USB-C port replacement not working

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has anyone successfully managed to replace USB-C port on S20 FE (G780F/DS)? I tried two different replacement boards and phone always refuses to charge with them -- reporting too high temperature of the connector. Swaping back the original one works without any issue.

I need to replace whole board because of faulty microphone, connector itself works just fine. That's how I figured out it is not the matter of faulty replacement part.


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Aug 23, 2012
when it comes to buying replacement boards from Allibaba, Alliexpress, eBay or Amazon, beware of anything that's cheaper than the most expensive by a long way.
it seems to be a thing in Chinese factories that the bin full of Q.C. fails doesn't always get destroyed, sometimes it makes it's way onto market style websites at prices that'll get people clicking.

I've had this 3 times with completely different classes of products produced in China.

buy another board, check or find a reputable seller with strong reviews.