General Usa version just got the android 13 update

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Dec 28, 2008
Just installed the android 13 update

Screenshot_20221123_111249_Software update.jpg
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    Finally got Android 13 today morning 936U1 with December patch.
    For those waiting, not really much of any noticeable change. I can get new Goodluck modules, and a few small things, kind of was a letdown.
    Unlocked on t-mobile and I have the latest update, still on Android 12
    Yeah, same here (but using Verizon service). I think there's some confusion with some of the discussion where the Android 13 update is only out for the "U" model (carrier branded) versus it still not out for the "U1" (unlocked) model. You're probably like me where you'd prefer to stay on the "U1" unlocked firmware track versus flashing the "U" firmware.

    I've been checking sammobile daily for Android 13 firmware for U1 model but nothing yet.

    Screenshot 2022-12-08 003111.jpg

    Screenshot 2022-12-08 003050.jpg
    I got the official nearly 2 weeks ago. US unlocked version purchased directly from Samsung.
    It seems you are getting beta version.
    I HAD the beta version. The screen shot I posted on Nov 11th was the official release. Not the beta.