USB-C hub for Razer Phone 2?

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Gamesoul Master

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Aug 26, 2010
Looking to find a USB hub for my phone. I see a ton of them online, and some of them even kinda say they work with phones. But I know not all of them do. Looking for one that can output HDMI and has at least one USB-A input (two would be nice, but not a deal breaker). I do realize it'll probably require PD input, that's not a problem. [email protected] would be my preference too as a minimum. The goal is to use my phone as a portable gaming device, so I'm hoping to have low input lag for the wired controller.

My hope is somebody has found a decent one that they've tried with this phone and works. Would also accept testimony from people who have tried it on the V30, or any other flagship USB-C Android phone that isn't Samsung (they use DeX, I need no feedback on that).

So... Anybody got any personal experience to share on this topic? Realize it's kind of a tall order, but I'm hoping somebody has found one that works and is reasonably priced.


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Dec 30, 2010
I too would like to know this if anyone has some info on it. At the moment i have tried 2 different docks, the Alogic USB-C Dock Plus which is just plain **** to say the least, if you connect the charger and HDMI it will eventually crash the systemui freezing you completely. The other dock i have tried is a Satechi Slim Multi_Port Adapter which works to HDMI but does'nt charge the device at all even though it has a charger slot for it & chargers my other phones fine plugged in via the same cable.

Louis P

Aug 31, 2016
MS Display Dock

I have used a Microsoft Display Dock, has 2 USB A-Ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, & charges simultaneously. The Razer Phone work fine with it (TESTED), but honestly the phone seems to be capable of being compatible with any Hub save the ones for the Nintendo Switch. Being that the Microsoft Display Dock is discontinued & old, you can probably find good bargains from 30$ or more. While it is name brand and, from personal experience, its a well built piece of tech, you might want to consider how you plan to listen to your device, and think about adapters with Aux-out if you plan to used wired headphones.


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Aug 2, 2009
East Texas
Razer Phone 2
I was goofing around at work and we have these USB c travel adapters that have a USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and vga out, but can't charge at the came time. Upon further goofing around I plugged in Dell WD15 dock, bingo, full output on everything. Comes with a charger so it charges, Ethernet, display port, vga, USB ports. They run about 130 on Amazon right now. Plugged in our projector to it, then some external speakers, Bluetooth my gamepad to it. Loaded my some emulators and I was playing Mario kart while taking some support calls.