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Upgrade ROM / Firmware unbranded android 9 headunit SP9853i

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Mar 16, 2021
Kinda new to this. I've had this headunit for about 2,5 / 3 years now.
I dont like the looks of the provided software/launcher + its really buggy sometimes.
I've tried to contact the seller multiple times for an update, but never got any reply.
Is someone here willing to help me install a firmware update/new launcher?

Edit; added the factory info with MCU. Sorry for dirty screen lmao


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Thats just a root right?
I really want to just change the skin of the headunit. Tried multiple launchers but it blocks me from using music related apps
I had the same roblem with an Xtrons Android unit. Could not work out a way around it. When I did get a skin on there it could not access any of the pre-installed functions, only any I installed from Playstore. I gave up on it. Sorry, not much help!