[US998][STOCK][NOUGAT]LG V30 US998 US99810d_01_0411.KDZ

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Nov 30, 2010
Atlanta, Georgia
Alright I have tried everything in this thread and the others with zero success.
This is what I am trying to do.

I am trying to do a full refurb of my US Cellular US998 LG V30+ so I can relock the bootloader and sell it online. I have recently upgrade my phone due to the whole Verizon CDMA sunset thing and the LG models are going to suck later down the line.

Anyway I can see the phone in LGUP in every mode EXCEPT for download mode.
As soon as it goes into Download Mode, it does not appear in the device manager and subsequently does not proceed to flash because of that.

I have tried manually going into Download Mode (Vol up plus plugging in with cable) Tried different cables, different types of USB ports (USB 2.0, 3.1). Reinstalled the drivers after a full registry clean and device manager hidden devices clean. re-installed all the different versions of LGUP that are posted in this thread and the others...

All do the same thing. Cannot see the phone once its in download mode.

Does ANYONE have any suggestions at all on what to do next?

I mean I CAN just sell it as is, but I would rather it be fully back to factory before I did.

PS. Also not a newbie to this crap either. I was a service Tech at US Cellular for 9 years before they got rid of us all due to them starting to sell Apple devices (They'll tell you its not, but it IS because they didnt want ANYONE repairing those devices and we were all let go mere months after starting to carry it - NOT coincidence). Also still do phone repair on the side from time to time, but this issue has me stumped.

If you have TWRP, flash the US998 20e TWRP-flashable zip and that will restore LGUP Download mode. Then you can flash a full image KDZ (like US998 20h) and use ADB commands to re-lock the bootloader.
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Oct 19, 2010
If you have TWRP, flash the US998 20e TWRP-flashable zip and that will restore LGUP Download mode. Then you can flash a full image KDZ (like US998 20h) and use ADB commands to re-lock the bootloader.
Thank you I will try that and report back.

EDIT:: Thank you that worked PERFECTLY..

Thanks again..
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    * Android File Hosts MIRROR

    md5: 5186C743A4095E96127CCD22EF76F5B6

    * LG-Firmwares (user-supplied firmware repository, not affiliated with LG)



    * Android File Hosts MIRROR


    * Download Link from LG Bridge

    md5: A20530ECF898DA0BCEDAE0E07B6E1B48


    NOTE: This is for all V30/V30+ US998 -- open market US998 V30/V30+ as well as U.S Cellular US998 V30/V30+.

    Here's how to install Dev Patched LGUP:

    1) Download and install REGULAR LGUP and then go the LGUP folder on C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP and replace the "normal" files with the Dev Patched files (attached to this post).

    Install LG Drivers.


    2) Alternatively, you can create the folder yourself and just place the Dev Patched LGUP files there.

    You should create LGUP folder at "C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics"
    Then you download "LGUP+V30DLL_PATCHED.zip" file (attached to this post) and unrar.
    Copy all file after unrar to C:\Program Files (x86)\LG Electronics\LGUP
    Connect device and run LGUP.exe
    Done :D
    (IMPORTANT YOU INSTALL DEV PATCHED LGUP IN THE RIGHT PLACE. The dev patched LGUP needs to go where regular LGUP is normally installed, so it will run correctly.)

    Install LG Drivers.


    However, some people report better success installing "regular" LGUP first.

    Here's how to flash:

    * If you want to have the developer LG UP version, then you need both patched .dll and patched LGUP.exe. Attached a .zip that simply has to be unpacked in the LGUP folder and it will work right away. Dev LG UP looks like this:

    .DLL for all the variants I've found firmwares on XDA was the same[/SIZE].

    as i read in other post. Flashing a .KDZ on a unlocked bootloader messes things up.

    What i did to solve:

    Went into fastboot mode 'adb reboot bootloader'
    relocked the bootloader 'fastboot oem lock'
    rebooted to OS and skipped all configuration.
    Activated developer mode
    re enabled OEM unlock (it was grayed out before but now it could be switched since i relocked bootloader)
    Went into bootloader mode again
    Flashed my unlock.bin again 'fastboot flash unlock.bin'
    rebooted into OS and skipped configuration
    Activated developer mode and usb debuggin (OEM unlock is now grayed out but in ON position)
    Entered fastboot mode once again and flashed TWRP img
    manually entered in recovery mode (combo buttons vol+power until logo and then hold power)

    Now i have fully stock ROM and TWRP
    *important* it is highly recommended to use the original cable to do the flashing. (had problems with other cables until tried the original one)

    Hope this help anyone else in the future

    this topic saved my life
    When you flashed Verizon VS9996 Oreo to US998, how did the phone identify itself in About Phone? Still as US998 or as VS996?

    Sent via open market LG US998 V30/V30+

    VS996. LGUP even saw it as a 996.
    I'm downloading the 10c kdz posted by ChazzMatt and pulled the kdz tools at https://github.com/ehem/kdztools to make a twrp flashable zip tonight following the instructions given here https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-l90/general/guide-how-to-make-flashable-zip-roms-t2853084. If all goes well, I'll post the zip. In full disclosure, this is the first time for me to do this and I do not yet have a phone to test, still waiting for lg to start issuing v30+ bl unlock codes.
    There was a guy who had his bad ESN LS998 "converted" into U.S.Cellular US998, so he could use a SIM card. But he still had Sprint firmware on his device, from what he described...

    If you find out more, we're interested.

    Sent via open market LG US998 V30/V30+

    I unlocked my Sprint LG V30+ through an eBay seller claiming his SIM unlock technique was 100% successful. I was hesitant and grilled him about his methods before caving in and letting him tinker with my phone. I think it's the same method as the Chinese person on Baidu. It's done through LG Octopus and a custom US998 firmware that is modified to work for the Sprint variant. I am using it with a global AT&T SIM (working 100%) and the software appears to be stock Nougat US998 with no bloat.