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[URGENT HELP REQ] OS & more deleted! How to restore?

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New member
Nov 3, 2020
I need urgent help... Any senior member .. who can help me... It's very urgent.. I have only one phone... And mistakenly I've deleted everything from my phone... Including its OS and everything , I guess
Now I'm trying to boot up the phone.. it' leads me to orange fox recovery ... If I flash any rom.. it brings me to fox recovery again , whatever I do.. results are same.
Im tired of searching it's been 3 weeks now.. I've searched all over the internet but I won't get anything... Any devloper who can help me in that ???

Anyone who can help me on that.???
My phone is realme 1 .. and I'm fcked up .. please help me...
If anyone knows my problem.. please leave something , so I can contact you personally