Upgrade and Gms

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New member
Nov 29, 2021
Hello every one who's reading this
I'm à New member and i got an issue hope that i will find the solution
I have a mate 30 pro and i was on emui 11 and in order to have gms i had to downgrade to emui fortunately for me everything worked out fine for me and my phone
But my problèm is i can't upgrade it to emui 12 or 11 with the phone or hisuite
These are my questions :
1-What's the best way to upgrade my phone to emui 11 or 12
2-Will i lose my gms if i upgrade using that way
Thank you for helping me


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2010
Huawei Mate 30 Pro
I've just updated to EMUI12. I've had Google installed since the first "unofficial" method, working 100% with the exception of Google pay. Thankfully have never had to reset my phone.
I can say that since updating to 12 Google is still working, no issues with sync or any of those annoying messages some have had.