.EUI.V18.1.by;aurel.zip"
    2.: Move to phone [/sdcard or OTG]
    3.: a. Reboot the phone in recovery [TWRP]
    3. b. Do not wipe anything! The installer do it instead of you!
    4.: Install -> "Small.EUI.V18.1.by;aurel.zip"
    6.: Enjoy AROMA INSTALLER. (Follow the instructions)
    7: Follow the "Tips and tricks" section, and set up your phone :D
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    If you like this ROM please hit the "Thanks!" button! ( Right down corner ) ➘ And do not miss rate it!

    V18 is downloadable!

    Hy guys!

    I'm sucessfully builded a new Le Max2 rom.
    You can download it from AndroidFileHost.
    Very big update, so i recommande to do a clean install.

    Little changelist:

    • Based on EUI 5.9 23S and 26S and 28S. This is a good mix of frimwares. Stable and fast.
    • Reworked autobrightness
    • Fixed Viper 4 Android
    • Updated Magisk
    • Disabled LeEco gamma curve (oversaturation in the daylight)
    • Added back Stock LeCloud and theme store. (chooseable)
    • Fixed some battery draining issue (fixed deep sleep android os drain)
    • Reworked thermal engine (smoother and cooler device)
    • Improved battery ( better doze config)
    • Added new launcher (swipe up for google)
    • Added Glimpse Notifications (screen on if you get new notif.)
    • Added Boost+ app (junk and cache cleaner)
    • Added Google Camera if you choose Cam API2 (hdr+ not work. need 7.0)
    • Some graphical improvements
    • Added more language: Dutch, Slovak, Romana, Suomi, etc.
    • Fixed GPS issues (hopefully its perfect now)
    • New Notification LED driver (different charge and notif. blink duration)
    • Updated Security Patch (latest: nov. 5)
    • Fixed Launcher FC after choose NavBar mod
    • Updated kernel libraryes: reworked governors and schedulers
    • Fixed some Aroma Installer issues (fixed crashes and graphic bugs)
    • Faster animations and smoother UI
    • Entropy generator impprovements. (More smoothness)
    • And many more under the hood optimizations, updates
    Hope you guys like this new rom. Have nice day!. :)
    V16 beta editions

    Hy guys! :D

    Now i have a little time for this project , so the V16 reborn beta edition is on the way. (Make Small EUI great again :D )

    * Eliminated all GPS issues, and fully fixed the annoying Google Services Force Closes.

    * Comes with absoluetly new launcher without middle button, and with optional app drawer and 4x5 or 5x5 apps layout.

    * Added Google Face Unlock library. Now you can unlock the device with your face.

    * Debloated all of unused and unnecessary apps. So Its now "beta" because i removed a lot of applications, and maybe if its causes some fault, so i need to know.

    I need beta testers.

    Download links:
    - Beta 1 Mega!
    - Beta 2 Mega!
    - Beta 3 Mega!

    If you found a bug, please write me a Privat Message, or an email: [email protected] (Feedback)

    Maybe I wont answer, because i have a lot of messages, but i read it, and going further

    Update: I don't have messages from you guys. Please tell if the rom is perfect, and you don't find any bug too. :)

    If you like my work, you can support me on my signiture's donate button. Thank you! :)
    Today I had a random reboot when I was using stock gallery, I've installed the patch fix many days ago, goin back to v8

    Finaly i fixed the Quick charge and random reboot issues. You can try my new version.

    Changelog is in the OP, features list. ( first 10 )

    You dont need wipe data if you come from older version of Small EUI.
    But if you come from RR, Mokee or any other EUI rom, please do a clean install..

    Best regrads guys. I'm worked on it now again a lot of time :D
    Hi aurel very great rom . Changelog v11 vs 10.1?
    Thanks! :D

    Its not an small update, so i recomande to do a clean install!
    If not, maybe you can get some errors, wich is not the rom's fault, so dont blame me :D

    Changelog V11:

    - Rebuilded from the new 23S base (from 0%)
    - Fixed Mute function (with DND)
    - Fixed call volume and ringer sound
    - Reptimized hotplug profile ( lagfree and fast)
    - Added lot of animation settings (0.15x,0.25x,0.35x....0.85x..1x)
    - Added BlueGod bar (swipe from the edge to launch appdrawer )
    - Added App Freezer (you can freeze Stock apps, instead of delete them)
    - Added Small EUI banner for the Settings About Phone (you can download the root and xposed from here..)
    - Long Press for Google Search.
    - Fixed WhatsApp camera black dots
    - Added and fixed Automatic Power ON/OFF
    - Added ScreenAdjuster app to set Display Color
    - New Theme Store with new themes (works with USA region too)
    - Added new Weather app
    - Battery is better than ever, and the rom is faster than ever :D
    - Added lot of new Premium and paid apps. (SnapCam, SolidEx, QuickEdit, LightFlow, ChameleonWall..)
    - Under the hood optimalizations, fixes.. :)