[UPDATED to SP1] WM6 Platinum Edition 5.2.1711.18165.0.5.0 SP1 by NiTroGen


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Jan 5, 2007
Looking for some help, I dug this phone out of a box to give it to my step-son for a trip on Monday. I know it is short notice but I wanted to flash it with this rom but cannot find the instructions for SuperCID and format BINFS. I looked at karhoe's Guide but I guess this is so old the links are down. Any help would be great thank you.

P.S. I know I installed someone's Rom on here over a year or so ago however I have no idea which one.
just look at my last post - there is a kitchen, a ready-to-use ROM and tools + instructions how to unlock + flash.

If you are in a hurry - why not let the Tornado stay at WM5 or at the WM6 pack that is on it? If you just need a phone and not all the tweaking - why bother flashing?


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May 28, 2008
I was just worried about the stability of the current rom that is on here. I flashed the phone after I switched providers and only did it for fun. I'm worried about the stability of it and don't want my step-son being SOoL if it goes wonky. Thank you though.
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