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[Uploaded] 1908...TNT...18508.0.7.0 [Public Beta version]

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its right

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Jan 29, 2004
hi all

sorry for the late, but i was working on wizard and i didn't have a device to test.

today we have a new build for our HERMES, i finally ported to work perfectly for HERMES.

i used the drivers as modules (not files) and not compressed to get the highest performance ((thanks to misar for his great tool for the modules))

i will give some details,

Base Rom:

1908 build 18508 AKU 0.7.0

it is like professional version + HTC Home on TNT Series + :

- Select all contacts removed (some issues with opening contacts)
- Advanced config 1.0
- JAVA app removed (i will add many choices as cabs)
- Voice Recorder fixed
- Calculator Removed (1-Calc is enough)
- WinXplore newer version
- WiFi app replaced with newer one (Peek Pocket)
- AudioManager_1_2_725711 (new version)
- HTC Custom removed
- Softkey changer replaced with SoftKeyAppEx
- BT_FTP_1_2_30234_2 (new version)
- BT_SAP_2_02_b0925_r3
- Total Commander (latest version)
- Adobe Reader added
- Adobe Flash Player added
- One Note Added
- Windows Live Messenger 10.6.0031.2400 (latest build, no need to sync e-mails to contacts)
- NetworkPlugin_1_0_29714_1
- NetworkWizard_1_0_29982_7 (support most networks WorldWide)
- Modem Link (like Internet sharing, but support DUN and useful for linxus)

i will try to release this tonight or tomorrow (no more than tomorrow)

this thread will be edited continuously till i finished this rom and details ;).

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/57605169/1908..TNT..18505.HERMES.rar

Note: this one i didn't test it yet, thats because some of users want to upload and they didn't wait, i suggest to wait for Beta 2 which will be released after test it my self.
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Aug 7, 2007
Ya habibi I just found out my GPRS works on Cyphols ROM can you figure out why it only works on his and not on anyones elses?

Penske MB

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Feb 27, 2007
Can wait to try your next release. I am currently using the TNT2, and the only issue I had is "contact". After open and close the "contact" few times, and the device freeze.